Exciting Finals for Velsense Football School. Audience on benches: “People close to my father may be a bit deaf now.”

It is crowded in the stands of Boco Stadium. There is laughter and singing and above all a lot of cheering. Especially as the spectators in the last two girls’ groups 5 and 6, Bosbeek vs. Beekvliet, have a lot to do. Lots of chances and goals. Audiences can almost pause to keep up with all the attempts with oeehh, oeeeehhh, and ahhhh.

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Anna shoots, it’s too late. Goal.

“They trained privately,” Judith and Cord say. “Yes, 4-1,” Judith exclaims. Two seconds later, she continues, “Both parents have devoted themselves to it.” Their daughter Juliette plays along, they’re very proud, they report as Beekvliet scores 4-2. Frank and Mariki stand along the climb, their daughter Anna is the captain of Bosbeek and has already scored quite a few goals.

“She also plays football,” says Father Frank. “What an atmosphere here. I liked it so much, even the idea that she could enter the Telstar realm through the doors.” De Beekvliet approaches Velserbroek at 4-3. “It’s time to buy some time,” he jokes. “This is really crazy,” his wife adds. „I’m really a mama’s girl, I’m a ballerina. And then I have two soccer girls. I’m so proud,” she says as her daughter hits another tee ball.


Teams keep the game exciting for a long time. Goal after goal is celebrated, the battle is equal. De Bosbeek of Santpoort-Noord won the match 7-6. The girls ran across the field and cheered. “We’re going to Europe,” I sang a little later as the team recuperated in the canteen. Captain Anna would like to say that this is a “great team”. “We trained a lot in school, during the breaks. We had already played against Pickfleet before, and then we won 4-2,” says Laure.

So Bosbeek can win with this, is the conclusion. “It was exciting,” said Ross, who fell during the match and had to sit outside the rows to recover. No major injury, so the regional final on May 18th is not in danger. “We have to apply more pressure,” Captain Anna continues. “We’re really going to change that on the 18th.” They loved that the stands were so full. “But also a little distracted,” Laure says candidly. “My dad was always whistling,” Brett said with a laugh, but he was also annoyed. “People in his neighborhood may be a little deaf now.”

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Alderman Jeroen Verwort distributing the trophy, De Busbeck won in the Bickfleet Final.

Alderman Jeroen Verwort distributing the trophy, De Busbeck won in the Bickfleet Final. United Images / Toussaint Cloters

Boys from group 5/6 play on the other playground. Pleiades vs Hit Compass, both from IJmuiden. Nod, Brett, Kian, and Milano stand along the field with a crowd of friends. They brought with them a home-made sign: “Pleiades hero” and “hup” read on it. “We made it at home this afternoon,” Brett says wisely.

Milan a little on my mind this match: “My best friend plays on the compass.” You’ve always thought there was something to brag about, but the match has been in equilibrium for a long time. 0-0 remains until after the break. But then all of a sudden, the chandelier had an opening and scores. In a short time, balls fly around the goalkeeper’s ears. One by one, the chandelier shot the target. The match ends with a score of 5-0.


The Heat Compass players are very disappointed, and the disappointment can be read on the faces at the awards ceremony. Top players Miss and Kik are proud of their team despite the loss. There was good cooperation. “We were also explored by AZ, but that wasn’t tonight.” Not winning in the final, but on a personal level. The boys pick themselves up and run into the audience, where they throw a small party.

Despite the win, goalkeeper Dix (10) of Plyades still had a tough game, and had to make several saves to keep the zero. By his nature in the goal, this is not suitable for him. As a player in SVIJ, he has a completely different mission: “Actually, I am a striker. I have been playing football since I was four.” His team is believed to have won: “Nice”. Then he also joins the members of his team, who, as if along with the Dutch national team, thank the fans in front of the stands.

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Bleiaden beat Compass, goalkeeper Dix (blue) is very satisfied with his team.

Bleiaden beat Compass, goalkeeper Dix (blue) is very satisfied with his team. United Images / Toussaint Cloters

After the first round, the 7/8 group teams are preparing for their finals. The Franciscus School of IJmuiden plays in both areas, both boys and girls have a chance at that first place. The boys play against Al Thuraya School. Usually both teams play yellow, but as a precaution, the Pleiades entered the red zone. Now there will be confusion in the field.

The girls play against Parnacia School of North Saintport. As the teams prepare to take to the field after the warm-up, the Pleiades School is late. They want to finish warming up first. Laughing on the side. Does Thuraya play delaying tactics to get the opponent out of focus? Not long after that, the teams lined up. The referee whistles and these finals also begin. It is not noticed that some of the audience left after the first round. The cheering is great. The audience is on the seats.

Although the Franciscus School had two teams in the final, neither of them managed to win. The boys try hard, but the ball will not go in. The bar is often close, but their opponents from the Pleiades know each other easily. The match ends 4-0. The girls in yellow also lost 5-2. Parnacia is very strong. After the finals, toilet rolls fly from the stands, confetti cannons are emptied and smuggled torches are lit. The organization will not allow this to happen, and the teams are only allowed to leave after cleaning.

It is highly encouraged on the side.

It is highly encouraged on the side. United Images / Toussaint Cloters

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