News 112: Customs discovers 82 million worth of cocaine among bananas | Drunk driver transforms into A16 with two kids


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In this post we will keep you informed of the top 112 stories from the region as of Monday, April 25th.

19:00 Customs seized more than 82 million cocaine at the port of Rotterdam

During a search at the port of Rotterdam, customs seized 1,099 kilograms of cocaine on Monday. The street value of the shipment is more than 82 million euros. Coke was hidden in a bowl with bananas from Ecuador. Bananas were destined for Rotterdam, but that probably has nothing to do with the drugs. The drug was destroyed.

17:15 Drunk driver turns A16 with two kids in the back

During the night from Sunday to Monday on the A16 near Dordrecht, police officers took a drunk driver off the road. Police said the man had difficulty staying between lines. The Red Cross was ignored and stopped with difficulty. Once on the side, his two children were found in the back of the car. According to agents, the 54-year-old Rotterdam was “poor of reason” and was arrested. He infused 1,120 mcg/L onto the table, more than five times the allowable amount. The man lost his driver’s license and the children were handed over to the Belgian police. The children’s mother lives there. The police filed a report with Safe Home.

13:16 The Kathil tunnel has been opened again

12:35 A thief has been arrested in Rotterdam Kralingen after he lost his ID card in the store

Police have arrested a 35-year-old from Rotterdam for shoplifting from a supermarket. He entered the supermarket around 11:45 am. The supermarket staff recognized him because he stole things from the supermarket earlier in the day. When they tried to stop him, he pulled a knife and ran away. In doing so, he lost his ID, which is why the police were able to arrest him after all.

12:15 Ketheltunnel A4 is closed in both directions

Due to a technical failure, the Ketheltunnel on the A4 between Rotterdam and Delft is closed in both directions. Traffic should now go through the A13. Vehicles stuck in the tunnel can now exit the tunnel.

It is unclear how long it will take for the outage to end. electricity cut out. Cameras and lighting are not working. According to a Rijkswaterstaat spokesperson, it is unsafe to allow traffic to pass through it if the cameras are not working because the disaster is not visible at the time. A mechanic is on his way to fix the electrical fault.

11:30 Children playing as they witness the shooting of Sleng in southern Rotterdam

The shooting took place on Sunday evening in Slinge in southern Rotterdam while children were playing nearby. They have seen everything and are upset. Victim support is enabled. This was reported by the police on Monday morning. The shooting victim is a 26-year-old man from Schiedam.

While investigating after last night’s shooting around 8 p.m., police found bullet casings in a parking lot on a side street of Slinge. There was a bullet hole in a parked car. The injured man was taken to hospital. The police have not yet arrested the suspect.

10:36 Defensive helicopter training

Don’t be shocked if you see two transport helicopters flying overhead this morning near Rotterdam. The two Chinooks are training to take overseas trips around Rotterdam. This means that they practice landing in non-standard positions.

8:00 a.m. Rotterdam-Delevshavn police caught a Frenchman with a loaded pistol

Rotterdam-Delfshafen police arrested a French motorist at night from Sunday to Monday because he was carrying a loaded pistol in his trunk. Officers at Westzeedijk stopped him because the lights in his car failed. It turned out that the man did not have a passport or ID in his pocket. According to the agents, he was in Rotterdam to go to a coffee shop. After examining the vehicle, the officers found the firearm.

06:40 Two lanes closed on the A15 towards Europoort, accident involving four cars

Two lanes between Beneluxtunnel and Spijkenisse have been closed due to an accident in the Botlektunnel. Four cars collided with each other. Liquid leakage on the road. It must be cleaned before opening the road.

05:07 Explosion of the corridor of the house Rotterdam west

Firefighters and police headed to Franslaan in the Aude Mathensee district of western Rotterdam on Monday morning to put out a house fire. Immediately upon arrival, an explosion turned out to be on the third floor of the apartment building. Windows were shattered. Police are investigating the cause of the explosion. Update 9:00 am: The police say it’s not a crime.

After an explosion in a balcony house in West Rotterdam, the window has popped
After an explosion in a balcony house in West Rotterdam, the window has popped © Media TV

00:37 Fire in an inner container of 5000 liters of oil

On the night from Sunday to Monday, a fire broke out in the engine room of a cargo ship in the Hartle Canal near Europort. The ship was full of fuel oil. There was 5,000 liters in the cargo space. The fire brigade came and put out the fires.

A fire broke out in the engine room of a cargo ship filled with fuel oil
A fire broke out in the engine room of a cargo ship filled with fuel oil © Media TV

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