Salland grouse shows great interest near Harley: “It’s like a squid” | Appointment

It’s a ball On the Sallandse Heuvelrug. The prolific mating rituals (courtship, ed.) of grouse in the nature reserve currently attract many bird watchers. Harel’s Leo Kemper spotted five or six birds early in the morning, flying and growing in the treetops. “Yes, that’s nice for black grouse.”

This period is a busy time for the approximately twenty grouse who live in the Salandsee Heuvelrug National Park. Males make hum sounds, “grow,” and challenge each other to mock battles to attract females. A special sight, dozens of bird watchers in Sprengenberg and Koningsbelten near Haarle set up their binoculars and cameras.

As for stabbing, Leo Kemper comes out early a few times each year. Then I try to spot them in several different places in the area. Very complicated, because the animals are three to five hundred meters away. ”


They sit high in a tree and make snoring noises. Then they go flirting on the floor

Leo Kemper, Harlem

Kemper: I try to find special birds, like the nightshade, the rock moon, and the pipit for example. It concerns the entire biosphere of the Sallandse Heuvelrug”.

Bird watchers at dawn in Haarlerberg trying to get a picture of black grouse. © Leo Kemper

Kimber compares the courtship of black grouse that occurs before his eyes to online dating: “That’s nice for black grouse.” Males try to catch a female. They sit high in a tree and make snoring noises. Then they go courting on the floor.”

“With their red eyebrows, we call them head roses, and their stunning black and blue plumage, they are very beautiful animals,” says forester Inne Nijfeld of Staatsb Glosbeheer. Every year you see people coming from near and far to witness the unique mating rituals of grouse. ,, They put white feathers on their back during courtship, and this looks amazing.

“They fly into each other’

Then you see the men on the floor behaving aggressively towards each other. They fly into each other and spin around each other. The toughest guy finally gets a chance to mate with the chicken. They are always around, but they are very well camouflaged.”

Black grouse with black-blue plumage and red eyebrows.
Black grouse with black-blue plumage and red eyebrows. © GPD

Black grouse lives on sheltered slopes with wide swamps. Their habitat is under stress because due to the high nitrogen values, there are fewer and fewer flowers and therefore fewer insects, and it is the main food for grouse chicks.

spotted grouse

Every year new grouse are released in the area. A number of them were marked so that the guards could keep an eye on them. “However, this year we have seen a number of undercooked chickens. They have crawled out of the egg somewhere without us realizing it.”

It’s hard to follow the animals closely, the guard says. We don’t want to disturb them. Breed on the ground between health. We check it out every now and then, but we can’t keep a close eye on it. “By the way, the ranger is not afraid to disturb the animals by overly enthusiastic bird-watchers.” You have to make an effort to see them, and be there early because they get very active at sunrise. The bird watchers who are there provide the necessary social control. Anyone wishing to get off the track is beeped backwards. After all, they are all lovers of nature. ”

Last year, Overijssel County extended its rare black grouse reintroduction program by five years. The animals are collected from Sweden and released at the Sallandse Heuvelrug. This is the only place in the Netherlands where animals can be seen in the wild.

What does engagement look like? AVROTROS made this video a few years ago:

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