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Hardinksfield Gissendam We are all witnesses to the war in Ukraine. Ukrainian refugees are also received in various locations in Hardinksfeld-Giesendam. In this blog you can read about the activities that Hardinxveld is doing to support the Ukrainian people. If you want to record Ukraine-specific activities for this blog, send an email to Compass.hardinxveld@bdu.nl. All questions related to crisis mitigation in the municipality can be sent by email to crimeorganisatie@hardinxveld-giessendam.nl.

Tuesday 19 April

Agnes, Patrick and Lucy – Portrait of Richard Van Hoek

11:24 am The three volunteers from the Hardinxveld-Giessendam Ukraine Aid Core Team, Patrick de Bruyne, Lucy van Houwelingen and Agnes Carcigen, sit together in Appelgaard. Patrick begins his story “This is where it all began”.

The three volunteers from the beginning talk to each other endlessly, as if they have known each other for years. But this is not the case. The three had never seen each other in the village, but you could tell they had chemistry together. It clicks massively. This was and remains essential to the work that she and all the volunteers around them did. Patrick: “It’s very special, but we had confidence in each other that everything would work out. You also feel if you fit in together. We all have the same personality, we’re real pioneers.”

It all started at the beginning of March this year. Patrick made a widespread appeal through the church. I wanted to gather a group of people who wanted to help take refugees from Ukraine. I had no idea how that would happen, but I wanted to do something.” About thirty volunteers answered that call, and things sped up afterwards. “We already have two groups on WhatsApp,” Lucy says. The first group was pretty full (it can hold 256 a person in a WhatsApp group, editor), so another group was added. There are currently about 400 volunteers. Not everyone is equally active, but the application groups helped greatly. When you make a call, there are people who respond to it immediately. Everything is provided. It’s nice to see that,” Lucy beamed.

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Friday April 8

3:52 pm Many Ukrainians fled because of the war. These people are housed in different European countries. Also in Drechtsteden. Both within the various municipal reception sites and in host families. They are supported by providing them with the basic necessities of life and financial support. The Drechtsteden Social Service will implement the so-called “living allowance scheme” on behalf of the seven municipalities of Drechtsteden.

Persons who have fled Ukraine are entitled to a monthly allowance during their temporary stay in the Netherlands. This is based on a national scheme, which indicates the amount paid per month for food, clothing, and other personal expenses. The amount of food is 205 euros per person per month. Amount of clothing and other personal expenses: €55 per person per month. The amount of the accommodation component for an adult living with a private host family is 215 EUR per month and for a minor 55 EUR per month. More on this arrangement.

10.15 am De Wonderwijzer Primary School recently organized a sponsored tour to raise funds for refugees from Ukraine. Before the sponsored race, the students were busy looking for sponsors and did an excellent job, the total amount collected is €3802.15. A great achievement for which the school is proud and grateful.

Tuesday 5 April

11.18 am Students of the Ichthus School spent two weeks doing all kinds of odd jobs and selling things to raise money for the Spirit of Victory Foundation in Ukraine. The amount they have raised children through their actions is enormous. In total, 7,864.42 euros were collected. The school would like to thank everyone who contributed to this. Read the full message.

Tuesday, March 29

9.16 am On the afternoon of Saturday, March 19, a group of Ukrainian refugees moved from the church building to the BM van Houwelingen building, located in Hakgriend. The company did its best to properly accommodate the refugees. Many volunteers contributed to making the shelter possible.

Lot Many alterations have been made to the building, says van Houwelingen, director of BM van Houwelingen. “Kiss Huisman, one of our construction managers and co-owner, worked hard to coordinate all the necessary alterations to the building. Ideas for this came out for the long haul. Install an additional wall and door to turn one large room into two, install two additional kitchens, provide blackout curtains for the bedrooms, and make windows fall-proof for kids, modify fixtures, put a tarp for slightly “wet” activities, like laundry, kitchen and so on.Our partners (in construction) showed their best side here. They also put everything on the road in a jiffy.From WiFi to Running the washing machines. In a jiffy, the three floors of offices have been transformed into bedrooms and living areas.”

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Monday 28 March

11:44 AM Dear residents of Hardinksfield, Gissendam,

Over the past few weeks, we have worked wonderfully with you so that we can receive refugees at Sporthal de Appelgaard.

Various parties, such as the municipality of Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Servanda, the security district, the fire brigade, churches, businesses, first aid and associations contributed to this cooperation.

In a short time we were able to set up a warehouse with a stock of goods and food. In addition, approximately 100 volunteers worked daily at Sporthal de Appelgaard to receive refugees in catering, cleaning, laundry and administration services. Guests are now moving to permanent locations.

We have achieved so much together in such a short time. We appreciated the guests and made them feel very welcome. Everyone contributed to the smooth running of the administration and thus was part of the puzzle as a whole. We got the job done together!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the great cooperation. We are very proud of everyone! And we hope to be able to count on you again if necessary, for example for new ideas.

