“If Lil Klein keeps writing, he will get away with nothing.”

Lil Klein is free again today after two weeks. Pictures from RTL Boulevard show how the 27-year-old rapper left the detention center smiling with a trash bag in hand:

Is there still something the rapper is laughing at, because it wouldn’t be good for his image? “Lil’ Klein’s career is by no means over,” says Jasper van Vogt, a music and entertainment journalist. “This storm will blow, too. If music history proves one thing, it’s that famous artists are always hired. The only thing you can’t do is pedophilia.”

But Lil Klein can’t be blamed for that. Prosecutors suspect that he abused his girlfriend Jimmy Weiss. He would drag her by the hair from the car and stick her head in the door. Pictures of her spread on social media.

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Van Vogt cites singer Chris Brown, who hit his girlfriend Rihanna with “fur and blue” a few years ago. Pictures of her wounded face spread around the world. “Now he’s one of the biggest artists in the world again. We think Lil Klein is a hateful subject, but if he’s written a number of hit songs and the audience wants to see him, he walks away from it all.”

The entertainment expert cites more examples. Rapper POV, for example, who called women “kechs,” slang for whores. “All festivals just book it. Why? Because then you sell tickets. Even the government hired Boef to campaign around Corona.”

sex group photo

Then there was the SFB rapper, who was arrested in Suriname after they had group sex with a 15-year-old girl. They made and distributed movie clips about it. Van Vogt: “What they do: They make a record of how hard it was in prison. Not a word about that girl, actually just a kid. And fans accept it.”

In fact, he says, many fans admire the artists for their behavior that is outside the civic order. “Battles, guns, brawls with the police and the judiciary, things like that give rap fans a certain status. They don’t want to be a fan of the boarding school boys.”

Abusing girlfriends isn’t cool

Although there’s a big difference now: “These fans don’t think abusing your girlfriend is cool either. The only question is: Will he be pardoned? Most likely. Incidentally, record company Sony’s move to cancel the contract is crucial. This says something about the seriousness of the case. Because it’s an unusual move.”

Simon Driessen, a media scientist at Erasmus University, speculates that Lil Klein’s continued life as a rapper depends heavily on his reaction to the events. “If he acts tough and laughs, it will be difficult to restore confidence. Everyone understands: this is serious business. He will have to show that he wants a change.”

the convict

The outcome of the legal process is crucial, she says, “Fans have a strong tendency to justify the behavior of idols. I’ve seen it with R Kelly: the girls he allegedly abused want it themselves. But once R Kelly was convicted, that image changed, and then it became Someone who has committed criminal acts. Someone convicted, then there is nothing left to do.”

Meanwhile, several partners have cut off contact with the rapper and the rapper’s business interests have fragmented, as this video demonstrates:

Reputation expert Wesley Decker distinguishes between a rapper’s musical career and a “social” one. The musical aspect is expected to pick up again. “His image is built partly around the naughty and maladaptive boy. He hacked his songs about drinks and drugs. Fans find this attractive.”

violent image

Business is a different story, Decker says. Sponsors will not be in a hurry to lure Lil Klein. “Brands want ambassadors who enhance their corporate image. I don’t think you can find many brands that want to project a violent image. Naughty rappers are fine, but a guy who abuses women, no, nobody finds that attractive.”

Although this path should not be closed definitively yet: “If he shows remorse, shows that he has changed for a long time, he can partly come back in the long run. On most TV shows, he will also do so in the future. Years. Unwelcome , you might suppose.

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