Without Maxwell, these kids would never have come to Epstein’s house.

America is eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s trial against Ghislaine Maxwell. In the 1990s, it was the right hand of guilty billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was found dead in his cell two years ago after his arrest.

Maxwell is accused of recruiting underage girls to Epstein and his network of powerful men. and facilitate abuse and participation in it. Dozens of women have told their stories about what happened in Epstein’s homes in West Palm Beach, New York and New Mexico – and on his private island of Little St. James, also known as Bedouin Island. Epstein’s aircraft logbook records the names of former President Bill Clinton and actor Kevin Spacey.

The two big questions in the coming weeks are: How well does Maxwell know and will she name more names?

memory expert

Virginia Joffrey is one of Epstein and Maxwell’s most outspoken victims. She says she was abused by Britain’s Prince Andrew when she was 17 at Maxwell Palace in London. Maxwell had introduced Epstein to the prince.

However, Joffrey will not testify in the coming weeks. “The first thing the defense will do is discredit the women,” said criminal defense attorney Julie Rendelman. Giuffre has adapted her story several times in the past.

Rendelman: “Maxwell’s defense will assert that the events occurred a long time ago and that the women’s memories may have been distorted by all the stories they heard.” That’s why a memory expert will be called into the case.

Epstein and Maxwell.

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The alleged abuse occurred in the 1990s, and Ghislaine Maxwell arrived in the United States bankrupt after the death of her father, British media mogul Robert Maxwell. There she met billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, with whom she entered into an intense relationship. At first, as a lover, she later recruited young girls for him, according to the accusations.

Without Maxwell, these kids would never have come to Epstein’s house.

Julie Rendelman, criminal attorney

I picked up vulnerable girls from bus stops or street corners and gained their trust. She told me that she had a rich friend who could help her with a modeling career or get a good education. So they just had to massage him for a fee.

If the girls feel uncomfortable about it, they can recruit others as well, who will get paid. This is a kind of Ponzi scheme, a pyramid scheme, in which new girls are constantly introduced. At least fifteen high school students were drawn to Epstein’s villa. For some, it led to years of abuse.

“He could have afforded the most expensive prostitutes, but he wanted girls that no one would believe,” said investigative journalist Julie K. Brown, who started the Epstein case. “Maxwell was his lieutenant. She ran his house and recruited girls. She gave Epstein connections that gave him power, and more clients, in both his finances and human trafficking.”

In 2005 and 2006 the first stories of abuse surfaced. Brown: “The prosecution dismissed the case as is. Epstein got away with a reduced sentence.”

After publishing a series of articles by Brown, the FBI in New York launched another investigation into Epstein. In early July 2019, he was arrested at a New Jersey airport.

Later, his mansion in Central Park was emptied by the authorities. In addition to a large selection of pornography, they also found video material from security cameras. These materials can bolster the credibility of the women’s testimonies, according to criminal defense attorney Rendelman.

The prison in which Epstein committed suicide.

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After his arrest, the young women gained hope that Epstein would finally be tried. But a month later, before he appeared in court, he was found dead in his cell.

Maxwell Takes Secrets Tomb

Maxwell claims she did nothing wrong. She says she’s only in the dock because Epstein is gone.

Rendelman suspects: “Even if Epstein were still alive, Maxwell would probably end up in court. The question is whether she made a deal to deal with Epstein, and I don’t think so. She’s passing his secrets to the grave.”

“There is no doubt that she is equally responsible. Perhaps more responsible. Without her, these children would not have come to Epstein’s house.”

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