Mama Evenpoel at Remco’s celebratory reception: ‘I hope the critics will turn their tongues’ | Liege Bastogne Liege

In the cafe “In De Rustberg” in Schepdaal it was not calm last night. Remco Evenepoel’s victory at Liège-Bastogne-Liège was celebrated until the early hours. Even Evinpole also came to greet his supporters himself: “It’s great to see that everyone is so proud of me,” he said.

The DJ chose his photos carefully. To the tunes of “You Are Simply the Best” by Tina Turner, Remco Evenepoel arrived yesterday at his supporters’ cafe in Schepdaal. Fans chanted “Rymko us”.

And if they can be proud. Evenepoel is the youngest Belgian cycling monument winner since 22-year-old Edwig Van Hooydonck was the strongest in the Tour of Flanders in 1989. He is also only the fifth jockey to win the Liège-Bastogne-Liège on his debut.

She also had to reach Evenpoel herself. “I talked about racing with my girlfriend in the car,” he said, “but everything has to sink in a little bit.”

“I just have to wake up from a dream. Little by little it starts to show up. Can I get used to this? No, I don’t, especially after my first memorial.”

“It is great to see that everyone is so proud of me and to feel the joy of the fans. It is so satisfying to be able to make them happy.”

The message is: Always believe in yourself, no matter how hard it may be. One day all your hard work will be rewarded.


Evenpole put Liège-Bastogne-Liège on his “Remco’s” to his liking: 48 seconds ahead of No. 2. Only in 2009 was the margin in this century greater. Then Andy Schleck won by 1’17 inches.

“It was his style at Remco,” Evenbeuil agreed. “Alone, from afar and with good progress. It was a perfect day for me. Liege isn’t just another race on my record. It really is a special day.”

More than a year and a half after his fall at the Tour of Lombardy, on August 15, 2020, this victory was “exceptional”. “It was definitely difficult,” he says. “The message is: Always believe in yourself, no matter how hard it is. One day, all the hard work will be rewarded.”

Father Evenpoel: ‘It will hurt the hair tomorrow’

Remco Evenepoel treated his loyal fans with a free barrel. Father Patrick Evenpoel also enjoyed the wonderful performance of his son. “It’s very cool for him and the team,” he said.

“Everyone knew they had to follow him when he attacked him, but no one could do that at the time. However, everyone knew he was going, and that proves that he’s very powerful.”

Father Evenpoel never doubted Remko’s ability to do so, even after his fall in Lombardy. “If we no longer believe in it, who did?”

“A certain image was created by Remco and he had a hard time with it.” The only thing he can’t do yet is follow Pogacar.”

“Remco has turned the page. This is a complete deal for the coach, goalkeeper, Patrick Lefevre, and the team… This is definitely very rewarding. It’s going to hurt hair tomorrow.”

Mother Evenpoel: ‘I wish the critics would flip their tongues’

Agna van Eckhout, mother of Remko Evenpoel, said her son’s criticism was harsh at times. “I hope the critics will turn their tongues now,” she said. “Always this criticism and negativity.. they are just people who do a lot of work.”

“I hope the people who criticize now start to think differently. Remko is only 22 years old. He has to work hard for it every day. Sometimes we don’t get ahead for a day.”

“It was a difficult period, but Remko is a fighter. There will definitely be difficult moments, because he expects a lot from him. Second, third, fourth or fifth, that is never enough. It should always be the first place to please someone. But Remko never gave up and kept going. In hard work. Today he got paid for the work.”

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