“At Popcorn Kids, you succeed from head to toe.”

Marieke Holling (39 years old) is a mother of three and has been living in Finendaal for over fourteen years. Almost five years ago, she opened her own store in the center of Veenendaal: Popcorn Kids. From trendy and sustainable children’s clothing to fun gifts and accessories…in the Idea Shop you’ll find something for everyone! She is very happy to talk about her love for fashion, her dream of opening her own store and the idea behind Popcorn Kids.

Mariki has been the owner of her own store for almost five years, but before that she was already busy with clothes. She followed different fashion courses, and worked for several baby brands, such as Retour and Lief! She has also designed clothes for various men’s brands. The love for fashion has been around from an early age. “I’ve always been interested in fashion and my uncle has been into bridal fashion, so I think it runs in the family,” Marieki laughs. Moreover, in my work I tested the design process from start to finish. Those were very interesting and rewarding years, but it’s also great to have something for myself now.”

hip and sustainable

How did the idea for Popcorn Kids come about? “I worked on several children’s labels and was often designing new collections. At a certain point, I wondered if we could handle the clothes and how we could make them more sustainable,” explains the entrepreneur. “I was looking for a way not to constantly sell new kits, but to reuse them more,” Marieki adds. This is how the idea of ​​a beautiful second-hand shop in Veenendaal was born.

You will find fashionable and sustainable children’s clothing, but also toys. “Popcorn Kids is actually a concept store,” says de Vinendauls. You can also go here for gifts for kids and moms. Hair ties, cowboy boots, and sustainable bags made from recycled PET bottles and earrings. We sell everything from small to large so moms can take their kids with them twins‘ Marie smiles. ‘You can find anything and everything at Popcorn Kids.’

popcorn kids

Her store name was well thought out. “I was looking for an original name that I hadn’t heard before,” Mariki says. “Popcorn pops up and I think it’s a bit like kids, because they can also jump in all directions,” she laughs. “Every popcorn is different and every baby is different too,” the entrepreneur explains the name of her store. Thus there is something for every child in the store. From size 50 to size 176, at Popcorn Kids you’ll find children’s clothing in all sizes.

Marieke sells a mix of new and used products, with new brands produced in a sustainable way. “We sell several brands such as Your Wishes, Claesens and Retour,” summarizes Marieki. “But people can also hand me beautiful, second-hand clothes and then get a portion of the sale price when they sell.” Marieke was able to take over the collection from the previous year from the Retour brand and sell it year-round at a discount. This way the collection is not destroyed and this is in the context of sustainability,” says the owner proudly.

slightly different

What makes Popcorn Kids clothing special? “Strong, sustainable, and a little different than other stores. I sell brands with nice details and good quality,” she smiles. Her favorite items? Marek laughs: “There are so many.” However she absolutely loves your children’s clothes. “This is a very cool brand for tough girls.”

“Your Wishes are a little nicer, softer quality and pretty prints for toddlers,” she says of the brand. “I also sell the brand A Monday in Copenhagen. It is also a very beautiful brand, with unusual themes and styles, which I am also very happy with,” says Marieki of another favorite. It’s hard for her to choose and a lot of Popcorn Kids can also be found in her children’s wardrobes. “I don’t have to go to other baby clothes stores anymore,” the mother laughs. “With second hand clothes from different brands, I can also make really cool combinations for my kids,” she smiles.

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for all the family

In addition to sustainability, the Concept Store focuses on convenience. “It is especially fun here for the whole family. Many children, boys or girls, at Popcorn Kids you can succeed for the whole family,” smiles the entrepreneur. There is also a play area in the store where children can play. “A lot of times it’s hard for parents to get them out of the store,” Marieki laughs. “It’s really an experience when you walk into the store,” says de Veenendaalse. For example, popcorn is available in the store on Saturdays. “The children can then eat the popcorn from a very large bowl with paper cups. After that, the children will play on the playground on the Stadsstrand. In this way, you can also create an experience for the children,” says Mareki proudly. “When kids walk in and tell their mom that they want to look at Popcorn Kids, that’s cute stuff,” said Shasara.

collect clothes

Marek has spent many hours in her own company, but she doesn’t mind at all. What do you love most about owning her own store? She sums up “I really enjoy when people come over, they have a nice conversation and I can show them new combinations that make them happy.” “When a kid says: Popcorn Kids is my favorite store, it makes me so happy. Popcorn Kids has truly become a household name in Veenendaal and I would love to hear that,” says Mareki proudly. She also loves that she can choose the brands she likes and share with other people.

“You’re welcome to contact us for personal assistance and outfit ideas. Have you purchased a dress or skirt elsewhere and are looking for something to pair it with? Feel free to bring it with you and we’ll help you further.” Additionally, Marek can tell the story behind a piece of clothing due to her background in fashion. “I am also familiar with the technical side of an item and this is useful when helping people.” De Veenendaalse isn’t the only one who enjoys putting together clothes. “I love him and he makes me happy, but my kids love him a lot too. Then they do a fashion show with clothes and my son just asked: Can I do other sets, Mom?”

interactive customers

The thing that stays with her the most are her clients. “People are very involved. When I was a year old, I received gifts from several people and it really surprised me,” says de Maricci. Baby popcorn means a lot to her. “I put all my time and energy into it. When the kids come to try on clothes and I see their happy heads in the mirror, I think: ‘Yeah, that’s what I’m doing for him.’ They feel they are being cared for and that I can do that part of the service, and that’s ultimately what I do for him.” Making others happy makes me happy,” Marieki concludes with a smile.

From head to toe

So she hopes to pass on a little awareness and sustainability to her clients. “I hope to make people realize that they don’t always have to buy a lot and that a few items are enough to combine. I really enjoy making collections and inspiring people by combining different items of clothing,” explains de Venendauls. She says Popcorn Kids is the perfect solution for that. “It’s good to choose something different. At Popcorn Kids you’ll find things a little unusual that you won’t easily find anywhere else,” says the entrepreneur proudly.

What makes Popcorn Kids unique to her? In addition to combining second-hand, brand-new, sustainable clothing and a concept store, Mariki has plenty of fresh ideas. “Sometimes I have to hit the brakes a little bit, but that’s what makes it fun,” she laughs. For example, she wants to develop a label for her children and produce them in a sustainable way to sell from her own store. “This is still a multi-year plan, but it really is a dream for the future,” Marieki smiles. For now, the entrepreneur will continue to provide Veenendaal with trendy and sustainable children’s clothing: “At Popcorn Kids, you succeed from head to toe!”

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