5 Mother’s Day gifts that will make your mom (or wife) really happy

No, it’s not too late. It’s Mother’s Day again on Sunday, May 8th. The day we honor our mother or the mother of our children. If you want to unpack this year, you’ve come to the right place. We have listed five Mother’s Day gifts for you that are sure to impress you.

These beautiful Mother’s Day gifts are sure to put a smile on every mom’s mouth. This could be your mother, but of course also the mother of your children. After all, Mother’s Day is the day we celebrate motherhood and not only put your mother in the spotlight.

Make a good impression with these Mother’s Day gifts

However, if you want to do this, you have to be careful. Mother’s Day falls earlier this year than I used to. Traditionally, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. This year, May begins on a Sunday, so Mother’s Day is already on the agenda on May 8. Therefore, it is up to you to order the gift on time. However, we can help you with some inspiration.

1. Give a Mother’s Day full of peace and relaxation

Motherhood can be quite a challenge. As a man, you obviously do your best every day to support her as best you can, but it’s still tough. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to break through the bustle of a rest day. This can of course be done in different ways, for example by gifting your mom a pampering package or spending a day in the sauna.

Sauna Mother's Day Gift for Mother's Day
(Photo: Unsplash)

You can also gift your mom a day with grandchildren as a gift. This way you have time to give your girlfriend or wife a day off. Take her for a day of wellness or rent a boat to spend the day on the water together. If all goes well, you already know what makes your wife or girlfriend completely comfortable.

2. Surprise your girlfriend or wife with a night out

Surprising mom on Mother’s Day is not that easy. After all, she also knows that it falls on May 8 this year. If you still want to be a little surprised with a Mother’s Day gift, a night out is a good idea. So find a place to stay for your kids and do a trick to get them on a Saturday afternoon. You’ll likely find out soon enough, but it’s even more surprising than a gift on May 8th.

There are more than enough options for a night out. However, which one is suitable as a Mother’s Day gift mainly depends on the needs of your girlfriend or wife. Some will be happy with a luxurious hotel room with a jacuzzi, while others prefer to get away from the crowds and look for peace and quiet in nature. Anyway, our advice is to take a look at Wadden Island. The crossing gives you the feeling of being very far away for a while.

3. Dyson Corale Hair Straightener Mother’s Day Gift

A night out or a fun activity is always good on Mother’s Day, but of course you can also go for a gift that will help her for a longer period of time. For example, the Dyson Corrale hair straightener. Our female colleagues told us this is a must-have beauty product. As a man you may think that everyone is the same, but then you are wrong.

The Dyson Corrale is more or less a Ferrari than a straightener. It is elegant and offers unprecedented performance. The Dyson Corrale ensures that your mom, wife or friend’s hair looks like it just came out of a professional salon every day, but without damaging it unnecessarily. The straightener uses flexible plates (you can read about the advantages of this here) and guarantees 50% less hair damage.

Dyson Coral Hair Straightener Mother's Day Gift
Dyson Coral in the new fuchsia color (Photo: Dyson)

In addition, it is very versatile. This also makes moms with curly hair very happy. Moreover, it is wireless and easy to use. At home, but also on the road. The Dyson Corrale also has an Airplane mode that allows you to take it with you in your handbag (handy for the next Mother’s Day gift tip on this list). Find out how this works and more reasons to present the Dyson Coralle on Mother’s Day here.

4. Make Mother’s Day a Weekend (or Mother’s Week)

If you see what a modern mother has on her plate these days, one day it won’t be enough to put her in the spotlight. Why not go with a great city trip or a fun week? Not only is it very tasty, but it is surprising as well.

Hamburg city trip Mother's Day gift Mother's Day
Discover the amazing city of Hamburg (Photo: Unsplash/Patrick Rosenkranz)

If you want to make it really surprising, don’t choose an obvious location like Paris. Book a trip to the beautiful city of Ljubljana, historic Lecce, the rough Cardiff, the hips of Hamburg or the Paris of the North: Tromsø. Enough options to really surprise your girlfriend or wife.

5. A warm (and money-saving) Mother’s Day gift

All these luxurious and romantic getaways are fun, but there’s nothing wrong with giving a practical gift, too. For example, a pillow from Stoov. This is a Dutch company that makes heating pads with infrared warning but in a modern way. It’s wireless, durable, and stylish. This way you stay nice and warm without overburdening the environment.

The great thing about a Mother’s Day gift is that it pays off. With this pillow your girlfriend or wife stays nice and warm, without having to turn on the heating. Something interesting for sure with the current gas prices. Perfect for cold days, but also in summer. This way you can enjoy summer evenings longer with a Stoov pillow. Even if the sun is out for a long time, your mother, wife or girlfriend will still be nice and warm.

Mother's Day Gift Pillow Stuff Mother's Day
Cute and warm with a pillow from Stove (Photo: Stuff)

If that’s not enough reason to give a Stoov pillow as a Mother’s Day gift, read all about the health benefits of infrared heat here. Or show off the entire collection, because Stoov doesn’t just stop at the pillows.

Mother’s Day culinary gift

In the end, Mother’s Day is all about love. And as we all know, it passes through the stomach. So be sure to check out these six Mother’s Day gift tips.

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5 Mother’s Day gifts that will make your mom (or wife) really happy

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