Five residents of the awards in the rain tape

April 28, 10:54

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Five residents of Pijnacker-Nootdorp received a royal award from Mayor Björn Lugthart on Tuesday, April 26. Four people are from Pijnacker and one from Delfgauw. It was noticeable that no one from the Nootdorper got an award, although there are still enough people living there who are fully committed to the local community.

The highest award went to Professor Dr. Pauline Herder (1971). Delfgause is Professor of Systems Engineering in Design and Industry at TU Delft. Ms. Herder has significant achievements in the field of large-scale energy storage and energy transformation in the short and long term. It promotes that all different types of organizations and companies work together in this field and is always busy developing and utilizing new possibilities. Despite all her accomplishments so far – her career is still in full swing – Ms. Herder has been awarded the Order of the Lion of Holland.

The other four were awarded the Member of the Order of Orange Nassau and the four were very happy with it. First, Begnacker Mayor Theo van den Polk called ahead. On a Tuesday morning, Theo was just busy with his volunteer work at Zorgkwekerij Bloei on Europalaan. He was supposed to spend a week in Texel with his wife Willie. This trip was canceled with some fraud, because it was said that something was wrong with the sewage system at the holiday park.

Supposedly, Theo took with him a report on Thirty Years of Fiction. In fact, he received a tape of Het Witte Paard in recognition of all his achievements in the world of art and culture at Pijnacker-Nootdorp. Theo was already on the cultural circuit in the 1980s and was closely involved from the start with Verbeelding, the annual art and culture that takes place in Pijnacker. As an artist and enthusiast, Theo organizes all kinds of fiction, such as the Art Route and the gallery in the library. In addition, he does a lot of great volunteer work with Piet Kaptein in Zorgkwekerij Bloei. They lead the way when it comes to woodworking.

Famous Pijnacker volunteer Fred Radstack also received a tape. After his career in the Navy, Fred has done all kinds of volunteer work: chauffeuring a Buurtbus, serving meals for Tafeltje Dekje, helping to organize the Winter and Summer Academy at SWOP and for the past 10 years has been primarily active in helping seniors increase their digital skills. Whatever he did or did Fred did: Social contact has always been of great importance. For a long time, he has also been an organizational activist for Majorette Association De Mirabella’s.

Trudi Swicker Nadorp then received an award. For decades, I have volunteered to drive children with disabilities from Pijnacker and the surrounding area to De Zonnehof in Naaldwijk and back. For children, she was the familiar face of a person who was always there and who could also communicate with children who could not speak for themselves. In addition, Trudy has been active on the board of directors of the Catholic Church in Bejnacker for a long time and she sings the highest song with the church choir Vivace.

Last but not least, Tourclubman Koos Vonk took home an award. He has been the central manager of the Pijnacker Tour Club for over forty years, which recently celebrated its fortieth anniversary. Koos is at the Het Baken gym early Sunday morning before the first cyclist arrives, and doesn’t get home until the last rider has left home for a long, wide run. Even before founding TCP, Koz was involved as an organizer. Another side step is the annual Oranjefietstocht Festival. Pleasure man Koos and his wife Rita of Brabant have long been active in the Carnival Association De Ballentrappers and have been on the board of the Delft Wine and Beer Guild for 28 years. The mayor, as with other beneficiaries, praised Cos’s greatest dedication to duty and his great importance to the local community. She stayed entertained for a long time at Het Witte Paard, where Oranjeborrel followed her after the festivities.

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