Jessen, Fury, Payne, Louvre and Van Hess top NK TREC

Rinsky Jessen. Photo: Muriel Mulders Photography

The Dutch TREC Championship has dominated the annual TREC Eersel European Cup. Rinsky Jessen, Stella Fore, Helen Payne, John Levchev and Anouk van Heys were honored as champions.

For those who are not familiar with this emerging branch of equestrian sports, a small summary: the competition consists of three parts. After the vet’s examination, the steering test was started. This was an outdoor excursion where one had to navigate through nature using a map and compass. This was followed by a speed test, during which one had to show that the horse’s gait was under control, and finally an obstacle course consisting of natural obstacles and agility exercises. The three parts together determined the eventual winners.

Great variety

The sport is suitable for every horse and for every versatile rider. So there was great diversity in the competition area at Eersel. We’ve seen recreational groups once compete for fun, and competition riders from other disciplines who have been looking for the diehard and versatile TREC groups they’ve been good at for years.

Renske Giesen T4 Champion

T4 Champion Renske Giesen is a mix of KWPN mare Infinity. They train very differently at home. Outdoor riding, jumping, crossing and dressage lessons as a basis. After two years without competition due to the pandemic, Renske had a party to be able to start over. Infiniti’s debut in the Premier League couldn’t have been better. She took the gold medal in the tournament, but the highest points were scored for the Cup League as well. In addition, Rinsk and Infiniti qualified for the TREC World Cup, which will take place in France at the end of August. The silver medal went to Dewey Bergman who competed with the stallion PRE Retamo. Despite the fact that they formed a mixture for only a week, they have already given a great performance in a large field of participants. Bronze went to Jacqueline Pierre, who also debuted with her mare New Forest Bentley. They also showed that they are a combination for the future.

Stella Fore extends Dutch National Championship title

The T3 class wasn’t too busy with the Dutch fixtures, so two classes were held together in the event of a handicap. Solo driving Stella Faurie as she crosses the fjord rides Yara for what she deserves and extends her Dutch championship title. Contender Caroline Esselink, who we know from the international circuit with her mare Stella from KWPN, had to lose due to the disqualification of her teammate despite her high points.

Stella Four. Photo: Muriel Mulders Photography

T2 solo by Helene Baayen

In the T2 solo category, Helen Payne won with the Arab Caen. For former endurance champ Kane, the ride distance was a breeze and he had so much confidence in his rider Helen that he defied all obstacles with ease. Tinker mare Lente Go Go ran into second place under Priscilla Broersma by just one point. After a prolonged illness for both Priscilla and Lente, the formula is back on TREC. Fanatic Liesbeth Nijboer showed that you can also ride a TREC with a dressage horse like Zennith and finished third.

Helen two eyes. Photo: Muriel Mulders Photography

Anouk van Heys and John Louvre

Young talents dominated the equipment category T2. With only one small team participating, Anouk van Heys (16) with her German riding pony Topgun and John Levscheff (16) with NRPS gelding Disaronno together rode the adults. Both girls switched to TREC from the regular sport where they are rated Z2, and Anouk also jumped on the ZZ. Their sporting background seemed to be in their favour, with very high points across the board, and they took the gold medal and also qualified for the World Cup in France. Second place went to veteran Lindy Lohmann with Team Collors and Chantal Puigtels with Friesian Frigel. With ups and downs, there is still room for improvement for them. Surprisingly, the combination of mother and daughter Renate Van Helvoort with Arizona Bay and Ulrike Koken (16) with her pony Snois followed by only one point. They both have their background in organizing events but they also seem to have a lot of fun in the sport of TREC. Two twelve-year-olds, Noud Meulepas and Luc Verstraten, took off from the podium under Charlotte van den Odennalder as the youngest team, but we’ll no doubt hear a lot from them.

Anouk van Heys and John Louvre. Photo: Muriel Mulders Photography

T4 solo

  1. Rinsky Jesen – Infinity
  2. Dewey Bergman – Retamo MT
  3. Jacqueline Beer – Bentley

T3 Solo / Teams

  1. Stella For – Yara
  2. Caroline Eselink – Stella

T2 solo

  1. Helen Ba’in – Ken
  2. Priscilla Bruersma – Spring has gone
  3. Lisbeth Niebuhr – Zenith

T2 . teams

  1. Jonne Lover – Disaronno and Anouk van Hese – Contessa’s Topgun
  2. Chantal Puigtel – Frigel and Lind Lohmann – Color
  3. Renate van Helvoort – Arizona Pie RB & Ulrieke Kocken – Snoes

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