Mama Amy Nairt will face boxing in front of her fans in Engelmunster on Saturday: ‘My daughters are my biggest supporters’

Amy Nart, 34, is preparing to shine again in front of her fans on Saturday night. Team Ingelmunsterse will compete against France’s Anaelle Angerville. “My coaches make sure that I am well prepared. I can definitely count on the support of the crowd.”

The Ingelmunster Boxing Gala is now in its ninth edition and at that time became a staple in the world of boxing. The atmosphere is always great and father and son Marnix and Water Dujardin and their cousin Peter Kerkhove always know how to put on a nice programme. With this year again a prominent role for the ladies. Oshin Derieuw is fighting for the “IBO Intercontinental” World Championship against Italian Sylvia Bortrot. This camp is sparks, but of course we’re also looking forward to Amy Nairt’s homegrown performance. The 34-year-old already has five pro camps to her credit, and she’s won all of them, one of which was also a knockout.

Fixed clique fans

In fact, Amy Nairt is working on her second career as a boxer. “I’ve always been an athlete and used to do a lot of sports in school. I started playing sports when I was 19, but after three years I stopped. Six years later, I started taking on the challenge again and since then I’ve been working with the Deco Boxing team in Harelbeke. And after 22 amateur camps (18 wins) I took a step towards the pros.”

Amy has been living with her partner Ivan Glorieux in Ingelmunster for the past 11 years, but grew up in Kortrijk. “Now I also work for Ivan who does general construction. I used to be a cleaning lady, but I’m tired of this job. I taught trade to Ivan. First I did it as a side line, now as my full time job. But I don’t walk the road full hours, I take our daughter to school and take her as well. But it is a difficult task nonetheless, especially if you still have to combine it with a lot of training work.”

Amy is the mother of Hailey (16 years old) and Fenty (9). The youngest daughter has been in the news recently because she was featured in our newspaper as the youngest pigeon fancier in the country. “My daughters are my biggest supporters,” Amy says. Vintje is used to it, and Vintje also goes to camp every now and then. Of course I had told her beforehand how it was going and that I could also take a big hit. But she really doesn’t want the world to miss her. She will definitely be there on Saturday night. Like a lot As a fan, I have almost a steady clique loyal to the position.”

Her rival, Annaelle Ungerville, does not know Amy Nairt. “But my coaches will gather the necessary information about her.” The Deco Boxing team is also located one block behind Amy. Coaches Patrick Fetta, Ringo Verbowedi, Paolo Villani and Gino Adam outfit it, and Chairman and Sponsor Patrick DeCock, along with her manager, Rudy Cumbernaul, ensures everything runs smoothly from an organizational standpoint. “I just have to focus on training.”

bantam weight

Amy ends up in the weight of the Bantams. “I have to stay under 53.5kg, but that’s not a problem. I’m usually less than 2kg.” Amy puts herself on a heavy exercise regimen. “On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays there is boxing training, Thursday I train intermittently and on Saturday I work with a personal trainer.” In the week you spend camping, build in some rest. “This is also necessary. I am always nervous before camp, that’s what I am now. My opponent seems to be a fierce lady, and I will work hard as always.”

So far, Amy has cornered her professional camps in West Flanders, including twice in Izegem and once in Ingelmunster. A camp near Paris was planned for February, but was canceled due to Corona. I would definitely like to box outside.”

Nice lady dolphin

Meanwhile, boxing is booming among the ladies. “Of course, Delphine Pearson has a lot to do with this. She has received a lot of media attention. She is also still a nice lady, when I meet her we always talk.”

Meanwhile, Amy always made it out of the camps unscathed. “Stuck in the woods and hopefully it stays that way. I’m 34, but as long as my body allows it and I still find it interesting, I’ll keep going. I hope one day I can have a Belgian title camp, but for that I have to compete in eight rounds. And that’s It’s not the case yet. But what can still come, of course.”

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