Colleagues who suck energy? Learn about these seven types

We’ve been working from home a lot lately. Lockdowns, shutdowns and work-from-home advice that have been in place for months have somewhat isolated us from our colleagues. But do you also know the colleagues you may not have missed lately? Pay attention, this is how you meet seven fellow energy vampires, or “energy vampires,” in the workplace.

Working from home makes us less resistant to these types of people in the workplace. At home we created our own bases and safe havens. As a result, you are now less armed against the behavior of others.

Toxic colleagues in the workplace

“We’ve all become more stubborn, louder, and more fussy in our habits. And we’ve developed patterns that don’t fit in the workplace,” Tessa West tells Brits Side roads-colleagues. She is an associate professor of psychology at New York University and the author of the book Jerks at Work: Toxic Coworkers and What to Do About Them.

“Interrupting people, being passive or making noise,” according to West, these kinds of things leave people empty in the workplace. It tells you that you have to learn to protect yourself from these kinds of energy-sucking situations. But she also emphasizes that you have to realize if you yourself are the ideal workplace colleague.

According to the psychiatrist, stress, discomfort, and frustration in the workplace affect our mental and physical health more than our private lives. why? “We spend more time at work and that’s not to be underestimated.”

You can’t get rid of colleagues and managers

West raises an important point. Although we focus a lot on our personal relationships, we don’t get too deep into the relationship with colleagues. But they’re also not entirely unimportant. “You can’t get rid of colleagues and managers,” says the psychologist. In her book, the author highlights seven energy vampires. There is a good chance that you have come across such a colleague in the workplace. And don’t forget that you may also have displayed these kinds of traits.

The psychologist explains that we learn this type of behavior because it has been or is being done to ourselves. She fears that two years after the Corona crisis, employees will quit faster because they resolve workplace conflicts less well. Something you think is very important. “Communication is key,” West explains. Emphasizes that one says what it means. Point out a specific behavior to colleagues and don’t dwell on it. Are you still considering leaving your current workplace? Read here tips for applying for a job during working hours.

7 colleagues cost energy

There are a few types of colleagues that cost you your energy. We list a few for you

1. Slime Ball / Rival

This fellow has two sides and is very competitive. He or she is nice to the boss, but treats the rest of the people in the workplace as competitors.

2. The “credits” thief

Type “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. This fellow presents himself as a team player or even a mentor, but ultimately takes credit for the work of others. The “thief” is good at mobilizing the idea (from someone else) eloquently and in a timely manner and sketching it out for himself.

3. On the back

This fellow looks attractive and above all “warm” and “cute”. The traveler has a radar for colleagues who are on duty, which makes it easier for them to shake off their behavior.

4. Bulldozer

As the name suggests, this fellow dances off others. The bucket is “obvious” and often talks a lot in meetings. This person also makes decisions for a group of colleagues. This fellow loves to get his way and isn’t particularly compromising.

5. The negligent boss

This fellow managed to be absent or not at all. They often show up at the last minute to rush themselves and others into the workplace and cause stress. Simply because this person does not know what is going on in the workplace. Often this fellow passes for a short time and then disappears into the background again.

6. Partial manager

This fellow has a detailed, controlled, tough approach. Also about things that are not really related. Often something has to be done “in a minute” with this fellow.

7. Gaslighter

Gaslighter manipulates, twists, deceives, and lies to eventually turn the situation around at his will. This type of fellow makes the other person feel suspicious and insecure. If you keep thinking with a colleague: “Am I crazy?” Things are wrong.

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Colleagues who suck energy? Learn about these seven types

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