Survey Girls – Nuk

Despite the fact that a secret box, filled with brochures with black and white pictures of nude, blond, athletic designer women of German origin, was always at hand, the interest of my group of friends continued to focus on football photos nowadays.

I kept records full of newspaper clippings and pictures of my favorite soccer players and soccer teams. Portraits of players such as Abe Lenstra, Faas Wilkes, Humphrey Mijnals, Michel Kruin and Tonny van der Linden. Pictures of the DOS, Elinkwijk, Velox and Feyenoord teams. Oddly enough, not yet from Ajax then. Every day I played soccer with my friends in the shopping plaza in Napoleonplantsoen. Gradually, some girls began to arrive. In order not to give the immediate impression that they came for us, they chose a slightly secluded position. They gathered at the bus shelter in line 4 in the square.

Two beautiful girls from Koningsweg were always present. They were the daughters of a dairy merchant who resided there. Napoleonplantsoen had its own milk maker in the square, Piet van Maurik. In those days he was also called Uncle Pete. I don’t know if Pete has daughters either. If so, maybe they were too young to appreciate football or just didn’t trust us with his daughters. What should you do as boys with girls in a glass bus shelter? Anyone who went shopping in the square can watch your movements behind the glass and, if necessary, immediately intervene. How can you approach a girl tenderly, we have not eaten anything yet, so that we stick to dairy products. However, you had to take the opportunity to make physical contact here. There were no alternative places to take her at that age. In order not to look too enthusiastic for the girls, the touch began very rudely. It happened with some push and pull. Mind you, I’m still far from sexual in nature. However, the first physical contacts occurred in this crude manner.

Over time, this scandalous approach gave way to groping the desired girl. Which did not go unanswered regularly. The girls also seemed to want to satisfy their curiosity. The youngest of the two dairy girls was especially curious. There was another opportunity for the girls to explore anatomically in the summer, in and around the pool.

In the summer I went to the Kromme Rijn pool in Rhijnauwen almost every lovely day. There I was able, lying on the bath towel, without immediately looking suspicious, to curl up on my favorite girl. What was also not suspicious was my exposure to regularly smudge the back of my tan with moisturizer. Even then you can get a bad sunburn. He remained exclusively with the girl’s ass smeared with oil. If you’re lucky, she’ll take her legs with you. Once you got close to her thighs, you had to maneuver very carefully if you wanted to finally be satisfied with your work. Lubrication of the girl’s forehead against sunburn in the same way was out of the question. This was generally very intimate, very frontal.

Skin-to-skin contact with the beautiful girl was an exhilarating and motivating experience for me. When I also rubbed my back, I immediately felt some activity in my swim trunks. Then I was made to lie on my stomach until peace returned there. Feeling each other first-hand was a huge step forward. to conquer the girl. At the end of a day of sunbathing, I rode my bike back into town with my beloved, hand in hand. We noticed that the girls who didn’t like the boys yet and spent their day alone, came home with their backs slightly to seriously burnt. From school, during the physical education hour, swimming was also done.

My colleagues and I bike weekly to the indoor pool “Dean Hummel” in Og, Al. After the swimming lesson, I always had the idea that my body was being thoroughly cleaned with chlorinated water. I really enjoyed smelling the strong chlorine smell that was hanging everywhere inside the swimming facility. While swimming, I focused mainly on the features of the girls. This is how I interpreted the content of this part of physical education. Visual mapping, like the Professor of “Human Topographic Anatomy”, of the girl’s body. The trick of accidentally running into the girls’ locker room was especially common with me and the other boys. Slipping into the wrong shower room, full of hot water vapor, was of course the best. In the water I had a lot of physical contact with the girls. I regularly do deep dives. On my way to the surface of the water, I accidentally touched the body of a good-looking girl with my hand or my head.

In this clumsy way I became more interested in girls than in football. It was still two years before I approached the members of the female sex more aggressively. I was 16 years old at the time. (Follow)

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