Social selling as a means of acquiring potential customers

Several studies have now been conducted on customer acquisition. But what is the best strategy for your company? The innovative sales strategy that is currently getting more and more feet in the ground is social selling† What is social selling, how does it work and how can you apply it in your own car company?

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Many car companies use different marketing channels to get customers’ attention to new and used cars. This is referred to as “push strategy” in marketing. You literally push your products to market and wait for a customer to call you. With social selling, you ensure that the strategy is transformed into an “attraction strategy”. This means that regardless of the offer, the customer comes to your car company to meet them. But how can you achieve this?

Social selling is the process of finding, communicating and interacting with customers through social networks. One can do this by commenting, liking and sharing contributions from your customers. But also by writing valuable content yourself and making it available to clients. This increases your online awareness and defines your company as the professional that the customer is looking for.

How do we deal with this shift?

The acquisition of a new customer is very conservative in the auto industry. “Customers will come naturally as long as I get the right offer” is a well-known saying. But we left behind the time when every Saturday was a full showroom and event performances were well attended. Everyone knows that mentoring is done online these days. So it is very important that you offer more than just an online presence.

Really be available to your customers online, so that they can be accessed. This can be reactive by answering questions quickly and proactively by being on different social networks. Showing yourself within these networks will greatly enhance the relationship between you and your customer. This way you work on a reciprocal relationship and not a one-time deal. be honest. Why does the customer not make the second purchase with you after the first purchase?

A glimpse of yourself online

Ask yourself what link you want to form with your customer. You don’t have to do things differently from others to build a good relationship. However, you can classify yourself as a friendly expert in your field. After all, research shows that people like to buy from the experts. If it’s not you who makes the information available online, your competitor will. Use your knowledge and experience to present yourself online as an authority.

How can I develop a withdrawal strategy?

In order to move forward with your withdrawal strategy, it is important that your (potential) customers see you. You can create this by actively participating in your company’s online presence. But what do you have to do to come up with a withdrawal strategy? Regularly share (attractive) information in the form of blogs, newsletters, and personal publications. There is now a lot of online searching for information, so we no longer live in the time to keep professional knowledge to ourselves. Ensure that your customer can contact you easily and quickly. For example, add chat functionality to your website and social media channels. This can be a conversation that you keep yourself or a third party can keep it. Check your social networks regularly to see what is on the minds of your customers and actively anticipating them. Does the customer ask a question or comment? Then give an appropriate answer. This will contribute to your visibility and thus the positioning of your company.

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Strengthening the relationship with the customer means that you are seen as a professional where your customer can go with all the auto related questions. Whether it’s buying another car or maintaining his current car. The (potential) customer will be able to find you through a channel of their choice. This will transform your company’s sales strategy from a traditional push strategy to an innovative pull strategy. This will contribute to your credibility and trustworthiness.

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