How do you get the best results with MarketingOps? (2/3)

If you’ve decided to get started with MarketingOps, the next step is: How exactly is MarketingOps set up, what are the roles and functions, and how can you achieve the best results?

Strategic Marketing Operations Managers integration From both CMOs and key cross-functional stakeholders in areas such as products and information technology, data science and customer service. MarketingOps leaders now coordinate business and customer outcomes at the intersection creative and technology to continuously provide and maintain large-scale marketing-related services. This is critical to always availableEconomy in terms of speed and flexibility must have became adjectives.

This is the second part of the trilogy:

  • Introduction to “What?” And why?’ From MarketingOps you can read it in the first article.
  • This second episode is about how to get results.
  • Part Three is about creating MarketingOps teams.
Features and roles

The daily activities of the MarketingOps team consist of data collection and creation intersection Reports and build dashboards based on this data to support the entire marketing field. The team develops and maintains marketing and data products. Additionally, the MarketingOps team is involved in data and technology management. Data management and ensuring data reliability and visibility is essential to adapt communication to the target group at every moment of communication.

MarketingOps roles and teams roles can be represented as:

In this framework, you see the relationship between business versus technology and endogenous versus exogenous orientations. In addition, jobs and roles are shown. With this framework, relationships become apparent. Each role is necessary and creates the conditions for another role. If you get all of this running, you can work quickly, scalable, and controllable. Moreover, this makes the work more pleasant, because you achieve more results and understand each other well.

What are the challenges facing sales and marketing?

Today’s sales and marketing teams face a number of challenges such as:

  • lead the generation
    Many marketers find it difficult to monitor and extract web traffic Lead to generate. There is an abundance of good and relevant content and it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself.
  • Measuring return on investment
    Marketing and sales departments face challenges in measuring the return on investment of their marketing activities. Without collecting data from all channels, transforming it into each usable and then analyzing it, it is often difficult to determine what is best for a customer or company.
  • income
    If marketing cannot correctly determine ROI, the budget may be squeezed. This is not the case if your ROI is clear and every extra Euro results in demonstrable value.
  • market conditions
    It is often difficult to respond quickly to internal changes and market conditions. Since the correct data is often not collected and analyzed, it is not possible to respond quickly enough to changes.

How can MarketingOps help solve these challenges?

In the image above, in addition to the framework, you can see how MarketingOps sits at the center of people, processes, and technology. MarketingOps team organization is based on roles rather than functions and depends on Accumulation What is being worked on.

What can you do to get better results?

MarketingOps can be considered as the backbone of the marketing department. When the MarketingOps team does their job well, the marketing teams deliver the right message to the right people at the right time, with optimal ROAS and with the right MeasurementTools. It can be optimize and automate a file Buyer’s Journey To be. By continuing to improve this process, you get more Lead And MarketingOps can play a major role in this. In the lead generation example, you can do the following:

lead the generation

know where you are Lead to come from. do you follow Lead So convert and fetch touch points a map. Ensure that marketing data can be collected and analyzed in a good and standardized manner.

  1. Use bullet points
    lead scoring It is the process of assigning values ​​to each of them Leadership that you have created. You can Lead Assign a score based on multiple attributes. For example, how they were contacted and on your website and what information they left behind. This allows the team Lead define the priorities. Use lead scoring It also has a positive effect on the return on investment. As this has become transparent, it is also easier to allocate an adequate marketing budget.
  2. Use lead tracing
    bee lead tracking see where a Leadership Comes from and actively pursues from where Lead in Sales and Marketingrespression† In addition, you perform actions Leadership to the next stage of respression He finally closed the deal. To do this effectively, a good system is lead tracking Regulates great importance. The MarketingOps team should keep the database clean and help define goals and KPIs.
Process improvement

One of the most important functions of MarketingOps is to design and implement processes that incorporate the right technology, allowing data to be properly analyzed and allowing the marketing team to demonstrate its value to the business. This is made possible by making the results measurable.

Measuring the success of the campaign

Marketers often set up successful campaigns but forget to use the tools to measure success. The MarketingOps team should build this measurement into their campaigns and show the marketing team how to take these measurements. You can do this by setting up campaigns that have specific, quantifiable goals.

Marketing Operations and the “Technological Stack”

Selection, management and maintenance of the right tools that can help automate your marketing activities is an essential part of your marketing operations. The most important tasks in managing technology stack To be:

  • Evaluate the suitability of the new tools
  • merge this tools, In such a way that they provide value and support the marketing process.
  • Manage accounts and permissions.

In addition, we have the following tips to help you technology stack To properly manage:

  • Avoid interference
    Marketers use many different things tools Simultaneously manage campaigns and data. This means that there is an opportunity for functions to overlap. This can cause inconsistent data or obscure insights. And for unnecessary costs.
  • future oriented work
    When managing your technology stack It is important to have a flexible and scalable architecture to be ready for any future scenario. Developing a roadmap can help you with that tools and functions smoothly. make sure you fist sellers in As much as possible, as described earlier in another article.

Marketing departments must ensure that they comply with privacy regulations. MarketingOps is responsible for ensuring that all marketing materials, analytics, and activations comply with all internal and external guidelines. MarketingOps’ tasks to facilitate this are:

  • Content review and approval.
  • Obtain approval from legal affairs, and legal intervention initially.
  • Check Assent on the goals that you have.
  • facilitation review tools

Commitment One of the hardest parts of MarketingOps. That’s why it’s better to start developing a file workflow To review, approve and incorporate them into your marketing projects. This workflow Ensures that you can work in a systematic manner and CommitmentThe stage is not skipped.


The MarketingOps process is all about connecting processes, systems, and people. Marketing and sales departments are backed by the right data and applications Workflow. This gives them a better understanding of Buyer’s Journey and where they can improve it. In addition, their efforts can be made more measurable, so that the return on marketing investment is clear.

About the author: Jan Hendrik Fleury is the Commercial Director of Crystalloids.

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