A pimp dental hygienist

A 17-year-old girl is missing. Her mother is afraid that she will end up in prostitution – large sums have been deposited into her account recently. Six days later, the police found the girl in “suspicious circumstances” at the Bastion Hotel. This is on January 24, 2020.

More than two years later, Patrick – a white shirt and gray pants – walked into Breda court with a pile of papers and files under his arm. Messages from him were found in the girl’s phone. Patrick is now on trial for sexual exploitation of minors: There is a similar case from 2019. “I wrote my story as succinctly as possible,” he says willingly. Patrick is a dental hygienist and has been in detention for a year.

He knew the girl through a dating site. They had sex once. Patrick says they both want it. He didn’t know she was underage and lied about her age, he says. I asked for identification in vain. He says he doesn’t want to get around his responsibilities, “but I’m also a little busy.” How, the judge asks, did the contact continue? “The main question is sexual exploitation.”

The girl asked him for help, he said. She was in contact with “sugar daddy” through a dating site. “She thought I was good at grammar, and she wanted me to watch the chat,” he says. For example, he began talking to men on her behalf, spurred by “tension”. He says he didn’t turn her into prostitution. “She was already working on it herself.”

Twice at the beginning of the hearing, the presiding judge said she would “name everything as it is.” “This is how we get to a better core.” You read a message. “I told her she should sleep with you more if she wanted to get better, if she wanted to enjoy her work more,” says the judge.

Pakistani three hours up to 600

Patrick replies that the court should consider the entire conversation. “That was naughty, on both sides. But I didn’t give any orders.”

There is more. Patrick bought her a train ticket so she could go to a sugar dad A Pakistani man can travel. They had sex in Patrick’s studio. He informed her that day that “the Pakistani wants three hours for 600”, and there was a towel in the lower left part of the cupboard. “Make him in love, kiss him.”

He also met the victim of the 2019 case online. She was seventeen years old. Patrick says again that he “definitely doesn’t know”. Now seated in the back of the courtroom, she is a young woman with black hair and stylists. They did not see each other in real life. “If I had come across it on the street, I would have passed it,” he says.

The lady knew very well what she was doing

Patrick suspect

In a talk show, Dr. The girl’s elephant heard about the term sugar daddy, she told the police. I thought she could get money and stuff in exchange for attention. She created a profile on the dating site. Through the messages she received, she soon realized that she was on a “hidden sex site”. But Patrick was different from the others – friendly. The conversations changed after a while. Judge: “I explained to her how you can make money by having sex.”

Patrick: ‘The lady knew very well what she was doing. I didn’t explain any rules to her.”

According to the prosecutor, Patrick arranged clients for her. “She really had no idea what was going to happen,” the officer says.

Whether the girls, as Patrick claims, are actually engaged in prostitution or want to do it themselves, does not excuse him. “The will of the minor is meaningless,” the officer says. Minors are weak. She says these girls were more at risk, because they were living in an institution. According to the officer, it can be concluded from the file that Patrick “in addition to his job as a dental hygienist, worked as a pimp.”

Two weeks later, Patrick learned that he would be sentenced to three years in prison, of which six months were suspended. According to the court, he acted “very manipulative and calculated”. “Until the day of the hearing, he had not shown any insight into the seriousness and reprehensible nature of his actions.”

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