Lapland is the Northern Lights, but it also combines kayaking, sauna and bear watching

Rolling mountain slopes dotted with bright green trees. Wild rivers meander towards clear lakes. And the happiest lifestyle in Europe. For those looking for tips to travel and celebrate a special holiday: Welcome to Finnish Lapland.

In Lapland, enjoy the northern lights, light skies, and white woolly trees that look like marshmallows. Not only in winter this destination is a picture to go to. Even in summer, you will enjoy the holiday of a lifetime here. Which is really around the corner. Voigt Travel, the ‘Lapland travel specialist’, can take travelers from the Netherlands with a direct flight into the wilderness of the High North in as little as three hours.

Waking up in Lapland in the summer

A trip to Lapland is not just an experience in winter. Because once the sun shines again for more than ten hours, and the rising temperature awakens the animals, plants, and flowers, this winter wonderland transforms into a breathtaking wilderness scene. Leave those thicker coats and socks at home: in Lapland it can get warmer than 25°C in summer. Finns and reindeer love to relax in rivers and lakes.

Hiking with huskies

Discover the nature of Lapland on foot, or venture into the jungle with some enthusiastically barking huskies. A good walking tour on one of the many hiking trails becomes even more special this way. Only in June and September, when the temperatures are a little lower. Huskies are animals that feel especially good in the cold.

Huskies from Laplan Travel

sailing in nature

Finland is the land of lakes. And what better way to spot the 88,000 lakes than water? Rent a wooden motorboat and sail along the rugged banks to hidden campfires in pristine nature. Or climb on a raised board and enjoy the strong sunshine in the midst of the water. Even at eleven in the evening this is still a great activity, because in the summer the sun never sets.

rugged rivers rafting

Those who like to challenge the force of nature can go on a raft. Together with a guide and a few other adventurers, let the mighty streams of water over the rivers drift away. One of the best places to do this is Finnish Ruka. Here you will find rivers of different lengths and levels. For true adventurers, but also for beginners.

Lapland pool holiday

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Spot bears in the wild

In addition to reindeer, moose, and many birds, you also have the opportunity to see bears in Finnish Lapland. Watch brown bears with their cubs in the wild from an observation hut behind glass. With a bit of luck, they will come and curse around the hut with curiosity. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy these wild animals up close. Real fanatics can spend a night with wild animals.

Taste in the wild

One of the best things about a trip to Finnish Lapland is to discover the many lavu (semi-covered campfire sites) and kuta (huts) areas in the forest. Hidden places can only be accessed by hiking, mountain bike or canoe trip. Upon arrival, the fire was already raging while a cup of delicious coffee was boiling in the black pot.

Lapland vacation

But in Finnish Lapland you can literally taste the wildlife. There are a lot of delicious berries and berries to pick and at the end of summer the mushrooms grow from the ground. Go wild with the guide and learn which fruits and mushrooms to pick. Or simply step into a restaurant where they cook with local ingredients. Ingredients are guaranteed to come straight from the woods.

Relax in the sauna

After an active day in nature, it’s time to relax in the sauna. This is the Finnish sauna. It is not for nothing that this is an invention of the happiest people on Earth (in 2022, the Finns again achieved this title). During a trip to Finnish Lapland, you will find a Finnish sauna in every bungalow or in hotels. Alternate the warm-up with a dip in the fresh waters as the true Finnish locals do.

Lapland Finland sauna

Enjoy a summer in Lapland

Would you like to spend the summer in Finnish Lapland? The aforementioned travel specialist has direct flights from Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

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Lapland is the Northern Lights, but it also combines kayaking, sauna and bear watching

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