“I definitely don’t want to live in the same house together.”

Michelle: “Eight years ago my wife Carla died of cancer. She and Marjan were friends at a holiday park.”

coral: “During the time Carla and I worked together, I visited here regularly. But contact waned after I moved. When I heard Carla was sick, we called again. After she passed away, I visited Michelle to see how he was.”

Michelle: “It was Easter 2014. Marjan said their relationship was over. I thought she wasn’t saying it for nothing. That’s what happened.”

coral: “We’re totally different, so there’s been some hesitation about getting into a relationship.”

Michelle: “I am from a Catholic family with eight children, I speak the dialect and am not a neat person. I studied in high school for two years and then went to elementary school of horticulture. I used to work in a tree nursery, but I am also a diesel technician. I live in my parents’ house.”

coral: “I’m from the West. My grandparents lived in Amsterdam, we went with them to Madame Tussauds and the Rijksmuseum. I did fashion and illustration myself at the Academy of Art in Arnhem. Unlike Michel, I moved 25 times in my life. Before I came to live here, I had a home Beautiful in a forest near Mokerhei.”

Michelle: “What we share is our love for nature. And doing fun things together, like going to the movies and eating out.”

coral: „Michel is clear, frank and authoritative. This is important to me.”

Of course tango

coral: „We have a linear relationship in the same arena. We see each other a lot during the day, but after dinner we go to our house. Michel built me ​​a house in a barn. I eat there three nights a week. I’d rather be alone.”

Michelle: “But working together in the camp is a good thing.”

coral: „We did a Tango course once, but it wasn’t a success. Those steps were too complicated for him.”

Michelle: “She once drew me to a ballet show, but she wasn’t. I managed to stay up until the interval, but then it got hard.”

coral: “But having a drink together in the evening under the lean near my house goes well!”

Michelle: „I am a morning person, coral at its best, day and night. Sometimes I stand by the washing machine at five in the morning. As soon as I wake up, the idea machine starts up in my head.”

coral: “I definitely don’t want to live together in the same house. I like to have my own place.”

Michelle: „I don’t care, I’m easy on that. What’s so special about the LAT relationship is that we can have private conversations with our kids.”

Four days of rallies

Michelle: „Our rush hour is between April and October, when the camp is open. Between the departure of the guests and their arrival there is a lot of work, mowing the lawn and cleaning and all that.”

coral: “So it’s busy seven days a week and we can just take turns leaving the house.”

Michelle: “The four-day rally will pass here in July. Then we have several runners among our guests. We serve soup and sandwiches to the pedestrians.”

coral: „We have a clear division of tasks at the camp site. Michele cuts and cuts peaches and does the hard work, I do the management, I clean the houses and put my soul and happiness into the plants and flowers on the site.”

coral: But after October, the calm will be five months. I usually travel in winter for 2 months on my own. I’ve been in Nepal, walked to Turin last year, and next winter I want to bike to Spain. Or in Spain, I don’t know yet.”

Michelle: “I don’t want to come. And also not allowed. She really prefers to be alone, then she can relax.”

coral: „We never left for more than a week, that was long enough. Then I want to do my thing again.”

Michelle: „We go to Texel for a few days several times a year. To a luxury hotel in Texel with a sauna. I can leave things well at home. If I go down the street, I’ll go.”

coral: „We always book the same room in Texel, we’ve been there already about fifteen times. We also spend very little money.”

Michelle: “I bought a shovel last year, and at the moment I’m investing cash in refurbishing an old saloon.”

coral: “I lose money on my travels.”

MichelleAnd we spend the money on good food and drink heat pipes This water is heating up.”

coral“We have a lot of help from volunteers. There is someone who makes jam from our fruit and we squeeze the apples.”

Michelle: “A person who makes beer from grapes from our greenhouse and ambassadors from the garden.”

coral: “We’ve also created a food garden. We’re doing as much as organically and sustainably as possible. We don’t spray, we have solar panels, and we use our own groundwater to water the plants.”

Michelle: “We are investing in sustainable self-sufficiency.”

coral: “At the beginning of our relationship, we set a probationary period of one and a half years, to see how it goes. All these years, we evaluated our cooperation in the meantime and always added it.”

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