Hall upside down, sound into small pieces ★★★★ ☆

Selah Sue has expelled all her demons in Brussels AB. The lovin singer screamed and screamed until her voice dropped. They call it “passion”.

Sasha van der Speten

“I’m a bad bitch / I won’t stop if you come / I’m a queen in my kingdom / And I feel good.” Well, Selah Sue didn’t miss her AB entry. In front of a crowded hall of prepared disciples, she immediately kicked the entire castle gate with a footbridge and all of the moat. Cersei Lannister might absorb a point. The soundtrack to this violence was made up of dark favela beats. “Wanted You To Know” also swears by metropolitan electronics, somewhere between London bass and tight hip-hop. Selah Sue shook more than a demon out of her body, in a way she probably never would have dared in her early days. In one corner, a three-piece women’s choir targeted a creamy acoustic harmony between the rhythms: the burly grooves of a powerful live ensemble made Salé visibly electrified. And yet he continued to sing flawlessly! bad behavior.

It has changed, as we’ve read in more than one lifestyle supplement in recent months. I was born again. as a singer. as a woman. as a human being. Something about motherhood. Something about antidepressants that have been abandoned. Her openness to the press is due to her. It makes it unapproachable. Salah It doesn’t matter† From now on, you don’t care what you and I think. Perhaps that was why she seemed so liberated and liberated in AB? It’s as if it rebounded itself on a source that humans have been searching for all their lives.

“I have been gone for seven years and am so grateful that you are all here,” it sounded in Brussels, moreover. her new album Character He was pivotal to the show. This record contains well-thought-out, seemingly light-hearted soul pop music in sparkling productions. Futuristic American R&B, so to speak. The music genre is at the forefront of pop and alternative, not without universal appeal. You’ll find it on the soundtrack to the groundbreaking Millennium series Unsafe† Like ‘Hurray’, the fusion of soul and rap that was developed in AB and done with the utmost care. The solo piano was cascading to the beat with the sound of the icy autumn breeze. The choir is sculpted with Congolese scratches and colours. I thought of Zap Mama and The Roots.

Mint tea

The song “Karma” provoked a completely different salaah from the shadows: the song “About clowns in power”, according to the singer, was written during the most halo shutdown. The deep, dark bass line led to a resounding Dawn Tempo beat into the night. “Is this real? / Is it fake? / Selling doubt seals your fate.” She hit her vocal cords until we started to fear that she might have permanent vocal nodules. And in the midst of a stormy jump trip. Massive attack on mezzanine time but with Janis Joplin behind the microphone. There was a video call to vent anger and indignation through creative works. Check it out, Sani.

Salah SuTyne Shoemaker Statue

In the long-awaited haunting song “All The Way Down” she seemed to blend in with the blues, her voice screaming to bits, mired in gospel. No wonder she disappeared into the wings with her singers while playing guitar solos. To hang out on steaming mint tea? To allow new arctic snow to slip into its glowing throat?

No, to wear a bright red dress further angered the “free fall”. Jazzy squats, bum-bab beats, and Charleston vibes: It wasn’t the only song where the arrangements were a hit. For example, old ‘alone’ did it initially with funk music from the ’70s and gradually blossomed into heavy pop music. ‘Raggamuffin’ started out as the sinister reggae vocal song everyone knows but got fierce synth beats in the tail. Although the dynamics between the musicians still falter at times, more than once I listened with eyebrows raised to the crisp solos and clever decors.

house party

In ‘Celebrate’, Zwangere Guy appeared who allowed a piece of Brussels rap to bounce across the room. The hip-hop mogul returned to Bissen to echo an excerpt of TC Matic’s “Putin Putin” with Sala Soo. From now on, no one will get away with it in Brussels without honoring Arno, a quoi.

Zwangeere Guy did some rap in Brussels in a performance by Selah Sue.  Tyne Shoemaker Statue

Zwangeere Guy did some rap in Brussels in a performance by Selah Sue.Tyne Shoemaker Statue

Our favorite highlight? ‘Pills’, one of the best singles of 2022, has broken the stigma associated with mental health problems in Brussels. The hits pump, suck, and grind just like in the ’90s house classics. Halfway through, the song turned into a great dance floor, with Sala and her singers mixing AB music for Berghain. The hall is upside down.

Finally, the gentle ‘You’ scratched the nails of flesh on our souls. What a song. Sing it softly to your offspring who intend to nod at night with greetings of Selah Su. I bet the nightmares won’t come?

Seen on April 27 in AB, Brussels

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