Ex-model Dorian Rose Doinker: Willem is the sweetest guy I know

I just hold your hand when you walk in shaken. do we have Have another conversation when i didn’t is over?

“No. Absolutely. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether or not to shake hands. If someone chooses not to, I can only feel sorry for that person. I don’t wish anyone to live their life in fear. Certainly not when they are too Needless fear. Physical contact is actually very healthy. But that doesn’t mean I silence people like this. I’m open to a conversation with anyone. Prick or not prick.


What does it look like to be a friend? Who is William Engel?

“So cute! I love him so much and I’m so proud of him. For the past two years the media has painted him an inaccurate picture. The image of a charlatan, a cult leader, a madman endangering public health. But I know better. I met William in June 2020 and now see him almost every day.” He’s the sweetest, sweetest, bravest person I’ve ever known. My past relationships have always dragged me down to the point where I was at some point a small part of myself, but it’s different with Willem. Willim has made me a better person.”

I was actually referring to something else. After we put a file article posted about you, Did you send an email to In our editorial you wrote: “I received a lot of death threats and mockery of me Gone since I was in a relationship with William. “

“That’s right, yeah. I have to be honest, I’ve always gotten used to getting a lot of bullshit all over the place. As a model, I’ve been on the cover of Panorama seven times and also multiple times at Playboy. As a result, I regularly get dirty messages from guys. But since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, at least what they call the Corona pandemic, messages have become extreme. Whether I post a picture on Instagram, a message on Facebook, or a tweet, online trolls often react aggressively. They provoke me, call me by names, or threaten me with death. Fortunately, I don’t take such people seriously.

With these types of people, it often ends up communicating. Sometimes I’m afraid something will happen to us on the street. Nowadays we rarely go to demonstrations without guards, because before you know it, you have a knife in your back. We wouldn’t do such a thing ourselves. We are firmly against violence. We will never insult or threaten anyone.”

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Can you imagine that People are looking at you Do you go with William?

“It doesn’t happen at all. At least not in my immediate environment. I only have people around me who have the same life as me. Everyone around me loves Willem. My friends and family have welcomed him with open arms. I don’t want people judging someone else based on headlines and who They only blindly accept what Mark Rutte claims.”

In an email to our editors She also wrote: “The media is silent me since corona cases Generally very dead Which is remarkable since then them there in the past as Chicken was nearby To write my love for my life, Including when I was with Ibrahim Avlay went. What’s there Attractive exactly?

“That the media wanted to know all about me and now they don’t. When I still had a lot of work as a model and actress, they were writing about me every week. For years. Especially when I got in temptation island vip And she got into a relationship with someone behind the scenes, who is also a woman. At the time, the media didn’t know how fast they had to grab all kinds of information from my Instagram account. But from the moment I started writing about the Corona pandemic, it has stopped. from day to day. While the media knows very well that I am Willem’s girlfriend, they don’t write that. I have no idea why.”


Can’t you fill it in yourself?

“New. I really don’t know. Yes, because the media doesn’t want to give us a stage. People who have a different opinion are silenced. Willem is also no longer invited to talk shows. People don’t talk about him anymore, they just talk about him. Sure you can expect That all these so-called experts have the courage to enter into a discussion with him? Apparently not.”

I wrote a while ago Instagram you love Realize that everything is key Holland Editors Get an order to finish you Drawing like crazy. Do you think Really that’s my editor-in-chief Got the job?

“No, not a jigsaw. I’ve been the only medium for the past two years that has published a real piece about me, that piece on your website. An accurate summary of my career: from supermodel to conspiracy theory. That would be state media and telegraph Never do. And when they do, they ridicule or demonize us.”

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Has this ever happened to you? Willem himself is an intruder Select it eg Title By Sigrid Kaag on Twitter te cutting?

“Hoho, he never shared her address with her. He just put up a picture of an online cadastral survey app, which showed a zip code and house number, which you can easily use to find out her address. The point was: As Secretary of State, Kaj made a grant to the UPAWC, which It has ties to another Palestinian organization classified as terrorist by the European Union. Our view was: Can a person suspected of financing terrorism, without disclosing his financial status, actually become Minister of Finance? But of course the media did not cover it. All they were They talk about it is that its address can be found. The media is not interested in the content, only sticks to beat us with it.”

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Willem has been twice recently Arrested by the police. Pictures of him online It was shown, made by you. Why did you decide to be Filming arrests and posting them online to make?

“To show how things work here in the Netherlands! Why should someone like Willem Engel be picked off the street as a criminal? He is not a murderer.”

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