Warm regards on behalf of the volunteers,

Patrick De Bruyne and Lucy Van Holingen

08:53 AM On the afternoon of Saturday, March 26, the last refugees from the De Appelgaard sports hall moved to another location. On Friday 25 March, 20 refugees had already moved into a floating house in Dordrecht. The other 55 refugees moved into the Kryon Coszygne office building on Saturday. Both locations are mid-term shelters, which means refugees stay here for several months.

Creon Kozijnen’s office building was provided by the owner. There is more privacy for refugees in the office building than in the gym. There is a living room, laundry facilities and a kitchen.

The gymnasium, which served as a crisis shelter, has been evacuated again. This means that sports in the gym can be resumed soon. The Reformed Church, the source, will remain supportive as a crisis shelter next month.

Wednesday 23 March

2:34 pm These two girls sold self-growing plants to Ukraine. A brother donated the amount, resulting in over €30.00 to charity.

Girls with plants and money – Jansen

11:57 AM A lot of things were brought to Ukrainian refugees. At the moment they are looking for the following items: women’s clothing (size L and up), summer coats (all sizes), slippers (all sizes), bathrobes (especially large sizes from xxl) and children’s bathrobes.

Items (clean and intact) can be delivered at Ambachtstraat 2A. Please note: By appointment only, except for Thursday, March 24, you can bring materials from 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM without an appointment. Do you want to bring items at another time? Then make an appointment first by phone with Agnes Karsijns at 0623433230.

Enough furniture, baby carriages, high chairs, toys, bedding, crockery and cutlery were brought in. This is no longer necessary.

Monday March 21

Reception of refugees in Ukraine, BM van Houwelingen – Richard van Hoek

4.55 pm On the afternoon of Saturday, March 19, the group of refugees from Ukraine was taken from the source to the BM van Houwelingen building in Hackgrind in Hardinksfeld Gissendam.

The shelter at the source was a crisis shelter and prepared for shelter for a few days. The BM Van Houwelingen office is made for long-term care. Mainly through the efforts of entrepreneurs and volunteers. Here more privacy, a living room, laundry facilities and a refrigerator. This shelter provides space for around 50 refugees to stay longer.

The municipality believes that it is important to receive the refugees properly. Together with the volunteers, they take care of the refugees day and night. Ukrainians are allowed to move freely in the Netherlands. There is a possibility that the residents of Hardinksfeld will encounter the Ukrainians in the village. The municipality asks to give the refugees peace and space. Mayor Dirk Heikob: “It is important that the refugees here receive the help, care and peace they need.”

Another location was made suitable for the longer reception.

Tuesday, March 15

10:57 AM On the afternoon of Sunday, March 13, two buses departed from Hardinksfeld-Giesendam to bring relief supplies collected by residents/companies from Hardinksfeld-Gissendam to Ukraine. Then the same buses evacuated a group of people near the border between Poland and Ukraine. They arrived in Hardinksfield on Tuesday 15 March around 10:30 AM.

The group consisted of 43 children (including 2 children), 43 women and 6 men. The municipality does not yet know if the entire group will be housed in Hardinksfeld-Giesendam. This depends on the coordination of the security zone. De Appelgaard at Hardinxveld-Giessendam and De Hoefslag in Gorinchem were established as temporary crisis reception sites.

The Security District, the municipality of Gorinsheim and the municipality of Hardinksfeld-Giesendam jointly examine the reception area for refugees. From the morning of Tuesday 15 March at 9:00 AM Sporthal De Appelgaard will be used as the reception site. Among other things, the site manager appointed by the municipality, the Red Cross and various volunteers will be active here.

It’s 07:44 Last week, these six 10-year-old boys sold photo cards and collected returnable bottles. With this they collected more than 500 euros. All the money they collected is for Ukraine. They are far from finished because the sale is still going on.

Saturday 5 March

3:59 pm On Sunday, March 6, Virchur Reisen selflessly leaves with his coach for the Polish-Ukrainian border to pick up the women and children from Kyiv.

They contacted Diana Kadushina through one of the bus drivers at Verschoor Reizen. Diana is a single mother who was born in Minsk, Belarus. Having spent her childhood in Belarus, she left and after living in the Netherlands for 23 years, she now lives in Kenroe, Belgium for six years. She also saw the pictures and wanted to help. So they came up with a plan together to help mothers and children in Ukraine. Diana contacted people who wanted to flee the capital, Kyiv, and Verchore arranged a bus with Ukrainian flags to transport people at the border. “Because we were personally affected by the situation, we decided to do so with complete altruism,” said Chris Vershor.

On Sunday, the bus will leave Hardinksfeld Gissendam for Maastricht to load emergency aid and donated goods and other resources. From Maastricht, the bus heads to the Polish-Ukrainian border, where a group of women and children are waiting to be picked up. The women and children will then be flown to the Netherlands on Monday, where they will arrive and receive shelter on Tuesday morning.

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