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Update + videoUden – A huge explosion occurred on Friday morning at about 9:15 am in the sports hall of the Vindingrijk Children’s Center in Hoogzoggel in Uden. The ensuing squad was quickly put down by the firefighters, who attended en masse with emergency services. The children in the school are safe, the administration has already informed the parents.

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Of course there was a slight panic

Director of the Vindingrijk Children’s Center, Klaske van den Berg

Slight panic Friday morning in the Hoogzoggel area. The explosion and fire immediately reminded everyone of New Year’s Eve from 2014 to 2015 when Jan Ploisen and De Brink primary schools burned to the ground at this location, most likely as a result of fireworks thrown inside. Next door to the new children’s center Vindingrijk, it appeared again on King’s Games Day.

At the time of the explosion, most of the children were still in the school building playing king games, and a few were taking a sponsored walk in the neighborhood. The explosion occurred at about 9:15 am in one of the sheds that were set up opposite the gymnasium. The gym is about ten meters from the school, but it is completely surrounded by an apartment complex.

Do it yourself with gas stove

According to spokesman Tijs van Beurden, one of the shed’s residents was working with a gas stove. “He left for a while, and before he came back, the explosion happened and everything caught fire instantly. It was a big explosion, fortunately no one was hurt,” he says. Because of the apartment complex and the nearby school, the emergency services rushed en masse, and the residents of the ten apartments who were at home were soon taken outside, and the rest were not at home.

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A small explosion occurred at the Vindingrijk Children’s Center in Hoogzoggel in Uden on Friday morning at around 9.15am. The explosion and fire took place in one of the sheds opposite the adjacent gym. © Marco van den Broek/MarcoPhotography

“Of course there was also a slight panic in the school,” says director Claske van den Berg. She was released but immediately came to the school to assess the inventory. The children were busy with the annual King’s Games on Friday morning when they heard a faint bang. After that, some of the staff smelled of burning. “Fortunately, it wasn’t too bad and not a lot of the kids suffered from anything from the explosion and the fire. We immediately sent a message to all the parents that all the kids are fine and everything is under control.”

Children from Ukraine

The children’s center also houses children from Ukraine, says Van den Berg: We protected these children from everything that happened shortly after the explosion and gave them more attention. Now they, like most other children, are playing indoors.”

The children of Group 3, whose classroom is located next to the gymnasium, experienced everything consciously. “I’m going to class this morning to explain what happened,” says Van Beurden, who works for the municipality and district security. “If needed, there is additional support and guidance for the children.”

Cracks in the gym

The explosion caused cracks in the gymnasium. For safety reasons, the area is fenced. Additional investigations should show the damage to the gym. According to Van Beurden, many residents of the apartment complex also have questions about the fire and the consequences for their home. The intention is that they will continue to receive a visit from someone from the municipality today.

There is no drug lab

Immediately after the explosion, a rumor ran through the neighborhood about a drug lab exploding. “But that’s nonsense, there’s absolutely no doubt about it,” says Van Burden. “It was the handyman who erred.”

Emergency services rushed en masse.
Emergency services rushed en masse. © Hans van Ahlbeck

The Vindegreek children, all dressed in orange, wave goodbye to the departing fire brigade from behind the windows.
The Vindegreek children, all dressed in orange, wave goodbye to the departing fire brigade from behind the windows. © Hans van Ahlbeck

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