“Everything that is beautiful and less beautiful about me, I just throw it away”

April 20, 10:17

the society

Background – In Veur de Drood, well-known Achterhoekers answer situations. Whoever answers exposes his soul. In Episode 25, Regional Language Promise, radio rock and Boetners frontman Kevin Raayman (32).

By Andre Falkmann

1) My mental mood is:
We will soon be playing Giel Beelen on Radio 2. We should also be grateful to Normal. We don’t have to tear down Hilversum first to broadcast, as they did. By Normal, regional music is salonfähig. NPO radio station 2 has many listeners. I filled it in my tripe

2) I’m like mien va/mo:
“Only looks at her from Street Music: Mom. We always lived next to my grandfather, her dad. He played the organ and the accordion. My grandfather made me play the accordion. Later she listens to Dad’s recordings – with Golden Earring, CCR, Normal – and then falls in love with the guitar.”

When I was a child, I was more like my mom in appearance. Now I see pictures of myself and Steve Boss automatically pops up in your head. It’s cliched, but I’m more and more like an old man.”

3) This is my biggest fear:
Still: Going on stage. You don’t have to puke, as it seems Dani Vera still does. But shiver, shake. This tension can be avoided with alcohol. In the early years, we crossed the line sometimes. But it makes you tired. So – after Have two glasses of beer at most – I jump on stage with gusto. ”

4) After death there are:
“Nothing. I come from a Catholic village, Brammet. The thought is beautiful life after death. But I don’t believe in that.”

5) Then I was happier:
“We recorded our first, first Huntenpop, first Zwarte Cross, natural verb backing. These are snapshots of happiness. But I also describe periods as happy and less happy. In that context, I’m really happy again.”

Now I’m alone in this house, but I lived together. No two people can sit comfortably in a relationship, but one of them takes the step to the end, and everyone knows it. This was my ex-boyfriend.

I left and found: no sofa, TV, tables. I only had my guitar and the recordings…

I have a somewhat pessimistic tendency and become really gloomy. Later he also went to the GP for support. Please just write this. I think it’s important to emphasize that when you see little or no light at the end of the tunnel, it’s there. The first step towards that is: talk about your problems, and breathe your heart out. With friends or professionals.

I got over it and had a new love in the process.”

6) I can live outside of his choice:
“New. I don’t even have a family living outside of Achterhoek. Friends, family and De Graafschap, everything I want to cuddle with is here. Why should I leave?!”

7) This was my last fight:
“Haha… what now. I’m not much of a fighter. But every now and then I can become quarrelsome, rebellious, or angry. It’s not something I’m proud of. But whatever is beautiful and less beautiful about me, I throw it here.”

Just… when was the last time? Ah, I got it. Great pirate festival. Our drummer has fallen behind the scenes while loading, his elbow fully open. We go to the emergency room. I took a picture: Look at us noe bie first aid† But … privacy legislation went into effect.

One of the members of the organization did not like it. If you want to delete that photo immediately! Click, done. But the Lakers go back and ask: Was that picture really gone? I got fed up – at some point – and gave it a little nudge. no more. No, until then I’m not someone to slap someone else’s mouth.”

8) The man is monogamous:
“With true love, yeah. I wouldn’t be sacrificing here. Not in my previous relationship or in my current relationship, but in a relationship before that I was on the verge of breaking up. I learned a lot from him, because you cheat on the other. I knew I should never do this again” .

9) Accented people are:
“Beauty. I went to study in Nijmegen and tried to hide it at first. Until suddenly I found myself in a work group where Limburger was speaking Limburgish flat. I threw out my accent and we understood each other. Turning point: From now on I will also do like a mouth cake† I believed.”

10) This is on my tombstone:
Buried or burnt? Then the question is first. Then he was buried anyway and probably part of a text from Normals Ballade by a musician: The Roadies pack the display in a box† What a beautiful sentence.

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