Bergen’s only new knight loves to sit high on horseback

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To give up –

In Bergen, twelve people received a royal decoration during this year’s strip rain. Unless otherwise stated, honors have been assigned to members of the Order of Orange-Nassau.

Wim van der Colen (70) from the well was a teacher at Valuascollege in Venlo. In his spare time he works at the Carnival Society De Maasjoerts in Well and at the Dramatic Society De Buunspeulers. He was also a volunteer with the hunting club De Snutters. Politically, he is active in the progressive formation in Bergen, to which he has been an advisor since 2020.

I received the tape Theo Diples (60) from Bergen because he was a board member of St. Anthony Abt/St. Agatha in Aegean. It is still active with the Young Carnival Association De Bietjes, the Carnival Association De Sukermatten and with the former Princes of Aijen. He was also a member of Dalton Public School De Klimop Bergen and a volunteer with the Red Cross.

Annie de Jong (61) Afferden received an award because she was or was active in Activities Association ’75 in Roden, Primary School ‘t Diekske in Afferden, Neighborhood Society De Stofwolk in Heukelom, Drama Society Nuance in Afferden and Maasduinen Leadership Society. She still volunteers at Stichting Showclub Trekpaard en Haflinger and at Radboud UMC in Nijmegen.

Also the previous owner of Dorpswinkel in Afferden, Jean Keisers (83), has been distinguished. He is a volunteer with Alverländer Muzikanten. Keijsers is also active in the parish of HH Cosmas and Damianus, serving as an altar boy, among other things. Keijsers is also a volunteer at Stichting Dorpsarchief Afferden, collecting, describing and archiving old photographs and postcards.

Wilbert Linders (56) of Well has been a member/chairman of the Kersten Europe Business Council in Wanssum for 20 years, where he works. He is also a volunteer with the De Batjakkers Friends group in Well. Leenders organized the Water Sport Spuit Feest Festijn. He is still active at the Harmonie De Vriendenkring and at the Carnival Association De Maasjoerts.

local council member Anton Splinter (59) Knighted Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau. Partly because he is a rider with honorary cavalry facilities; Military Equestrian Society Te Paard and Marcroix Center Military Equestrian Foundation. He/was also active at Sint Vitus Primary School in Well, Catholic Institution for Primary Education in Bergen, Pentathlon Society and Vivalo Swimming Club in Bergen.

It is located in Siebengewald Hans Stamen (74) No stranger. Among other things, he was a volunteer at the Green Cross in Siebengewald. It is still active with the Siebengewald mixed church choir; Village magazine De Grenscourier; Siebengewald Foundation and KBO Charity Week. Stamen has been a representative on Bergen Town Hall since 2014.

Theo Tibarts (72) Bergen received the tape because he volunteers with Fanfare Les Montagnards and with the Vogelasiel Foundation, both in Bergen. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of the Catholic Primary Education Foundation in Bergen from 1990 to 1998. In addition to his regular administrative task, he developed a numerical system that enables schools to create a multi-year plan.

Carnival at Well is going Sonya Timmermans (46) close to the heart. She is a volunteer for the Carnival Association De Maasjoerts. She has been running youth courses since 2012. Furthermore, Timmermans/has been active on ghost tour; in the orthopedic daycare “De Sprong”; Well – the Olympics and the village quiz. She also takes care of her daughter who has multiple disabilities.

Anki Tonin (61) from Aijen got a tape because she is active with Stichting Dorpsraad Aijen, Kermis working groups and Aijen Christmas celebration. She is also a volunteer with the Vocalgroep Joy in Well Women’s Choir, where she has a large number of assignments. Among other things, she has a leading role in the annual flower campaign, she takes care of public relations and establishes contacts with other choirs.

also Renate Wiggs (52) from Bergen is very active in her village. She is a volunteer for the RKVV Montagnards; at the Carnival Society De Erdmennekes; At Ondeugd Teenage Disco, founded by Nieuw Bergen Village Council and at Women’s Maasduinen. In the past she has contributed to Bergen Children’s work and at Dalton Public School de Klimop.

Stephen van Zendren (50) from Bergen worked at the Meldon Plastics Factory, where he supervised schoolchildren and was active as a first and first assistant, a member of the board of directors of the personnel union and a member of the work board. He/he is a volunteer for Children’s Holiday Work, Carnival League De Erdmennekes and Stichting Halfvastenoptocht Offere.

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