Willem Greve and Highway TN write NK Seniors 2022 by name

After the very exciting third part of the Dutch Championship for Show Jumping Riders in Deurne, Willem Greve won the title and award of the day with Highway TN (Eldorado van de Zeshoek). Silver went to Bart Blaze with El Rocco (by Zeroco Blue) and Bronze was won by Sunny Thijsen with Hi There (by Nabab de Reve).

For the seniors, all possibilities were still open at the start of the last part of the Dutch championship. Even the number 20 in the ranking in theory still has a reasonable chance of winning a medal. Practically this would not be the case, but besides the medals there were 1.60 meters. Section divided into two rounds also 27,000 euros. Today’s scaffolder favorites are Willem Grieve, Gore Friling, Bart Beals, and Jack Onesims. The rest had no chance unless extraordinary things happened.

First round NK Seniors

first round

Number ten from the start menu Wout Jan van der Schans It was the first with AS Bombay (AS Diamant de Semele) to get around without obstacles. Time turned out to be a small issue, so he scored a penalty point which he still fully shares in the daily prize.

Pete Riggmakers Jr.† and Van Schijndel’s Gladstone (by Girson van de Bisschop) were the first to remain visible within the time limit. The latter in particular will prove to be a factor because the time allowed is tight.

Eric Ten Kate This equates to a gray eunuch Incredible (by Clinton) and a zero on the scorecard for second place.

Bles en Greve Part 1

Bart Beals and Willem Greve were still in the race for medals. Willem Greve was the first to enter the arena with Grandorado TN (by Eldorado van de Zeshoek) and produced a straightforward round that made you lick your fingers. The calm and conviction with which the couple completed the task was an admirable degree.

Bart Bles seems more energetic, but he makes up for it with his fighting spirit. All sails were set with the result that he also crossed the finish line without jumping fouls with Gene D (by Clinton) but an exorbitant penalty point for overstaying, resulting in a 4.30 penalty point and William Greve who had a 3.53 penalty point in favor I had to let go.

Gor Friling loses weight

Kevin Pierce She got off to a good start on the bottom that was dragged during the break and immediately scored a clear run with Gelona (by Zaval) in a quickest 68.45secs up to that point. He kept his score in the tournament at 9.84 penalty points.

For Jur Vrieling, a four-point penalty with Long John Silver 3 (by Lasino) was a huge disappointment as it put him back in a place that definitely won’t give him gold anymore. At the sight of the harbor, mushrooms jumped out of the middle element of the three-way intersection.

Bles en Greve Part Two

Sunny Thyssen He caused positive surprise by producing a clear run with Hi There (by Nabab de Reve) and continued to fight for medals with 4.03 penalty points. Tejsen unobtrusively climbed to the top of the standings and continued to do so, at least on the first lap.

Where Bles with his first horse allowed himself to eat bread cheese by scoring a mistake, he stayed on time and net with El Rocco (by Zirocco Blue) so that his championship penalty score of 2.83 was unchanged. .

Willem Greve had the answer ready in the net round of the Bles and repeated with Highway TN (Eldorado van de Zeshoek) what he did with his first horse, finishing without any hurdles or time errors, making him the second-largest title contender with a total of 1.27 penalty points.

Flair Whistler NOP

The best candidate was Jack Ansems with Fliere Fluiter (by Zirocco Blue). As expected, Patrick Lehmann, Gerben Morsink and Mark Hotssager slipped in the rankings, so that all attention was focused on Jack Onesims and his formidable gray horse. The way they demonstrated a flawless path together leaves no room for doubt. Ansems informed the summit and does not intend to bid farewell to it in the near future.
She already demonstrated in March at Den Bosch that the 12-year-old mare has the ability to take on very challenging courses, but this national championship is confirmation that national coach Jose Lansink needed to include it definitively in his plans.

So the question can’t be whether the NOP will score this horse, but when. If not, you are wondering what a horse would have to do further to qualify for the NOP behind the name. Since we assume that the NOP has experience as well, we expect that the first steps have already been taken.

Second round NK Seniors 2022

second round

As expected, the second moto was tough enough to show the split in the standings and it was expected that staying clear would be a huge task.

Bles en Greve Part Three

Bles and Greve both managed to get a medal by staying clear but neither was successful. Bles jumped three bars with Gin D and Greve with Grandorado TN two.

gore freeling

With Long John Silver 3, the rider from Friesland rode on another impressive lap. Despite the height of the obstacles, the fungus easily navigates 20 cm above it. For Vrieling, the final score was 8.16 penalty points and he was in the waiting room.

Sunny Thyssen

The Sevenum rider jumped a bar of spoonfuls after a clear first moto in round two, but still had a reasonable view of the medal. That would be quite a feat since Hi there’s not her first horse.


Bart Bles was the first out of the last three to try to keep the slate clean with El Rocco. As is often the case, the last hurdle was to throw a wrench in the works, so Bles made sure of a medal, only the color was still unknown.

Willem Greve confirmed with Highway TN that Bles will definitely not win a gold medal and that he still has a chance of staying honest. Which made him the only one who was able to do it either way.

The tension was cut short when favorite Jack Ansems came along with the Fliere Fluiter. Only a clear round would lead to gold, so the customization was straightforward. But it wasn’t to be for Ansems. With eight penalty points, he closes the tournament with fifth place in the final standings.

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