Edo (12) and Lexje (8) were hanged in the year 45 and this still affects students now

If you don’t tell a story, it doesn’t exist. The brutal murder of the Hornmann brothers from Eindhoven during World War II is a story that must definitely be told. Edo (12) and Lixgee (8) were killed in 1945 at the Neuengamme concentration camp in Hamburg.

Journalist Lout Donders made a radio documentary on the topic with Eindhoven students as early as 1988. Two years ago, to mark the 75th anniversary of liberation, he did it again with students from then and now. This TV documentary can be watched on Omroep Brabant on May 1 (11:30 AM) and May 4 (4.55 PM).

Hornemann’s Jewish family lived on Staringstraat in Eindhoven during the war. The father and mother worked at Philips and had two children, Edo (12 years old) and Lexje (8). His father ended up at Camp Vogt at the end of the war. The mother and children hid on a farm in Arles Rixtel.

The father wanted them to stay there, but the mother decided, after much deliberation, to report to Camp Vogt with her children.

Even before the transfer to Germany, the mother died and shortly thereafter the father also died. Edo and Lexje ended up in the Neuengamme concentration camp near Hamburg. Brothers and other children were abused for medical experiments.

During the last turmoil of the war, the Nazis wanted to erase all traces. The children were taken to a schoolhouse where they were hanged on the night of April 20, 1945, along with eighteen other Jewish children.

For the radio documentary, the Donders, with the students, visited the Neuengamme concentration camp in Hamburg in 1988, the place where the Hornemann brothers lost their lives.

For the TV documentary, he looked back with students from that time. What did you remember from the visit at that time? Does it still play a role in 1950s life now? And it was. A student at the time says in the documentary, “The story became a part of us. I was 17 when I was there. I lost my naivety there.”

In addition, he again walked with students from the Van Maerlant Lyceum in the footsteps of the Hornmann brothers. What did the Edo and Lexje story do to the current generation? Someone says, “How afraid of Edo and Lexeji. I am sad and angry. How can people do this to each other?”

Donders produced the TV documentary “The Brutal Murder of Edo and Lexie Hornmann” with Annemarie van Osteren.

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Lex (12) and Edo (8) were brutally murdered in the war, and their story is now recorded in a book.

Program overview from May 4-5:

The brutal murder of Edo and Lexie Hornman
Sunday, May 1 – 11:30 a.m. and Wednesday, May 4 – 4:55 p.m.

Documentary about Edo and Lexje Hornemann from Eindhoven. They were taken from Foat camp to Hamburg. Along with eighteen other Jewish children, they are abused for medical experiments. To erase all traces of this, they were killed on April 20, 1945. In the documentary, students from the Van Maerlantlyceum travel from Eindhoven to Hamburg. They visited the place where Edo and Lixgei died.

Camp Voight Memorial Day
Wednesday May 4 – 6.15pm.

With a special memorial broadcast, Voight National Memorial Camp commemorates May 4th. Memories of prisoners are kept alive through personal stories.

National Memorial Day at Al Sadd Square
Wednesday May 4 – 8 pm

Live report on National Memorial Day at Dam Square in Amsterdam, where two minutes of silence will be held at 8pm.

Haren camp between fear and freedom
Thursday May 5 – 9.20 a.m. and 12.55 p.m.

What happened at Harren Hostage Camp during World War II? and how events still play a role in the lives of survivors and their relatives.

Begin the celebration of liberation, freedom in solidarity
Thursday May 5 – 10.20am (repeated in the afternoon and evening).

A brilliant and diverse program that reflects on freedom and celebrates freedom, direct from De Lievekamp in Oss.

May 5th lecture
Thursday May 5 – 11.45 am

Gijs Tuinman, holder of the William Military Medal, will deliver the May 5 lecture at the De Lievekamp Theater in Oss. The lecture will be attended by Prime Minister Mark Rutte and National Committee Chairman Wim van de Donk on 4 and 5 May.

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