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The result of the question in our Instagram story

Last week, we asked our Instagram followers which navigation apps they usually use. While Google Maps was by far the most mentioned, a number of other apps were also mentioned. We also asked you about walking apps. Although this is less common, many tips have also been shared. In this blog we are listing the tips from our Instagram followers in the field of navigation and walking apps for you.

Navigation apps

When we think of navigation apps, we quickly think of them Google Maps, but Apple has its own navigation app; is called cards or Apple Maps† The differences between the apps are primarily design. In terms of mobility, they are no different from each other. wizz It is also similar to Google Maps / Google Maps in terms of navigation, although there are some differences in functionality. In addition, some cars have a built-in navigation system; Sometimes this uses Google/Apple Maps, but it can also be proprietary software for a car brand.

Many readers will flash master You may know it as the app to avoid speeding fines. However, Flitsmeister can also be used as a navigation app. Although apps like Waze also offer the option to report speed and accident cameras, the Flitsmeister community is often more active in this area. In addition, ambulances pass from their location to FlitsmeisterSo that you receive a signal while driving when an ambulance arrives. Other useful features are clear storage of your trips (handy if you have to advertise) and can be reminded of paid parking. Flitsmeister also sells devices that give you warnings for speed cameras or ambulances, regardless of whether you’re commuting with the app at the time.

also Tom Tom Still active in the field of navigation. Where TomTom used to primarily sell navigation devices, there are now many TomTom apps and smartwatches available that help you navigate on the road and while exercising, for example.

Another advice that was given was Lord we go, a navigation application that, like Google Maps, provides the ability to download maps. This makes it easier to use when you are offline, for example when you travel outside Europe (and don’t have a dedicated data package).

city ​​plan It is a navigation application that focuses mainly on public transport in large and complex cities (available in the Netherlands for Randstad). The application helps users to plan their trip with the most appropriate means of transportation; Bus, train, taxi or shared car, for example. App integration like Uber makes this very easy.

hiking apps

You can also use some navigation applications while walking, for example Google Maps or Maps. Apps targeting walking (and sometimes cycling) often provide more than just the ability to navigate from one address to another; They often also provide routes and provide information about places of interest along the route.

Rotiq It is an app full of walking and cycling paths. In addition to using paths from others, you can also create paths yourself. To get more features available, like using tracks offline, you need a premium subscription. AllTrails It is a similar app, again with a subscription for more features. WikiMinor It is also a similar app, but offers many types of tracks. In addition to hiking and biking trails, you’ll also find Segway, canoe, ski or camel routes (yes really!).

Looking for a more adventurous way to hike? Then consider using the app Geocaching or A: Jiu To start. Geocaching is actually a type of treasure hunt. Using an app, or a GPS device, you go looking for a “treasure”: the cache. So the path is not selected, but the search for the right place yourself. Sometimes you have to solve puzzles at home or in the field, other times you walk through the scenes to the end point. In the history, you can keep track of the caches you found. Now in the Netherlands there are more than 40,000 caches to be found, worldwide there are at least 2.4 million.

Do you regularly walk (or bike) a longer distance? Then Garmin . Handheld NavigatorIt might be something for you. Actually an old-fashioned TomTom, but for a walk. The advantage is that you download maps on this and therefore you do not depend on your mobile coverage (useful for hiking in remote areas). In addition, the battery is removable and lasts much longer than the battery of your phone. with the Garmin explore Application You can connect your smartphone or tablet to your Garmin device, in order to sync data.

Would you rather hike on horseback than walk? then it Equisence An interesting application for you. Here you can, for example, track your travels. In addition to that, they also provide activity trackers for your horse; This allows you to better monitor the condition of your horse.

What navigation or walking app do you think is still missing from this list? Let us know in the comments.

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