Do we really need more women in the Department of Defense? “Not at the expense of the quality of the army, so no problem, right?” † DVHN الشباب Youth Panel

Linda, Vivian and Fienne of DVHn Youth Panel. Photo: DVHNO

By 2030, 30 percent of all defense employees should be women. good plan? This is the opinion of the DVHN Youth Committee.

By 2030, 30 percent of all defense employees should be women. This is what the ministry aims for. To achieve this, priority is given to women in the ‘equal fit’ condition. A better balance between males and females would result in better performance. Also, many women do not like to be in the military now. Are More Women in Defense a Good Plan? This is the opinion of the DVHN Youth Committee.

Linda Dirink (16)

When I think of someone who works in the Department of Defense, I automatically see a man fighting in the military. This is actually crazy. Defense also provides the technology, equipment, training, and healthcare areas themselves, to name a few. Not everyone in the military fights, and it stands to reason that it’s not just men who are active in all of those areas.

I think the plan to increase the number of women in the Department of Defense is very good. By favoring women with equal eligibility, you can achieve the goal of 30 percent female. I wonder if this is the right way. Are there really that many women who want to serve in the military? Of course the man’s world can still intimidate women.

In addition, I think it is important to look at the person rather than the gender. In order to give everyone truly equal opportunities, preference should not be given to women all of a sudden. This just drives the problem.

It is not surprising, of course, that the military is a man’s world. Men are simply different from women, and work in the army requires physical exertion and will remain so. This does not change the fact that women can certainly work in the Department of Defense. I think the same applies here to men, that is, work in the Ministry of Defense is not suitable for everyone.

In short, I think it’s good that more women are coming to work in the Department of Defense. I wonder if the goal can be achieved, or if there is more work to be done rather than giving preference to women when the fit is equal.”

Mosquito Vivian (16)

“It really is a fundamental idea in the 21st century that everyone is equal. Men and women and everything around and in between should have the same rights. Conscription is one of them.

I think, if we’re really trying to give everyone equal rights, women should also get conscription, so it’s good that it was introduced in 2020. Women who want to work in defense are given priority now, but only with proper equality. So it is not at the expense of the quality of the army. Then no problem, right? It’s one step closer to equality.

The fact that there will be more women in the military is also good for acting. There is still a stigma around the military that it is only for men. If you ask young children in class what they want to be, few girls often say they want to be military, but many boys say. With more women in the military, more girls may also want to join the army. Then they have someone to look for.

The military is strict and hard-working, something that was once the property of men only. We now know that women can be just as strong and hardworking as men. Until the number of women and men in the military is approximately equal, I think it is right to give priority to women.”

Finn Goossens (15)

“Women are on the front line. It seems just as normal to me as women who drive cars, have the right to vote and have a full-time job. But only since 1944 has there been a women’s legion in Holland. This did not fight, but mainly helped in the administrative work Evacuation and cooking.

Since 2020, conscription also applies to women. If recruits are called back, women are also included. But is this good? Don’t women have a lot of catching up to do in other areas before we get into the military? At the top of the corporate world, for example. The majority are male, and despite the measures, it is still difficult for women to reach the top due to discrimination.

It is good that women and men are equal, but we are far from being on the same level. In addition, the culture within the military must first be changed.

10% of the army is now made up of women. Research shows that these women experience (sexual) harassment more often than their male colleagues. So, if you enter the military as a woman, you will find that you have a harder start than the men’s.

On the other hand, it is a good idea to increase this percentage by 10 percent. This is good for women’s liberation and it is healthy to have diversity within the military, help civilians as best they can and keep the country safe. But to do that, you first have to have a safe workplace yourself.”

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