Day by day, step by step looks different

April 23 09:00


BEETSTERZWAAG In the middle of the Durk de Vries hay barn is a tall, bare farm wagon. The front is still completely empty. At the back there are four large columns in a square with a thatched roof. “It will be our haystack,” Mette points out proudly in her voice.

It’s Wednesday afternoon, a few weeks before April 27, King’s Day. It’s time to start the car builders at De Finne Primary School with their own car. Students of groups 7 and 8 call themselves a group of fourteen students in total. Mette (12): “It’s going to be a farm cart with ‘farm symbols.’ These are special farmers. They are unlike anyone else. Rudeness.” Eldert, 11, the son of farmer Dork, listens and nods: “Yes, very rude.” The car still had to be fully equipped and decorated, but the boys and girls thought about it carefully. Drawings, drawings and calculations are ready. Evidently, a lot of thought was given here before they rolled up their sleeves.

Benti, 11, explains what they’ll do today: “Wei Jin was very dizzy from pealtsjes brún fervjen.” The brush points to the many poles and slats that form a fence around the farm cart. During the show, two farmers and two peasants walked and stood with a beer bottle in their hands. Moreover, students dress up as cows, pigs, and sheep. Anmai (10) adds: “We also have two scarecrows.” In the back of the car there will be a haystack that will be supplied with a lick of paint this afternoon. The haystack is where my Gilty, the deejay, will be. He’s got a paint roller that bleaches the back of the car. “We’ll soon be drawing a big Frisian flag here. I play songs by De Hûnekop and De Suskes: ‘Farmers to Power’ and ‘Milking is how you do it.'”

Guilty doesn’t want to lose any more. He is busy drawing and he is far from finished. Up front, 11-year-old Geldert is also busy painting and brushing. Meanwhile, the girls discuss what to do first. Jildert has no time to consult. Continue drawing. “Dy foulju mar talk and I mar wurkje!” Today we work hard and focused. Even the birth of twin calves in the shed next to the show car can’t distract them. There is no time for leisure and entertainment here. Overalls come in handy when paint spots are flying around. Soon the first drops of sweat appear. Today, everything can and must not end. It’s not King’s Day yet, only two weeks left. Beetsterzwaag doesn’t know anything about it yet, but farmers are coming.

Vlaslan no racetrack

Further in the village, Vlaslaan is close to the most beautiful decorated street in Beetsterzwaag. It’s eleven in the morning. Fallaslan is still calm. One car passes on the way home or work. Two boys quietly come cycling. The green garbage bins are neatly pre-sorted and the garbage truck is waiting. Stylish street. swept and cut. But locals say it’s still better. “Sometimes we go too fast here. It can be a little slower. That’s why we chose the theme ‘De Vlaslaan is not a racetrack,’” explains Marij Olthoff, 34.” The start of Vlaslaan was designed as a racetrack with bales of hay and tires along the side of the street. . There should be real billboards, a stop and a traffic light. Adequate plan. Now implementation.

Some locals are ready with brushes and rollers and waiting for the paint to be delivered on the bike a little later. They don’t know exactly what to do yet. “I just don’t know what to do. Gjin’s idea is flimsy.” First, a cup of coffee and two cups together. Marije made a sketch of how to decorate and furnish the street. Follow the instructions and soon your plates and large plates will be painted pristine white. The men take out the big bobbins and Grietsje van Houten uses a thin brush: “I do but it leaves the rangolis. It must be done delicately.”

In between, there is a debate about what should be on those tags. The real sponsors of Formula 1 or the owners of local shops? The company unanimously chose its own stores. “Then doarp der ek nor what oan.” The atmosphere in the neighborhood is good, not only because of King’s Day. Also the rest of the year, with a barbecue or a drink. Marije: “In a WhatsApp group, I recently asked if anyone could help install the kitchen unit. Within five minutes a neighbor was on the doorstep.” Next to the racetrack, neighborhood buggies are transformed into “real” Formula 1 racing cars. But that’s for later. Tomorrow there is another day. And there is still the day after tomorrow.

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