“Collecting ex-boyfriends shirts” is something more girls do, right? “

After five years of relative radio silence, twins Lisa-Kennedy and Naomi Diaz – better known as the Ebby duo – want to charm you once again. this time with bout 31straight from the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

It’s also been five years since we last met the two sisters. It seems as if nothing has changed in that time, only because we went back to the same hotel in Brussels. But where the twins occasionally finish each other’s sentences, as if they have formed one brain, Lisa-Kennedy now takes the lead. Naomi is more conservative. And it looks a little less bright than when they released their album ash (2017) came for promotion. successor bout 31 It offers the same blend of harmonious pop, soulful, and R&B, but it’s noticeably more positive and less energetic as well.

I believe in reincarnation, that it is no accident that we are twins, and that I consciously chose to be born again with Naomi. Lisa Kennedy Diaz

Lisa Kennedy Diaz: Do you think we used to be more active? He might be a bit grumpy, but this was a reaction to the era. The first day we ash They were in the studio, at the end of 2016, Donald Trump was elected. A week later, there was another incident of deadly police brutality involving a black man in the United States. There was a lot of violence in the air at the time. Our reaction crept into that record. Hence the title: We wish that something new would arise, something better from the ashes of all this violence. And there since then ash Much also changed in a positive sense.

Do you think?

Lisa Kennedy: There is more talk and more discussion. Thanks to Black Lives Matter and MeToo, the debate about our less attractive sides is more public than it used to be. With Trump, the genie of white nationalism is out of the bottle. Many people woke up like this. I think this is a positive thing. That is why this record is very different from the previous one. If I had to put a blanket term on it, it would be “healing”.

Naomi Diaz: Just add “magic” to that.

The album title refers to the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The opening track is called SanjumaShamanic healers of South Africa. Do you really believe in these things?

Lisa Kennedy: We’re half Cubans, you know? (smiling) There are also traditional healers in Cuba, and voodoo is still widespread there. Now, what I like about the concept of sangoma, is that according to that culture, whoever does not follow his path as a healer gets sick himself. Only when you accept your destiny can you recover again and resume your call as a healer. I firmly believe that we all have a path to follow and that we can contribute something to the world.

And what is your path exactly?

Lisa Kennedy: (points to her sister and herself) This is amazing. I got her back.

“I returned”?

Lisa Kennedy: I believe in reincarnation, that it is no accident that we are twins, and that I consciously chose to be born again with Naomi. Our band, our music, that’s our magic. Family, ancestry, connection, destiny… Almost all of our songs are based on those themes. As British painter Francis Bacon once said he always painted the same thing, but he looked for a thousand different ways to do it.

Twins are spirits of a higher orderSounds in the new song Foreign country† Spirits of a higher order, apparently…

Lisa Kennedy: As if we consider ourselves better than others? Don’t worry. (He laughs) But in the Yoruba culture of West Africa, from which we descend on the paternal side, twins have a special and sacred status. See, when we talk about our charms, it doesn’t mean we think we’re special. We are all magical† Magic in nature, in friendship, in club reggae dancing… It can be whatever you want, you just have to find it yourself.

to above There is a cover of the legendary punk band Black Flag on tape. How did you come to that?

Naomi: Richard Russell (Producer and owner of XL Recordings, editor) Came up with this text one day. We were on board right away, because it is a statement that transcends time and space. It’s a song for anyone who is oppressed in one way or another. We’ve never heard of the origin of the Black Flag. Only in this way can we really put our own stamp on it.

Dancing in front of the mirror / singing with ShakiraDo you sing in it? sister 2 sister† Was Shakira the kind of pop star you wanted to be when she was growing up?

Lisa Kennedy: At first I wanted to be the little mermaid. It does not work. Then, when I was fifteen, I wanted to be Nina Simone. I worked even less. (He laughs) And for a while I wanted to be like Beyoncé, but at that time I already realized that maybe I should try it myself.

Naomi: Do you have this book Nina Simone chewing gum By Warren Ellis? Very nice! When we met Warren a while ago, I had to take a picture with that gum — or at least the mold of it hanging from a chain around his neck.

Do you also collect quirky souvenirs yourself?

Lisa Kennedy: I collect and store locks of hair from the people I love. I do not know why. (He laughs) And the clothes of ex-boyfriends. T-shirts are special. But more girls are doing it, right? As you can see, we are not special.

bout 31

It came out at 6/5 on XL recordings.


members Lisa Kennedy and Naomi Diaz.

Boy 1994 in Paris. Their mother is the French-Venezuelan singer (and their manager) Maya Dagnino. Their late father was Cuban percussionist Anja Diaz, a member of the Buena Vista Social Club.

sing In English, French, Spanish and Yoruba languages.

for the first time in 2015 with ibichfollowed by ash (2017) This week bout 31

Numbers In 2016 on the “Audiovisual Album” Lemonade from Beyoncé.

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