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Member of the Order of Orange-Nassau, tick and order © Dutch System Chancellery

Gouda – Fifteen residents of Gouda were awarded a Royal Order. A resident of Rewijk also received a Royal Order from Mayor Peter Verhof in Goudse Schouwburg. Thirteen residents of Gouwen have been appointed members of the Order of Orange Nassau. Mrs. Neefjes and Mr. Hagoort were appointed Knights of the Order of Oranje Nassau and Mr. Bokern was appointed Officer of the Order of Oranje Nassau.

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Mr. Wouter Beute has been appointed as a member of the Order of Orange Nassau.

Since 1974 he has been a volunteer in the municipality of the district of De Vest in Gouda. Here he was president of the church council and appeal committee for a number of years and a member of various volunteer groups. In addition, from 1990 to 2019 he was a volunteer for the Magdeburg Interdenominational Contact Group. As of 2019, Mr. Beute is a member of the Board of Directors of Filmclub Toverlint, where he is involved in the organization of the film festival and club evenings.

Mrs. Naima Boufarha El-Jahuhi has been appointed a member of the Order of Orange-Nassau.

Since 1996 she has actively contributed to neighborhood activities and is committed to Neighbors Day, NLDoet and neighborhood park maintenance. In addition, for 25 years she increasingly worked as a caregiver for her neighbour, helping with shopping, cooking, housekeeping and administration. Without her help, this neighbor would not have been able to live in the house.

Mr. Paulus (Paul) Bernardus Josephus Bokern has been appointed Officer of the Orange Nassau

El-Sayed received the award for his many years of dedication to the Dutch Basketball Association (NBB), Koninklijke Nederlandse Baseball Bond (KNBSB) and European Baseball Association (CEB). Within these associations, he held roles as president, (international) referee and various board positions on various committees.

Dame Leah Alice van Coverden has been appointed a Member of the Order of Orange-Nassau.

She was the editor-in-chief of Hakehillot magazine, founder of the Jewish dating agency Stichting Jingles and ran the Stichting Landelijk Joods Netwerk regional calendar website. She also edits the quarterly magazine ‘Benjamin’, is a volunteer and editor-in-chief at RTV Gouwestad and gives guest lectures at schools on behalf of Landelijk Steunpunt.

Sir Jan Joseph Haggart Knight has been appointed to the Order of Orange-Nassau.

He was a member of the CNV Board of Directors for many years. Since 1986 he has been a volunteer in the reformed municipality of De Oostpoort. Here he was, among others, founder/organizer of youth club work, children’s side services, afternoons for disabled members of the congregation, singing, and youth services. In addition, since 2009, he has co-founded Stichting Present Gouda, through which more than 150 volunteer projects are organized annually in cooperation with 35 welfare and welfare organizations in Gouda.

Mr. Willem Honkoop has been appointed as a member of the Order of Orange Nassau.

Until his retirement, the master trained players and youth teams at SV Gouda for many years. Youth committee member since 2004. The youth base on the site has been renamed “JeugdHonkoop” and the Challenge Cup to “de Willem” by young players. In addition, from 2005 he can be found 6 days a week at SV Gouda as a material and terrain manager, among other things, for hanging and repairing goal nets, washing uniforms, terrain maintenance, painting and cleaning.

Mr. Christiaan Ingelse has been appointed a Member of the Order of Orange Nassau.

The former city organist and principal organist of Sint Janskerk co-organised several organ and (room) concerts at Sint Janskerk from 1988 to 2018. He also conducted organ tours, released CDs, and helped organize and implement National Organ Day. Additionally, he has been a volunteer at Gouda Protestant Church since 2018.

Mr. Johan Lammert-Jungerius has been appointed a Member of the Order of Orange Nassau
He is one of the founders of Jeugdsoos ‘Over de Brug’. He has been a volunteer for the local Referee Association, Jodan Boys Football, Gouda Indoor Football, CJV Youth Camps, Olympiadehuis Nursing Home and the local Friends Project. He was also a companion to Het Segment students, Chairman of Mannenkoor Gouda, and is currently a volunteer at Shantykoor ‘De Vlisterzangers’, nursing home ‘Olympiadehuis’, residents association ‘De ring’ and the local food bank.

