Uithoorns the most beautiful beautiful running event

Area – Under great weather conditions, the weather in Uithoorns Mooiste was able to happen after almost two and a half years: the sun was nice and the wind was clear enough to ensure good operating conditions. But not only the runners benefited from this, the many volunteers on the course and at the start/finish and many spectators at the start were delighted with the beautiful spring weather.

The number of participants was certainly disappointing compared to the last edition, but the organization took this into account. Moving to another date, starting the May holiday, and competition from other current events were major factors in the lower number of participants.

On the other hand, there were still over 800 runners at the start of all distances and program components. They guaranteed pleasant crowds at first, which were followed with great interest by onlookers, in part due to the beautiful weather.

Play match results

Exactly 10:15 am. Mayor Hilligers fired the first firing pin. The attacker was bitten by the specials who presented a colorful spectacle in their orange shirts. A group of 60 well-rounded runners on Tuesday evening at the Aga Khan University prepared for this run of more than one kilometer across Lagmer West. With the support and encouragement of family and acquaintances and during the course of a number of volunteers, they all crossed the finish line tired but with a wide smile.

G-Range score

  1. Peter Beck
  2. Bart van Ruijn
  3. Richard Villirios

At the start of GeZZinloop at the same distance, there were more than 80 children in the beginning, but with accompanying parents, grandparents, etc., the group consisted of 125 people who made a cheerful strip through the neighborhood. For the boys it was an exciting battle between 3 boys from the Aga Khan University and a student from the Aga Khan University was the first to cross the line for the girls.

GeZZ running results

boys girls

  1. Jay Van Kempin 1. Suus Hogenboom
  2. Roel Verlan 2. Lauren Van Shi
  3. Mika Packer 3. Marek van de Rotten

Over 200 runners were at the start of the 5km run, and this year they ran a new track that everyone was very excited about afterwards.

Results 5 km

men women

  1. Floyd Van Klink 1. Lindsey Faken
  2. Norbert Weiss 2. Meryl van Galen van Loon
  3. Boris ter Pals 3. Judith van der Pluijm

1H AKU runner: Wouter Voorn AKU’s first runner Fleur Hofmeister

The largest group of participants was at the start of the 10 km, more than 350. The pace quickly became very high among the men, which eventually resulted in a beautiful track record for AKU-er Wouter Heinrich.

The result is 10 kilometers

men women

  1. Wouter Heinrich 30.46 1. Carmen Ooosterkamp
  2. David Trumpert 2. Natalie Klassen
  3. Stefan Walkers 3. Claudia Honig AK
  4. Martijn de Groot AKU

The last and longest run, the 10 English miles, has attracted more than 150 enthusiastic runners. They walked through Kwakel to Vrouwenakker and then along the most beautiful part of the path along Amstel, where there was a strong wind.

The result is 10 English miles

men women

  1. Brent Peters 1. Leon de Vogde
  2. Wilfried Verhagen 2. Annick Hoensbeck
  3. Renee Wehring 3. Simone Rodewick

1H AKU Runner: Glenn Pleasure 1H AKU runner Karin Verstige

The Aga Khan University has once again received a lot of praise for the organisation, good care along the way and can look back on a successful running event.

Next year, suppose we will go back to the last Sunday in January, which means before 2023 January 29.

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