Hacken is hot according to Marjolin and Marjolin: ‘Our thoughts are on the magazine covers’

Jeb is our columnist. She writes about the special, amazing, and funny things that you experience. This time I went to visit Marjolein and Marjolijn in the Doelesteyn Building at Steegoversloot 38. They have started their own crochet workshop here and we have a nice gift for you.

“Hello, welcome,” I hear while the huge front door is opened by two cheerful ladies. I expected to see Sinterklaas sitting on his throne in the room from which I entered. “It could have been,” Margolin laughs. “This was the home of Sinterklaas. And even earlier, around 1900, a school of industrial and local sciences where many girls were taught general education, useful embroidery, health sciences and housekeeping. And now we’ve found our home here for a crochet workshop.”

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Photos: Louise van Xanten

Same name, just different

The crochet workshop is called LEIJNS Creative Greenhouse, which is named after Marjolein and Marjolijn. “The property is currently rented to several creative entrepreneurs. We secretly think we got one of the nicest rooms, the former boardroom of the local science school.”

Because of the names, it takes a while to figure out who he is. But to make it easier, they seem to have more similarities besides the one-character difference. Marjolin (28 years old) with a tall EI is married to Marjolin’s brother (38) with short EI. Therefore, in addition to being business partners, they are also sister-in-law. And best friends, I completed them myself.

We set each other on a crochet virus

crochet virus

They both have busy lives with family and cats and work in education and care. To relax, the ladies lit each other with a crochet virus. According to friends, you cannot be infected enough with this “health virus”. “It brought us so much relaxation and pleasure to create something in your hands that we decided to do more with it. We did several workshops here and there and started in 2018 with a workshop site for ourselves. This was in a greenhouse, where we gave Workshops for beginner and advanced crochet enthusiasts. Unfortunately, we had to leave here after some time. After some wandering, this beautiful space came our way in 2021.”

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Photos: Louise van Xanten

Crochet plants

Knitting plants are the two M’s big passion. Everywhere in the studio there are pots of crocheted plants. Almost indistinguishable from the real things, even the soil in the pots is crocheted. I get acquainted with the famous pancake plant, (flowering) cacti, pea plants and Monstera,

Every now and then the ladies take a trip. For example, when Dordrecht was celebrating 800 years of the city, they made a scarf of 800 cm in length in red, white and blue. During the King’s Night, they wrapped the sash around a statue of William of Orange with the help of a ladder. Near this statue, the ladies will be holding an outdoor workshop on knitting crowns on Wednesday, April 27.

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Patterns in magazines

They have proudly shown me that the duo’s crochet skills have not gone unnoticed by various craft magazines. Both nationally and internationally, their botanical patterns have been depicted on the cover or inside of these magazines.

your own book

From April 30 it will be more beautiful. The ladies set out on a new adventure and have published a book called Green Fingers. A pattern book featuring a collection of their most beautiful and favorite plant patterns. So the last week before the book’s launch is all about preparation. It’s going to be a great party and according to Marjolin and Marjolin, she’ll have a lot of nerves with her. “We think it’s super exciting, but we’re really looking forward to it!”

Would you like to join a workshop? Check out their Instagram page.

love from pocket

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