Franciscus (Frans) Jacobus van Luit has been appointed a member of the Orange Order of Nassau.

In Horn he has worked in various institutions and associations for many years and was awarded the Bronze Leg Medal by the municipality of Horn in 2007. He was founder and president of Animal Ambulance Nord Knemerland in Alkmaar and co-founder of Aid Workers Respect. He was also a Gouda volunteer at Animal Ambulance, Gouda’s 750-year rights town and center of central Holland. He is currently Treasurer and Secretary of the Fioole Foundation in Judah and a volunteer at Humanitas, Central Netherlands Department.

Mrs. Margarita (Margaret) Francesca Augusta Matahiro de Vries has been appointed a Member of the Order of Orange-Nassau.

Since 1999 she has been a volunteer and board member of MS Vereniging Nederland. Here she organizes various meetings for people with multiple sclerosis and their partners, visits new members and acts as a contact and collector. In addition, since 2010, she has been a co-founder, trustee and president of the Quarterly Association de Frueturen in Gouda.

Mrs. Wilhelmina (Wilma) Maria Nevjes de Young has been made a Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau.

She was a volunteer and president of the Wijkteam Nieuwe Park Foundation and a volunteer at Goudsche Cricket- and Footballclub Olympia. Since 2010, she has also been the initiator/coordinator of the “Hoogvlietexpresse” work experience project, which in 2013 received the Tros Radar Warm Shower Award. Additionally, as of 2011, she was the initiator/coordinator/organizer of the then Peaceful School Project, now Peaceful Gouda, and as of 2018 she was the co-initiator and coordinator of the Knowledge Network Project for Sports and Social Field in Gouda.

Mrs. Cornelia (Corey) Johanna van Oort-Burgrave has been appointed as a member of the Order of Orange-Nassau.

Since 2000 she has been a volunteer at the Van Noord Meeting Center in Gouda. It is the driving force behind the culinary group, which has arisen from the need to provide a cheap meal to people who are not well off. As a coordinator you do many activities, such as setting schedules, preparing menus, and managing cooking volunteers.

Mr. Marinus (Rinus) Slingerland has been appointed as a member of the Oranje Nassau Order.

He was a board member of the Gouda Correctional Council Sunday School, a board member of the Netherland Protestant Society, Department of Gouda, and a board member of the Youth Association-14 Ansimos of Gouda Correctional. He is currently a volunteer at Stichting Woord en Daad since 1993 and at Huize Winterdijk since 2006. He has been chairperson/secretary of the GBS Committee of the Correctional Bible Foundation since 1995 and has been a volunteer at the Gouda Correctional Facility since 2000.

Mrs. Irene Gigsbertha Maria Tillmann-Hoogeveen has been appointed a Member of the Order of Orange Nassau.

She has been a volunteer in various district teams in Gouda since 1988, such as the De Buurtstee meeting centre, where she helped put up the “Champion of Resistance Signs” in Vrewijk and Verzetsholdenbuurt. Since 2000 she has been a volunteer at Wijkteam Gouda-Oost, where she is committed to the Nelson Mandela and Anne Frankplantswein Center. Since 2018, I have co-founded and volunteered at the Het Eiland nature course in Gouda.

Mr. Johannes Jacobus van Velzen has been appointed a Member of the Order of Orange Nassau.
He has been a Board Member/Treasurer/President/Secretary at VvE Rondohof 1-34 since 1996, also performing odd jobs and maintenance work and organizing (New Year’s) drinks and barbecues. Since 2006, he has been a member of the Board of Directors and Secretary (2008-present) at KBO, Quality Department and Surroundings. From 2006 to 2013, he was a trustee of the Foundation for Inclusive Organizations of Collaborating Elderly Organizations.

Mrs. Pieternella (Nel) Zaadhof-Figge has been appointed a Member of the Order of Orange-Nassau. MM
Since 1999, she has been the president of the Elderly Association de Bruges in the neighborhood municipality. She organizes weekly afternoons for Soos seniors, writes an annual report for the church council, visits sick Soos members and delivers Elisabethbode magazine and small gifts around Christmas and Easter each month. From 1999 to 2018 she was a caregiver for an elderly woman.

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