My grandchildren love sleeping in their magic bed

You imagine yourself in a real fantasy world as soon as you enter Monique’s house. Colorful like Monique as a person, very colorful on the inside. A cheerfully furnished apartment across from the castle, where she has been living with her husband for a year and a half. He is not always happy to mess things up, but the granddaughters of five and seven, on the other hand, are very happy to visit Grandma to see if the “elves” have visited her.

Text and images: Michelle Le Maheu.

It turns out that Monique loves fairy tales immediately upon entering. “I love zoo elves and jungle animals.” Course, Marktplaats, Pinterest, Markets, Ali Express: Monique scours a lot. All decorations are collected here and there. “You couldn’t make me happier than to say, ‘Come, let’s go to the thrift store. ‘Vincentius at Havenstraat is a big favourite, and can be found there at least twice a week. But there is also a regular ‘sniff’ at Vindingrijk and De Spullewaard in Zaltbommel.

I’m not very good with computers, but Marktplaats is my great friend. I can search very well.

In the Butterfly Hall

After the entrance the tone is set. Also in Butterfly Hall, no space was spared: slates of her favorite Disney songs on the wall, four-way game cards hanging on a line, mirrors surrounded by lush plants and butterflies everywhere. “If I see a butterfly somewhere, I have to buy it.”

Even the smallest room is not inferior to the rest: a wall filled with plants, a wreath of colorful flowers, especially for the granddaughters pimping The music box and even the soap dispenser have been taken care of.

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magic bed for grandchildren

It should not be missed that Monique adores her grandchildren: drawings, photos and other creations of beautiful girls hang throughout the house. And since they are young, they go to the wonderful world of fantasy. The elves regularly receive feedback from their granddaughters. The girls have their own guest room. “Kids call this magical bed.”

View on the castle

The master bedroom offers a great view of the castle. There is nothing to notice about the busy road that passes in front of the house. The apartment is only eight years old, so everything is well insulated. “We came from an old house. This is super deluxe for us. We ended up in a warm bath. Very nice people live here and a bit of everything: old, young, foreign, Dutch. Fantastic!”

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Monique’s view of the castle. Photo: Michelle Lou Maheu.

Bartjeswijk in Den Bosch

“We came from Bartjeswijk, where we lived for fifteen years. Then the children flew in and I thought our house should go to a family. I did not need to live bigger, but smaller. I just wanted to live near the city, not far. This was a needle in haystack.”

The granddaughters regularly build a tent around the table

Elf villages

Via “mouse staircase” you reach the kitchen and living room. Everywhere you will find fairy tale villages, mouse houses, villages and gnome scenes. Even the underfloor heating cabinet has been creatively hidden by a village of fairy tales.

Change for this season

The house is regularly adapted according to the season and special holidays. The flowers turn into mushrooms, after Christmas Sinterklaas is around the corner and at Easter you will find chickens everywhere. The large table-side cloth is also replaced every season.

Not a boring house

When Monique was asked what her biggest challenge was, she answered without a doubt on the legs of the table. “I had a lot of different materials and I thought: How do I do this? Then you make one and you have three more. But I won’t give up. I think: What are you doing man, why are you doing this to yourself. A lot of people think I’m crazy in a positive way. But I don’t like houses. boring”. But then it turns out that there is also a surprise under the table. “The granddaughters regularly build a tent around it. Let’s turn on the lighting. There are also about ten butterflies in it. That was a good job. My husband marked the mats in them, and bracketed the lighting.”

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Through the living room you reach the spacious balcony. “Soon it will be a green oasis, and in the fall it will be completely orange. That’s amazing!” There is a lot of light on both sides. “On one side you see the sunrise, and on the other hand you see the sunset. And this air is different every day.”

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