Helgstrand scores in mini test Münster: Vogue and Geronimo over 9

Vogue (Vitalis x Fidertanz) Photo: Equitaris / Wegener

While the Helgstrand covers from Oldenburger Inspection (Incredible) and KWPN Inspection (Opoque) have yet to fully show themselves at Vechta’s “mini-test”, that has been different at Münster-Handorf in recent days. The reserve champion in Westphalian Vogue (by Vitalis) was bought for 940,000 euros convincingly ran for the highest score (9.33) and Geronimo (by Glamordale) came in at 9.01. The much discussed stallion Escanino (Doping) (by Escamillo) also scored an impressive score (9.05).

Vogue (Vitalis x Fidertanz) was head and shoulders above the rest at Münster-Handorf. The bay horse was bought by Helgstrand Dressage for 940 thousand euros at the end of last year. Three overhead gaits (especially trot and canter) and superior rideability. The jury also saw it this way and gave 8.2 to walk, 9.5 to canter, canter, stand, and 9.8 to ride, so Vogue came up with an average of 9.33 total. Highest mark so far in the two-day test. However, something can be said about it: the three-year-old stallion has come a long way – in terms of development and training. And with such a high score, such a representation is created for a three-year-old horse in a test given with the animal’s welfare in mind.

Geronimo J, Elastic, and Joshua

Geronimo G (Glamourdale x Escolar) also came from the Westphalian Inspection, who already owned Helgstrand there. On examination, this brown indeed made a beneficial impression and under the saddle improved a few strokes. He passed the test with a score of 9.01 especially the trot (9), canter (9.2), ride ability (9.3) and stance (9).

Geronimo G (Glamourdale x Escolar) Photo: Equitaris / Wegener

Helgestrand also introduced the excellent floppy stallion (Escolar x Dimaggio) and Joshua (Jovian x Belissimo M) in the Westphalian check and now in the saddle test. Elastic came in with an average of 7.98 (score was 6.2 paces down) and Joshua, who wasn’t far behind and had obvious problems under the saddle, among other things, came in with balance (still great) 7. Helgestrand’s fifth stallion, Kleppenhus Vital, was pulled over. (by Vitalis).


The Escaneno (Escamillo x Veneno) is probably one of the most discussed stallions of the past inspection season. He also encountered something: he was rejected from the pre-selection in the Rhineland of the Hanover inspection, then became a reserve champion in the Westphalian inspection and Burkhard Wahler bought himself in the Schulte family stallion. In January it was announced that he had tested positive for doping, however he lost his consent only to be approved again. Now he made his first public appearance under the saddle and it didn’t disappoint. The jury scored an average of 9.05 with 9.8 for ride ability, 9.5 for stance and 9 for trotting.

Escaneno (Escamillo x Veneno) Photo: Equitaris/Wegener

Among the top checks was another distinct Westphalian Checked Stall. Forever Rock (by Franziskus) was bought by Gestüt Bonhomme for €105,000 with an average of 8.75 and made a strong impression overall.

Escamillo x 5

In total, in addition to Escaneno, four Escamillos appeared before the jury in Münster-Handorf. Estupendo (ds. Fürst Romancier) came in at 8.14, Ed Sheeran (ds. Damon Hill) at 7.88 and Escamillo x Diamond Hit with no name at 7.65. The jury welcomed Dutch entry Escamilla Bravo (ds. Samba Hit) for De IJzeren Man (6.71).

Another reserve champion and an excellent stallion

The latter seemed a bit strict compared to some of the other stallions. Like for example one of the other four reserve champions in the Westphalian Inspection Squad in Joel (by Janeiro Platinum), who was assisted in the dash line at the start. The Mirjam Drenth breeding product came in with an average of 8.08.

4 years old: reserve champion for the highest score

Among the four-year-olds, the Westphalian reserve champion also turned out to be excellent. The Imperial MT (by Asgards Ibiza), the 2020 Sissi Max Theuer’s second examination reserve champion, came in with an average of 8.72. There was an average of 8.7 for Zumba (by Zoom).

The Trakehner Onyx (of Kentucky), bred by Rob de Wijs, scored an average of 7.02.


Source: Horses.nl

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