Lottie Scotts: “Training a young horse is as fun as winning a medal”

For the “Dreams about the CHIO” series, the event organizer visited Lotje Schoots. The jockey was successful at CHIO Rotterdam at a young age. I dreamed about it and enjoyed it. But she dreams of CHIO again. For several years, sport was not the priority in her busy life, but now she has achieved a solid home base through very hard work, Groenraven Equestrian Center, and dreamed again.

33-year-old Lotje Schuts, born in Zaanstad and through her parents’ riding school in Abkoudi, with her partner and Grand Prix referee, Patrick Bernds, ended up in Houten in Utrecht. “As a little girl I was crazy about horses and that got a little out of hand. I love working hard and I still practice horses because I love it. After my master training at Deurne and studying business management at HBO in Dronten, I started working with my current national dressage coach, Alex van Silfhout. Through My parents’ company, I started working half for myself and for 1.5 years I’ve been running Hippisch Centrum Groenraven with my partner Patrick.”


“It’s hard work. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day. I ride eight to ten horses a day and teach a lot. In the meantime, apart from our horses, I only ride horses from the Bleeker family and the Van Olst stallion farm. These are people Realistic I have a good feeling for them.Besides leadership I love teaching.I love guiding people and seeing them improve.I am very proud of my student Jessica Pullman.As an eight year old, she started with me in C-pony and last year she won no less than three medals and a team silver And two individual bronzes in her first European Championships at U25. That’s what she does for him. At the moment I have fairly young horses, my oldest is eight years old, and focus on the Grand Prix. I’m really trained and don’t like all kinds of competitions Little horses. I like to train quietly and precisely in order to watch the Grand Prix.”

Lotji Shots with Jessica Poelman’s Chocolate Cookie RDP at the European Championships in Hagen. Photo: Arnd Bronkhorst / www.arnd.nl

Time for young riders and young riders

Back to CHIO Rotterdam. “As a spectator, I have never been to CHIO, but was allowed to ride there at a young age, in the time of the junior and youth runners. 2005/2006 must have been the first time. At that time, you still had the Baycor Cup and later the CHIO Cup, which I was allowed to ride it in both age groups. I was always so vigilant, but at the time those competitions were next to the championship, that’s what I did for.”

A different goal for each horse

What is the best memory of Lotji Shots? Despite her modesty, Schoots does not choose a particular success, but for the moment when love for the horse reigns. “Of course I can call my gold medal. But I enjoy training a young horse as much as I enjoy winning a medal. I really want to ride a Grand Prix and be on a team, but not all horses are suitable for that. I have a different goal for every horse. For me, there is no need to attach a price to it. To be very proud of him.”

Lotji Scotts in 2008. Photo: Arnd Bronkhorst / www.arnd.nl

European Gold Championship with Filippo

“If I had to pick a moment… in 2005 I rode my third European Junior Championships in Italy with Fhillipo. He was sick for a while and would retire afterwards. We worked for that European Championship with a lot of politics, and there was really no question about coaching. The real one. It was really hot, and I kept the break as simple as possible. Five minutes before we hit the track I told him ‘Come on boy, let’s go.’ And he went for it, he really gave his all and we won gold! That was really cool! !”

King, speckle, altered and Mufasa

The youth career of the North Holland player has been remarkable. After that it became quieter, but now she is after him again. About her future T-shirts, she says: “My oldest horse is currently a Kingdance, a castrated horse from Expression. He’s going to be seven this year and we bought him when he was four. We watched a video of him on Facebook and were sold out. I really wanted to ride a ZZ-L Championship with him. , but he has a great talent for heavy work, I prefer to train him slowly. From the same mother of the King I have six-year-old Spikkel (genealogy book name Lucrum), from Ferguson. He has a very different personality from his half-brother and is a real challenge Speckle very clueless and I found him Scary for a long time.But he also has a lot of talent.My oldest horse at the moment is Evegro, a black stallion from NRPS by Everdale.His constant name is Gert,because it belongs to Gertjan van Olst.He came to train with me just before the Tokyo Olympics,but he can Stay, and I like it very much. The special thing is that he only has one eye, probably because of an accident in the meadow. He hasn’t gotten there yet, but this horse also has an incredible amount of talent. Finally, I’d like to mention Mufasa, five-year-old Almost years, castrated by Franklin. We bought this The horse from a movie, he made such an impression on us. Mufasa is developing very well, he’s a great horse.”

looking forward

“All four of these horses have a real talent for performing at the top of the business. I have built a lot into my life, but from a sporting point of view I would sometimes take a step back after my youth by selling good horses. Now that we have this wonderful company here in Houten and we have found Our way, I really want to look forward to the sport again. Of course a horse will be sold sometimes, but I have a lot of good horses, and there is still enough to go to the Grand Prix. And more.”

Parking and lots of walking

When Schutz thinks of CHIO, what’s the first thing that comes to her mind? Laugh and apologize for the answer. We’ll put it well: difficult parking and a lot of walking. “But seriously, CHIO is of course a class of competition, on all fronts. It’s like pubs in Amsterdam, everything is more elegant in Rotterdam. Everything is always well organized for the riders and the forest provides a special atmosphere.”

horse riding

Does Schoots have an example and who you train with, and who is she inspiring? “In terms of Charlotte Dujardin’s driving, it’s amazing how she drives. In competitions, I often look more at chaos than in the track, I find that inspiring. Besides riding, I also enjoy other sports, I have a lot of respect for what people do and don’t do.” to achieve their goals.I train with Alex van Sylvhout and Anne van Olst and at home my partner Patrick helps me.I call Alex my “riding dad.” Half a word is enough for us and he can help me with any horse.Ann is very technical and Patrick often sees her at home and helps me compete.Three They have their roles and they are valuable to me.”

crazy parties

“I’ve always been somewhat conservative with the outside world, some people call that arrogant. I consider myself somewhat shy, but Patrick, on the other hand, thinks I can go out sometimes. The truth will lie somewhere in the middle. I Also I absolutely love crazy parties like De Toppers and Snollebollekes, I think that’s cool.”

A lot happens in sports

At the end of the interview, Scotts said, “First of all, I want to thank everyone around me. Patrick, my parents, the Groenraven team, the sponsors. We have a great company, but they work 24/7. I can drive well and have ambition, but I can’t do That without everyone around me. I also believe that there is a lot going on in our sport and that we should all think and act on what other people think. We can think our horses have a good life, but we really have to show that to the outside world and make it negotiable. Events can certainly play a role in this as well.”

My photos are like Anky

“I also think we’ve been missing a comic character like Anky van Grunsven for a while now. Kind of like Anky makes kids go crazy for ponies, they go to the equestrian center and they want to cuddle and clean up. That’s the basis for later sports. Of course sport is beautiful, but that’s not the foundation. It should. That it all starts with love for our four-legged friends and the sport can stem from that.Anky was a top athlete, but he’s definitely also an idol for pony kids.Brett Decker is someone to play with, although she’s not a sports idol, she definitely guarantees that he’ll be discovered The children ponies and go to a riding school.”

Dreaming of the Olympic Games

“Finally, very secretly, this is not actually realistic, but in my head, I dream about the Olympic Games in Paris. With the Kingdance mentioned above. Otherwise the Games afterwards.”

Source: CHIO

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