Jose Medema, expert in women’s and girls’ soccer: “Women are tactically smarter and better technically”

Nice shot from Shannen Huizinga, but the ball explodes on the post. SVM outperforms ST BMJ: 8-1. harry the knight

Marknesse – Jos Miedema is an expert in girls’ and women’s soccer. It’s the new SV Marknesse women’s trainer. “Women’s football is more refined and refined than the football played by men. Women are smarter tactically and technically better. Women are very eager to learn.

Midema is the successor to Hans Vermeer, who is currently bidding farewell to football after three seasons. Midema, together with goalkeeper and recovery coach Claes Cramer, must achieve the goals of SVM: to raise the first women’s team to a higher level and to perpetuate and expand the territorial function that the club inadvertently endowed. The Board ensures that the focus is solely on performance. “SVM wants to perform a regional function, with a village mindset, for women’s soccer,” says captain Mark Helderink.

Rebecca Dujarin

SVM Women are proud to take the lead in the third division. She could no longer miss the tournament. The title should be a fact by mid-May. The selection consists of footballers from Marknesse, Ens, Emmeloord, Vollenhove, Luttelgeest and Kraggenburg. Many women switched to SVM due to dissatisfaction with the way things were going in their club. For example, Rebecca Doejaaren, former PEC Zwolle, chose a career as a socialite and decided to play in SVM. With dozens of goals, the striker has a huge share in the current success.

For example, the women’s branch of SVM moved to first place to take a leap forward. “We want to attract women from the outside,” says Rudi van Rijnmortel, chair of the technical committee. “The fun is still the most important.” ‘We want to play football with women at a level where they feel at home,’ says Chairman Wim van Diepen. It’s not about playing as high as possible for us. The third division M level is no longer a challenge to SVM, as attested by the thirteen victories in fourteen games and a 100-10 goal difference.

positive surprise

The new SVM women helmsman was a little more candid. He’s seen his new slate in action several times and has been positively surprised at the level. “The goal is to play first-class football,” says Jos Miedema. “If you play with pleasure at a good level and if you give good training sessions that make you better as a team and as a player, you can go far.” De Fries was already after the first conversation with Van Regenmortel: the SVM should be too. “This club treats women and men equally. This sounds like music to my ears.

Jos Miedema spent his childhood in Den Helder, where his father was in the Navy. The 55-year-old resident used to be a goalkeeper. As a goalkeeper at Buitenpost, he played training matches against FC Barcelona and Ajax. At the age of 25, Miedema had to stop playing as a football player due to a knee injury (as a result of a serious accident). He became a coach and scout and in recent years has only focused on girls’ and women’s football. He has coached VIOD Girls and Harkemase Boys, for example, is the owner of Meiden Voetbalschool and the publisher of two football magazines.

Level up

It was also able to work at a higher level, but Midema consciously chose SVM. I am a construction coach and I want to make better footballers. After a 45 minute conversation with Rudy, it was already clear to me that he was going to become an SVM. The club feels like a warm bath. SVM’s job was and not to play as high as possible with women, but now that the conditions are in place, the intent is to take advantage of them. After the Monster (8-1) won Saturday in third place ST BMJ, the first step on the road to climb is almost a reality.

Captain Suzanne Schafsma applauds the atmosphere on and off the field of choice. She is convinced that this good atmosphere contributes to the performance. Sorry about the passing of Hans Vermeer. “He’s always very enthusiastic, totally committed and always well prepared.” Vermeer leaves with mixed feelings. “It is one thing to give up on this team. I am proud to say goodbye to this great team and this great union. The green and white brings so much fun and energy. This energy in particular makes it a special team.

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