Lucas van Eno on Martin Luther King, detoxing with Tor Dirks and his relationship with ex-coach: ‘They called Bob Peters my father’

Which teammate would you take with you to a desert island?

“Igor Vitokele. I’ve known him since I was 6. We often played against each other. He’s in KVO and I’m in Cercle. If we keep him short, we’ll stand a chance. If you let Igor do his job, you get beaten up. Metaphorically, huh.” (He laughs) A really good player and a nice guest. With additional assets: his versatility. I’ve seen him put everything together on Instagram. He can also go fishing. I will cook then. Although there’s no air fryer out there, right? Sometimes I throw parsnips with chicken sausage and sweet potatoes. tasting.”

“As dessert, a long, personal conversation about a campfire. Because on a personal level, Igor and his wife Sarah had a bad year. Breast cancer has already taken a heavy toll. Especially when it turns out that it has spread. Fortunately, now things seem to be going in the right direction. I was really happy when I saw them celebrate the title together.”

You have to live the life of a world star for a day. Which do you choose?

“Dmitriy Vegas or Like Mike. Travel around the world, discover countries you’ve never visited before…Brazil, I’m just saying. It must be wonderful. A week later I would get tired of it, but then I tasted it anyway. Martin Luther King, who was killed in 1968, also fascinates me a lot. Those speeches where he fought for more rights for blacks, I would have liked to be there. Discrimination is very sensitive to me. I really can’t stand it. Shall I say something about that? Of course, if I hear something from the stands that is really unacceptable, it may just be that I’m going to talk about it in person. why not? You can solve a lot by talking and good communication. Not all, but a lot. What would a good community service order be? Volunteering in a refugee camp perhaps? This will trigger something. We don’t realize how good we have it here.”


What can you really not stand for?

Against injustice or dishonesty all the way† Also found in soccer, yes. I’ve been through it too. Over and over in the stands as the nineteenth man without a word of explanation. A coach doesn’t always have to justify his choices. Not right. But in such delicate matters you just have to be a good people manager. We are only human, right? This year Igor and I were the captain. We did our best to get the whole kernel involved in everything. Or has this already led to some beautiful stories? Boah, the young Burundian Tresor Musi, sometimes asks interesting questions, to say the least. It was a big adjustment for him, that European culture. He saw us playing with our iPhone and came to ask what it was. The following week, he bought two. He also unplugged his refrigerator. Because he thinks it’s shipped. Tasty. (He laughs) Careful, he’s a good player. With a good head on it. He asked me recently what he needs to do to become a better player.”

What life lesson did the coach teach you?

“Then I immediately think of Bob Peters. At Westel they even called him my dad. I worked with him as a coach for seven years, and that’s about half of my career. During that time I developed a warm relationship based on mutual respect and honesty. When we met again in Westerlo, We both went to the club early on the first day. Coffee was already waiting in his office. We sat there for half an hour talking and laughing. Did he take out that classic by Wang Yang, our Chinese striker in Circle at the time? He had a hard time playing in front of Malinoa’s spy head . Wang BangHe said that before he replaced him. cheerful.”

“How well do I know Bob? If I saw him scratching his head during the first half, I knew he was cooking. Then the explosion wasn’t far away. Nice also how he wondered aloud where Christian Bruls was. Then he relaxed drinking a Coke in the laundry room, or a safke to suffocate.”


What other profession would you choose if you weren’t a professional soccer player?

“Just take the event strip. Seems exciting to see all these people having fun at your party. Especially when everything is going smoothly. As long as it’s something to delegate, because I have two left hands. Pulling a closet together: hopeless. Fortunately, Westerlo works hand in hand with Combined with special education. I’ve had a few of these guys. I bribed them with cola and chocolate. They put all my furniture together. Nice right.”

What unusual habit have you already inherited from the player?

“Tor Dix Detox Cases, though intermittent fasting and stuff. At the beginning of June, we will go for a whole weekend dat to do. With the guidance of Siebe Hannosset, we push our limits. You occasionally see Siebe diving into a 5°C lake on social media. And those kinds of celebrations. I do something similar the day before the game. Cold bath, warm bath, cool, warm bath and then finish with half a minute in an ice bath. Amazing! Then you feel the blood flowing through your veins.”

What is the greatest invention of all time for you?

“Smartphone for sure? Although sometimes it is a curse, this thing that keeps playing this thing. On the other hand, today it is easier to stay in touch with your loved ones who may be living on the other side of the world. And all these Whatsapp groups! Post Goalkeeper David Jensen has a link to players’ wives to click on. They also had their own group – exclusive. One hundred percent male free. for us Tresor didn’t quite understand it. He immediately registered with the women. Suddenly he was talking to Vitokeli’s wife. (He laughs) Coincidentally, huh. We went all the way again strike When Igor said that. ”

What do you not really like?

“When I see my father eating pickled herring, I go over my neck. I recently went to dinner with the Club Brugge boys Maxim De Cuyper and Thomas Van den Keybus. Thomas took something with him Corniche And silver onions. You don’t want to eat anyone. Then for a while What is the probability? game. Of course I was counting on him. Swallow, swallow and especially don’t taste and lots of water…”

“Worst? At that time, Pietro Perdicisi put alcohol jelly in my cappuccino. A different topic, please.” (He laughs)


What’s still on your bucket list?

“A tour of America or in Australia. For example, I definitely want to see the Grand Canyon. I really look forward to this contrast between New York and Texas and all those other states. at the big Apple Definitely have to go and drink a cappuccino in Central Perk, that cafe friends† Allie, if this really exists, right? (He laughs) I’m a huge fan of the series anyway. On match day, I often wear a ring in the morning at breakfast to chill out for a while. Chandler is my favorite character.”

And in conclusion: I want to go to the World Cup again. Again, yes. The last time I went to watch Chelsea and Leicester with a few of my football mates. About to sleep. Then I was ran into darts. How boring would that be, I believed. So I got there. Wonderful! Five thousand people dressed up, buckets of beer being dragged constantly and the room exploding at 180. A legendary evening.”

What would you choose for the last supper?

Stoverie with French fries and Swiss cheese fondue, although the mixture will be a little heavy. But sig ah…where is this question about which family member deserves a statue? Because I would like to honor my father again. And hopefully, he’s now colon cancer-free forever. He is also my biggest supporter. I’m really glad he was able to experience the peak of his championship year live. When I raised the cup, he was there. Emotions were flowing through my body. With a few tears, yes. But he did not see him. I’ll put that away a little later. Could this have something to do with the so-called West Flemish sobriety? It can just be. “

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