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srush Avian influenza was diagnosed at a chicken farming company in Thrissur. It is likely to be a highly pathogenic species, highly contagious and fatal. The Department of Agriculture reported Sunday morning that to prevent the spread of the virus, nearly 28,600 animals have been culled on the affected farm.

It’s the eighth infection in two weeks in the Barnefield/Lonterene area – and the third in Barnefield municipality – where a total of 35 businesses have been culled. This includes hundreds of thousands of animals.

There is another poultry company in the 1 kilometer area around the infected company between Terschuur and Voorthuizen. This company is being disinfected as a precaution to prevent its spread to neighboring businesses. This company is located in a poultry-intensive area. If preventive culling is not carried out, the contamination can quickly spread to surrounding businesses in this area. “The Dutch Consumer and Food Safety Authority is carrying out the executions,” the ministry said.

Research Within a 3 kilometer area there are 23 other poultry farms that are being screened by NVWA for avian influenza. In addition, these companies will be closely monitored for the next 14 days for symptoms of illness that may indicate bird flu. Some companies in the 3 km area have already been included in the sampling and monitoring after other infections in that area.

There are 235 other poultry farms in the 10 km area. The transfer ban applies immediately to this region. A large part of these companies are located in the area where a transport ban was previously announced after the injuries in Voorthuizen, Lunteren and Barneveld.

Huge effect “Another infection in one of our village, and now the third disease in our municipality,” Mayor Jean Lutegen said in a press release. “Because of the rapid spread, many are facing the massive impact of the recent avian influenza outbreak and the measures in place, such as transportation bans and tighter visitation bans. As a college, we sympathize with the affected entrepreneurs, their families and the sector as a whole.”

Hobby Birds The municipality of Barneveld stresses that “people who keep chickens or other birds as a hobby are obligated to protect their poultry (chickens), waterfowl and fowl”. They should prevent their animals from coming into contact with sick wild birds or their droppings. This can be done in various ways, for example by keeping the birds in a closed cage or a closed loft.”

dead wild birds Residents who see dead wild birds can report them to Animal Ambulance Barneveld at phone number 06 20401060 ”, according to the municipality. “It is very important that people do not pick up these birds themselves and take them away. Then there is the possibility that they may mistakenly spread bird flu even more.”

Eight cases of bird flu in two weeks – clearance on 35 farms

Sunday 24 April, Thrissur, Breeding company with chickens, approximately 28,600 heads, culling another poultry farm within one kilometer area, the number of animals not disclosed. (total of 2 companies)

Friday, April 22nd, LunternPoultry farm has approximately 88000 laying hens. Preventive culling of seven other poultry farms within one kilometer, the number of animals not disclosed. (total of 8 companies)

Thursday, April 21st, LunternDuck farm has nearly 3000 animals. Preventive culling in seven other poultry farms within one kilometer, with a total of more than 145,000 head of livestock. (total of 8 companies)

Wednesday 20 AprilAnd two poultry farms With laying hens (same owner), together they are approximately 280,000 animals. Preventive culling of another five poultry farms within one kilometer, the number of animals not being disclosed. (total of 7 companies)

Tuesday 19 AprilVoorthuizenPoultry farm has approximately 26000 laying hens. There are no other poultry farms within the one kilometer area. (total of one company)

Friday 15th AprilBarnifieldPoultry farm has approximately 34,000 laying hens. Preventive culling of seven other poultry farms within one kilometer. Together – including the affected company – it is estimated to be more than 200,000 animals. (total of 8 companies)

Tuesday 12 AprilLunterin, a duck farm with approximately 8,500 animals. There is no preventive culling of three other poultry farms within one kilometer.
(total of one company)

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