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This weekend the KNHS Indoor Championships for horse groups took place. The B tournament was scheduled for Friday, followed by L, M, Z and ZZ on Saturday. Read all about progress and champions here. You can also read more at

8:30 p.m.: Michael Schenink best class in ZZ

With an all-or-nothing ride, Maikel Schennink triumphed over the last title of the day, ZZ. His horse Glamor ES gave it all. Michael’s arm soared into the air. His joy was immense.

The result of the jumping class ZZ, Horka Prijs
1. Michael Schenink (Zelheim) – Glamor S, 0/0 / 29.87 seconds.
2. Bert-Jan Zuidwolde (by Zuidwolde) – Juventus (by Glasgow-w Vh Merelsnest), 0/0/30.62 sec.
3. Lisa Prockert (Staphorst) – I’m Elrite (by Harley VDL), 0/0/31.21 seconds.

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19.15: The second round ZZ with 17 participants

The second round of the ZZ class is about to begin. 17 sets start there, of which 12 were clear in the first round.

19.00: Gerben Morsink and six-year-old Z-jumping champion Calida Z

Rotinier Gerben Morsink just won the title in the Z-jump with his six-year-old only daughter, Kornet Obolensky, Kalida Z. They were the fastest and clearest to jump, with eleven groups contending for the title.

Class Z jump results, Hartog Price:
1. Gerben Morsink (enchanted) – Kalida Z (by Kornet Obolinsky), 0/0/30.71 sec.
2. Tom van Schipstal (Saint Hubert) – Hilton S (by Inshallah De Muze), 0/0 / 31.81 seconds.
3. Sytze van Dellen (open) – Ibalia EH (by Tygo), 0/0 / 32.03 sec.

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5.15 p.m.: The first round of the ZZ class is also over. Twelve combinations remained flawless in this.

The second moto starts at 7:35 p.m.

3.30 p.m.: The first round in the Class Z tournament ended. 18 out of 46 groups made a clear run.

The second moto begins at 6:00 PM. Follow the ClipMyHorse live stream and the results here.

1.30pm: “My sister and I really do it together”
Another exciting jump in Amaliahal, this time for Agradiprijs, the championship in Class M. When Piet van Aarle rode his competitive mare anyway (Arkansa Z), the cards looked like they were shaken. It turns out that this is the case.

Pete Van Arle with Anyway

“This mare really wants to win as much as I do, she is very fast and very careful. She thinks wonderfully of me,” the cheerful Pete compliments his mare. As much as the 16-year-old wants to win and how fanatical he is about jumping into the jump, once he gets on the horse, others mainly attribute the victory to them. Not least for his sister Gertje. His mother agrees: “We can sit in the stands and have fun, they do everything together.” Later it is believed that he does not have time for equestrian sports at the highest level. Then he would like to acquire Van Arles’ company Bouwbedrijf, which is his father’s company.

The clicker anyway now goes through 1.20 for the second time and has a lot to look out for. “We have the Persians with the previous owner, because they’re still obsessed with it.”

Van Arles Championship Tour

The jump jack got off to a slow start, Cristel Kalf was the first to go up and take the lead, her lap was smooth, but the 38.83 time seemed to improve. Certainly because of Pete van Arle and his fast horse. The last participant Roelof Dolfijn made a good attempt, but in the end he stayed more than two seconds slower and became the reserve champ. Bronze went to Job Konin of Lynn in Limburg.

M class jump results, grad price:
1. Piet van Aarle (Heeswijk-Dinther) – Anyway (by Arkansa Z), 0/0/34.27 sec.
2. Roelof Dolfijn (Buitenpost) – Chelsea (by Heartbreaker), 0/0/36.37 seconds.
3. Job Konin (Lynn) – J. Seely (by Bustique), 0/0 / 37.47 seconds.

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Saturday, March 26 at 10:30 a.m.: Raymond Reader 10th Honorary Metal

20-year-old Raymond Rieder of De Wijk is no coincidence the winner of the indoor tournament, this boy “got what it takes”. This is the fourth time that the Dutchman from Drenthe has won the gold at Ermelo during a tournament. With the addition of the silver and bronze medals, he has already won a total of ten times.

Raymond Ryder on his way to gold with Le Grande

Today he had to compete against 28 participants in the jump. “I don’t think the course was very easy, but I think the field of participants was very strong, and then you can get these kinds of numbers at once, but that made it very exciting for me for a long time,” Raymond Reader. Redder, who finished eighth, jumped The episode went smoothly and exactly according to plan. “I got off to a good start on the first hurdle and it was a fast and smooth ride after that so the feeling was good, but with 21 sets left I wasn’t sure if that was enough.” In the end, Redder was the only net round in 29.4 seconds that managed to stay under thirty seconds.

Although Raymond is the real prize winner, this sport remains a hobby for him that he shares with his parents. “I would like to become a logistics manager,” he says. It’s so special to him that he’s become the hero of the day with his breeding product Le Grande (by Kannan). “The road here has not always been easy, this horse is very steep and that serves us well now, we have always seen him carry on as he showed exceptional quality from the start.”

Young rider Luc Dimmendaal made a serious attack in Raymond Redder’s time with his diesel, and could call himself the reserve champion. Eva Donkers, who almost could not reach Ermelo on time due to equipment failure, was very relieved when it turned out that she had won the bronze medal.

L class jump results, pavo price:
1. Raymond Rieder (de Wijk) – Le Grande (by Canan), 0/0/29.40 sec.
2. Luke Dimendahl (Putin) – Diesel (by Kashmir Van Shutterhof), 0/0/31.01 sec.
3. Eva Donkers (pick-on-dunk) – Orlando Blue (by Zirocco Blue VDL), 0/0/31.26 sec.

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7:50 pm
Day one is over, tomorrow at 8.15am the first L group, Myrthe Vos with Ihr Furstin, will enter the ring. All start menus can be found here

Friday 25 March 19:30 pm
Michelle Cobain, Class B Champion
The new KNHS indoor champion in Class B is 19-year-old Michelle Cobain of Hegelsom, Limburg. “I came here for two clear rounds, but Champion, I wasn’t really expecting that, he’s also so young!” Limburger begins her story. She rode with the offspring of 5-year-old Zirocco Blue Mauritius against Toarnwerterleane.

Fourteen of the 35 participants made it to the starting point. According to the champ, it was a good base course, certainly not too loud, but it was still selective given the relatively many distances. Cuppen did score really well in the first round, which she even managed to improve on the jump by applying the advice of guest judges Willem Griff and Edwin Hugginarat. “He sometimes ran a little too deep in the core course, so I really cared about that. Plus, I also drove through some of the lines in a jump, luckily they appreciated that.” The guest judges kept it exciting for a while after Michelle was the last participant to get away with it. “We are not used to scoring goals where some parts have more weight, so it was very confusing for us,” explains Greve. Until then, frontrunner Silk Ritsma was in first place with 80 points. But with a total of 90 points, Gref and Hugginarat made it clear that there was no doubt as to who should get the gold.

The silver went to Silke Reitsema, who initially came out of the jump with a short time difference. But after only two participants, the time was fixed a little more, so that the Frisian knight remained in the lead for a long time. The bronze medal was taken by Vivian Schevorst of Toldeck in Gelderland.

Proud hero.

Class B horses jump to win the Horka Prize:
1. Michael Cobain (Hegelsom) – Mauritius vd Toarnwerterleane
2. Silke Reitsema (Surhuizum) – Flinstone
3. Vivian Schevorst (Toldijk) – Zylon

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Jury Member, William Griff

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