[Review] Cat Cafe Manager – Delicious Furry Mess

Experiment purring or failure? You read it here.

On April 14, 2022, Cat Cafe Manager was released for Nintendo Switch and Steam, finally offering a chance to run your own cat cafe! Travel to the small village of Caterwaul Way and rebuild your grandmother’s legacy. However, after the storm, you really have to rebuild it from scratch. All you own is a vacant piece of land. Adopt some feral cats as quickly as possible and make a living by providing people with their favorite snack or drink.

The undersigned made a Blue Monday at a coffee shop as a Cafe Manager, so when the Cat Cafe Manager was announced, I was very excited! Finally, I had the opportunity to run and even fully equip a cat cafe: so it was the task of writing a pre-determined review. Is it really fun to build the café, meet the villagers, and uncover the secrets of the mysterious “Cat Shrine”? You read it here.

Welcome to Caterwaul Road

While the granny cat cafe must continue, the game begins with a whiteboard. The idea is to design a café yourself, so the first priority is to build a space for your first launch. Unfortunately, a storm has swept through the cafe, but the cats still need to sleep quietly and warmly at night! He instantly recognizes a man named Bonner and this is how a character can be created: with a few simple choices like hair, skin color, and hairstyle. Then it is possible to choose a skill in which you excel and of course choose a name for the cafe. Soon there are three kittens ready, one of which can be adopted, and the cat cafe is of course not possible without the first kitten!

Fortunately, Bonner was able to salvage some of the old furniture, including 3 wobbling chairs and a small table to use to start the café. Well, you can’t look for a gift horse in your mouth. So start with good courage!

The city and the cat shrine

There are three stores in town, and later you will follow a bulletin board to find staff and transport cats. There is a pet store that sells cat food, toys, and scratching posts. To attract street cats, you need food cans, which are also available here. The cats come to eat in front of the cafe and this way you can get them used to people. When they are no longer afraid, there will be an opportunity to adopt them. There is a maximum number of cats that can live in a cafe at one time. There isn’t much to do with the cats themselves, other than clean up the mess and repack the food.

There is also a furniture store, where furniture and decor are sold. Some customers like a certain style of furniture. When the furniture is in place for these customers, they will be happier with the cat cafe experience and will get a higher amount for the visit.

In the supermarket, you can buy ingredients such as bread, coffee beans, and herbs. Ingredients are constantly expanded when purchasing a recipe for a special drink or food. Thus comes the possibility of buying pork when buying a sandwich recipe, for example.

Cat shrine is a special place where a mysterious cat sends you. It’s a place to get upgrades like house more cats, hire staff, buy more furniture, and get new recipes. You get these upgrades by collecting hearts, which leave satisfied customers behind. Each upgrade has a certain price of hearts that you must first collect before you can open this slot.

Types of clients and funds

Bonner, the man who was ready to welcome, is one of six characters who could become friends. This can be arranged by calling them to attend, you can call once a day. Each character represents the “type” of the client. Each type of customer has different wants and they all pay with different payment methods. There are walkers, hunters, witches, technicians, businessmen, and villains.

So there are also six ways to pay. Fabrics (walkers) for furniture. Nectar (witches) for recipes and ingredients. Fish (fishermen) to spend at the pet store on cat food and cat food. Gems (artists) are suitable for purchasing decorations, but gold (businessmen) can also be used for this. Items (bad guys) to expand the cafe. When a particular substance is needed, there is a possibility to “advertise” that specific target group. Savings take a long time when all kinds of customers keep coming, so this needs to be decided tactically.

Very high level of attractiveness

The goal of the game is to rescue the cats, expand the cafe to your liking, make friends, and enjoy playing the best way. So there are really no things to do. The graphics are very well designed, the characters have a lot of their own themes and stories and the whole concept – although not original – is very fun to play.

There is still some work to do

While the concept is off the mark (biased opinion) and the graphics and characters are well executed, the game doesn’t run very smoothly. While the goal is to help as many customers as possible receive, place, and deliver orders, sometimes you have to walk back and forth for a while before you can receive an order, for example. The “mission” should appear when you get close to someone, but it can be very difficult to get yourself in the right place for the task. It is also necessary to pay attention to where the main character is standing when renovating the cafe, because it may get stuck. The controls are simple and clear, although it takes some getting used to that the button to perform the tasks is the Y button and not the A button.

The game does not have a lot of content, every day people who want everything (even if you don’t have it) come and leave again. Sometimes they are very long and difficult to provide when a particular look is required in terms of furniture. Furniture cannot be sold when it is no longer in use. Sometimes employees who can be assigned do something and then wait a while while there is a lot more to do. When you go to take an order yourself, the staff takes a sudden action to finish that order, which is very strange and therefore customers have to wait longer.


Yes, Cat Cafe Manager is a very fun and simple game for anyone who dreams of starting a cat cafe. It is a typical management game where you can grow more, adopt more cats and buy more luxury furniture. For each purchase you need a certain amount of money offered by six different types of customers, so sometimes it is necessary to think tactically about which customers to attract. Although it is a very nice game with lovely characters, it lacks variety. The game also does not always work as it should, so it is often difficult to be in the right place to perform a task.

+ A fun and interesting game that requires nothing: relax!
+ Vibrant characters not to mention cats
+ Has the level of attractiveness already been mentioned?

– There are still some bugs in the game that can cause frustration
– Not much of a challenge, especially a lot of grinding

DN grade: 6.8

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