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Mitsky. You may not have heard of it to this day, and while Japanese-American is more popular today than ever before, it’s actually not surprising. Mitsuki Miyawaki, as the singer is really called, has already released six albums in her ten-year career, the most recent being, Laurel HellHe saw the light of day a few months ago. Each of them had a very good record of making the value seeker’s heart beat faster and faster, but the really big breakthrough never happened. However, all tickets to her show at Les Nuits are out in no time, and some souls have been waiting anxiously at the entrance to the Royal Botanic Garden since Saturday morning. The big culprit? tik tok

No, Mitsky is not a famous influencer or the inspiration for a funny dance. She actually basically makes highly recognizable independent people with an electronic edge, putting her soul and her biggest fears on the table. By doing so, she has not only played her part in the hearts of many critics – Be a cowboy For example, he got the 2018 Pitchfork album – but many teens and young adults have also recognized themselves in Japanese-American music. Two living worlds don’t often collide at the end, and for that reason alone, last night was an experience that could turn into one of the most exciting moments of our musical year.

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In any case, this particular experience was not without struggle, because it seems that the problems in Calais caused Botanique’s planning to fail completely. The result: a sound check ran out, doors that opened later than planned, a row of a few hundred meters around the park. Because of this, the undersigned came in a little later and could only pick up half a batch of SASAMI. We still see him, however, he should definitely have been there. The American might not have made the most accessible music with her metal-effect rock, but she owned the entire tent in no time. Of course, she owed this in large part to the very enthusiastic audience, who set off with dedication. A special atmosphere, but certainly fun. There was willingly a headband and here and there even some subtle messages.

According to the singer, this was the first time that some of her songs touched European air. She thought this sounded so sexy that she asked the audience if they had ever had sex. Looks like it’s going to be one of those evenings. A place where everyone can honestly be whatever they want. This was immediately noticeable by the many rainbow flags and the somewhat more plentiful clothing that the majority of the tent was wearing. Surrounded by an oasis of love and filled with the energy that Sasami gave us, we eagerly waited for Mitsuki’s arrival.

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At nine in the morning the sounds of jazz faded into the background, after which five masked men walked onto the platform and were centered around a large white door. Gradually, the opening notes of “Love Me More” were pushed through the box, but what followed was actually invisible. As if Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, and Justin Bieber walked onto the stage together, the audience screamed their lungs out. As a result, we could hardly hear Mitsky’s singing and this never changed, because the entire tent was able to roar almost every song from front to back. Scenes of real pop stars, where everything that the singer did was greeted with great cheers. then frolic to the left side of the stage, and wave to the right; de Botanique was touched by her charm, while she did not even have to make an effort.

The pulsating hand in the air in “I Should Have” was playfully reflected, but also the visual expressions of fear or embarrassment that Mitsuki had to give her music extra strength, with loud cheers. Meanwhile, songs like “Francis Forever” and “First Love/Late Spring” – with all due respect, not the greatest – have been received as universal songs, although the latter has an added dimension. Due to the rather early start time, sunlight perfectly fell into the tent, which also impressed the singer.

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The astonished enthusiasm seems to have subsided a bit gradually, until we can finally hear the music a little better. It turns out that Mitsky is coming live. For example, the song “Stay Soft” sounded nice and sweet, and the increase in tempo in “Townie” gave it a fun-filled vibe. So the tent really jumped with it, despite such a high energy content, we also noticed that the singer stayed a little farther. She focused mainly on her performance, with the occasional smile between songs.

The beat had already known its first boiling point, so the double tone of “I don’t smoke” / “Again to see you” provides a welcome break point in the set. Well, he never really calmed down in the end, because so far Botanique has been rocking along with the lyrics. Then the “worst” didn’t come yet, because when TikTok’s opening notes of “Nobody” hit over the speakers, the fence was gone in a jiffy. Phones are in the air with throats open. We didn’t hear a word about what was happening on stage. Fortunately, it wasn’t too extreme, because after that biggest moment of singing we actually got half an hour too long. Well, the epic finale of “Drunk Walk Home” totally blew us away and there was definitely the sultry “Your Best American Girl” cheer, but we gradually got the impression that we got the best of it. “Happy,” “I will,” “I bet the dogs will lose” … If the enthusiasm had not been so great, we might have overlooked.

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Fortunately, there was the final race, which was mainly colored with songs from the new Laurel Hell† “The Only Heartbreaker” came out with a more danceable straight, and the way Geyser shaped the transition to Diptych’s interesting “Working for the Knife”/”Heat Lightning” was definitely worth it. However, the fat sounded reasonable from the soup, because the new songs were not banging as loudly as they had been in the first half hour. Too bad for Mitsky, but good for us, because now we can finally hear properly how good everything is live. The phrase “Goodbye, my Danish friend” has also grown into a hidden gem.

However, the singer seemed to feel there was still a bit of energy in the can, so she asked the audience to stage a karaoke moment. She would start, and then could follow the tent. However, when the opening notes of that other TikTok hitting “Washing Machine Heart” came out, that plan actually failed. Mitski did not have to do anything anymore, because the audience took the whole script with enthusiasm. This breakdown also ensured that the closing song “A Pearl” was raised again, making the song even more awesome. The Bis track “Two Slow Dancers” also appears to be surfing this renewable energy, thanks to several smartphone lights.

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It turns out Mitski at Botanique is a bigger experience than we could have imagined. Like the world-famous poster, the Japanese-American was loved for an hour and a half. So much so that we often couldn’t hear it even to the enthusiastic roar of the audience. So it’s hard to form a clear opinion about last night, and that doesn’t change the fact that it was definitely fun at the end. Keywords are a plethora of singing moments, great music and lively atmosphere. Mitsky once again proved why she paved the way for big names like Julia Jacqueline, Soccer Mommy, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dakos, Japan Breakfast, St Vincent and even Billie Eilish. Throw it all together, including the mass hysteria at the latter’s parties, and you get what we went through last night. unique.

On Sunday, June 26, Mitsky will once again set foot on Belgian soil, for a show at The Barn during the Rock Werchter Encore.

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love me more
It should have been me
Francis forever
First love / late spring
me and my husband
stay soft
I do not smoke
again to see you
I will
home drunk walking
Your best American girl
I bet the dogs lose
The only heartbreak
the heater
Work for the knife
heat lightning
Goodbye my Danish love
heart washer

two slow dancers

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