Lake and Dennis run from coast to coast in Scotland

Looking for a new challenge and then decides to join coast to coast in Scotland. It was done by Lake Gladens (41) and Dennis Rossen (39). This fall is today. Is Leekki really crazy about running? never. “I’d better jump.”

How did you decide to take a two day run, bike and kayak trip from Naryn, Scotland, to the Glencoe Islands? It started out really simple. “I became a mother last January,” says Lecke. “I wanted to get fit again after giving birth. Then someone told me I had to go to Denise for it.”

If you ask Dennis about the challenge…

Dennis is a personal trainer and that’s how the ball started rolling for Lieke. “We trained twice a week and before I knew it, I had achieved my original goal,” continues De Bergsi. In short: she had to look for a new challenge. “And if you ask Dennis about the challenge, it won’t be long before you get an answer.”

Immediately that evening Denise sent her a video clip from the Scotland Coast to the coast. “Without actually looking at it, I immediately said it was a good idea,” Laiki looked back with a smile. And so the duo began their journey to Scotland a few months ago.

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Leke refused to run

Was Lecke always an avid athlete? not nessacary. You definitely hated running before embarking on this adventure. “She’s been playing football for years, but she didn’t want to run,” Dennis says with a laugh. “First training sessions really rejected. Then you jump in protest.”

However, the passionate trainer eventually managed to get it working. “It was really bad weather that day,” Lecke recalls. “And then he wanted me to run.” Dennis, based on his military background, offered her private training that day. This included a 12-minute Cooper test with a minimum of 2,200 metres…

“I was so angry that I had to do this’

“He came that day with such a big smile that I already knew the time,” Lech looks back over those first kilometers. “I was so angry that I had to do it. But somewhere halfway when I was soaking in the rain, he said something. I shouldn’t look at the ground, but where I was going. Then something changed. In the end I was so proud because I I did. I bragged to everyone about it for weeks.”

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make miles

The duo now train two to four times a week. “Making kilometers,” says Dennis. “Sometimes you need to go to extremes as a human being to convince yourself that you can do something. See Leeke: At first we didn’t want to run, now we just have a super runner.” He is definitely proud of her. “She has proven that she can handle more and more. The only downside is that I now have to go to Scotland.” “Fortunately, we’re doing well, without friendship you wouldn’t be able to take on a challenge like Scotland.”

Dennis actually trains a lot when he moves with his clients while teaching, for Lieke it’s a little different. She combines an internship in Scotland with her full-time job and the single motherhood of her daughter. “Fortunately, I can arrange everything quite flexibly. Although the whole task is actually much more than just combining a normal life and more training. It is also relaxation, sleep and nutrition. I have learned that in recent months.”

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Candidacy for Leergeld

What the two towering men immediately agreed upon when they accepted the Scottish challenge was that they would not take it seriously. “We thought it would be great to add something special to our challenge,” Lake says. “That’s why we’re raising money for the Leergeld Foundation through our tour.”

Why did they choose this foundation? “There are a lot of kids in our area who don’t have anything to participate in because they don’t have the financial resources,” explains Dennis. “One in twelve children in the Netherlands cannot take part in extracurricular activities. This is a shocking number.”

Perginarin at work

“We are very happy with all the sponsors and donations we have received so far,” says Lecke. Of course, the duo hope there’s more to come. “The flight and our property have been arranged by a number of sponsors from the business community, and we are now hoping to get as many donations as possible to Stichting Leergeld.”

How can you help these motivated citizens achieve their goals? You can donate or register as a sponsor via the specially prepared website. Lik and Dennis? They will continue to train in the coming months until the time in September. Because something like Scotland coast to coastthis is real once in a lifetime‘ concludes Burgess.

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