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Kylie Jenner’s daughter Wolf, 24, was a month old when the reality star decided last week that her son would no longer be called by that name. This name did not suit him. Flemish Anne and Lily also changed the name of their newborn. “Suddenly I realized: A nurse alone won’t do any harm.”

You hold a name for the rest of your life. As a parent, you think carefully about what to name your child. And if you don’t really like the name anymore? Then I changed it up, as did Kylie Jenner (24) and Travis Scott (30). “Just for your information, our son’s name is no longer Wolf. We didn’t feel that this name suited him. It is not yet known what new name their son has been given.

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Kylie Jenner with Travis Scott and daughter Stormi. © Getty Images for The New School

Ann (70) changed her daughter’s name to Cathy

The Flemish Anne also changed the first name of her child. One day after birth. Our daughter Katya was born 43 years ago. A name that her father and I chose together and found very beautiful.”

But Ann has overlooked one thing. “A day after giving birth, the nurse came to bathe the baby. I gently asked “What is the baby’s name?” Katya! The nurse smiled “Katcha.” Suddenly I realized that this name would not only be mistaken for this nurse. In a flash, I saw Katya’s future and how many times she would be called “Katcha.” I thought it sounded awful. I thought I didn’t want it that way.

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Ann with her daughter Kathy in 1979.
Ann with her daughter Kathy in 1979. © rv

On the same day, Anne’s husband went to town hall to register the birth. I called him straight away from the hospital, luckily he hasn’t left yet. I said, “Please, no Katja.” “Then go Cathy, apparently.”

Does Ann regret the last minute name change? Little. If people want to call it kacha, so be it. She was going to be Katya, and we still think that’s a very stylish name. Kathy herself had already indicated that she would have preferred to be called Katya.”

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Ann with her daughter Kathy, recently.
Ann with her daughter Kathy, recently. © rv

Lily (65) changed her son’s name, Michael

Leila’s son was born 44 years ago. Lily and her husband chose the name for some time: Agnes for a girl and Stefan for a boy. But Lily’s mother-in-law became very emotional when she heard this. She wanted the name Michelle for her son, but was not allowed to choose the names of her two sons in 1953 and 1955. “At the time it was still a custom for grandparents to do that.”

Michael has been stuck in the back of Lily’s mind ever since. “When my son was finally born and the gynecologist came and asked me his name, I suddenly said: Michael. My husband asked me: “Are you sure?” So I said yes! When I told my mother-in-law, tears were running down her cheeks, she was so happy. It has Michelle on it, and I thought it was a very nice name and it really suited him.”

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Michael when he was one week old, in 1978.
Michael when he was one week old, in 1978. © rv

Cheerful grandmother.
Cheerful grandmother. © rv

On the other hand, Lily’s mother was less happy. She did not like that I was influenced by my mother-in-law. Until the gynecologist came and said, “Michael, what a beautiful name.” And so we are proud of my father Michael. To this day I am very happy with his name. Although I was convinced during the delivery that his name would be Stefan.”

Good name, happy baby

“Your name is only a small part of your complete identity, but it is a very important anchor point, a reference point for who you are as a person,” says Caroline Duke, a psychologist, cognitive behavioral therapist and founder of Identifier Group Practice Personal. So it’s no surprise that Kylie Jenner, Ann, and Lily have reconsidered their important choice. Your name gives you meaning. This is why parents find it so difficult to make the decision.”

Today, parents are increasingly choosing names that carry a deeper meaning. Dr. Dockx: Identity building is becoming increasingly important. In the past, less importance was given to the meaning of the name. Then the parents focused more on constant upbringing. Now they focus more on what is important to them. My eldest daughter’s name is Spring, named after my favorite season. It makes me happy. The meaning of a child’s name refers more to the parents than to the child himself. The sound of the name and the feeling it gives parents are more important than before.”

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Professor Dr.  Dr.  Caroline Doakes.
Professor Dr. Dr. Caroline Doakes. © Caroline Duke

Research by German psychologist Jochen Gbauer shows that children are happier when they are happy with their name. That’s right, says Dr. Duke. “If you are happy with your name, you start to think more positively about yourself. It says something about your self-esteem. A person whose name does not please you will easily adopt another name or a nickname. Since it is an intimate part of your identity, it is also important that you are happy with it. Not your parents. Just “.

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