Most Watched Movies and Series on Prime Video (Week 16 of 2022)

It’s curious what are the 10 most popular Amazon Prime Video movies and series at the moment. The streaming service adds new movies and series daily, but it also lets you know which titles are the most watched. In this overview you will find a file Top 10 Most Watched Movies and Series on Amazon Prime Video in Week 16 of 2022 (April 19-25) with story and trailer.

10x Most Watched Movies and Series on Amazon Prime Video in Week 16 (2022)

In the 16th week of 2022, a number of old acquaintances will be among the top 10 most watched films and series, but some new titles have also appeared. Below you will find the most popular movies and series on Amazon Prime Video at the moment.

10. Clarkson Farm (TV series, 1 season)

A busy year in the life of unlikely British farmer Jeremy Clarkson. Join Jeremy and his mixed reality of farming partners as they struggle with uncooperative weather, sticky animals, stunted crops, and an unexpected epidemic. This is Jeremy Clarkson like you’ve never seen him before.

Amazon has already announced that there will be a second season Clarkson Farm Coming on Prime Video.

9. All The Old Knives (film, 2022)

When the CIA learns that one of its agents has leaked information that has killed more than 100 people, former agent Henry Pelham (Chris Pine) is tasked with eliminating moles from among his former station colleagues in tears. His investigation takes him from Austria to England to California, where he is reunited with former classmate and ex-girlfriend Celia Harrison (Thandwe Newton). The duo are forced to blur the lines between career and passion in this compelling tale of global espionage, moral mystery and murderous betrayal. The film is directed by the famous Danish director Janos Metz and written by Olen Steinhauer.

8. The Crack (TV series, 1 season)

In this action-packed Flemish thriller series, shy young computer genius Jeremy Peters lives in complete secrecy and has never dealt with the law. But when a 20-year-old IT student wins a hacking competition, a gang of scammers asks him to digitally hack an international bank. With his help, they want to commit the largest bank robbery of all time and get 350 million euros. Before he knew it, Jeremy was in a whirlpool of intrigue, deceit, money and violence. Because as the day of the robbery approaches, it turns out that everyone has their own plan. Since Friday, April 8, weekly at 20.30 on Veronica and immediately after broadcast on TV also on Prime Video.

7. Download (TV series, two seasons)

In Loading (season 2), Nathan stands at a crossroads in his life (after). His girlfriend Ingrid comes to Lake View unexpectedly in hopes of cementing their relationship, but his heart still secretly longs for customer service angel Nora. Meanwhile, Nora has vanished from the face of the earth and is involved in the anti-tech rebel group “The Ludds”. Season two is packed with new concepts from the near future, including Lakeview’s latest in-app digital kids’ show called, “prototykes,” and other satirical looks at technology advancements and headaches ahead.

6. Cypher (TV series, 1 season)

When the FBI discovers a mysterious cryptographic document, they turn to one of the best crypto analysts: Will Scott. As he tries to balance fatherhood with work, what decodes him puts his life in danger when he realizes the document is a hits list.

5. The Contractor (film, 2022)

Chris Pine stars in the action-thriller as Special Forces Sergeant James Harper, who is forcibly discharged from the military, forcing him to take his retirement. In debt, without options and desperate to provide for his family, Harper contracts with a special underground military unit. When the first mission goes wrong, the elite soldier escapes. When he gets caught up in a dangerous plot, he is determined to survive long enough to reveal the true motives of those who betrayed him at home.

4. Reacher (TV series, 1 season)

Reacher follows Jack Reacher, a veteran Military Police detective who has just entered civilian life. Reacher is a bum, he doesn’t have a phone and is just the necessities as he travels around the country and explores the nation he once served. When Reacher arrives in the small town of Margrave, Georgia, he finds a community struggling with its first murder in 20 years.

The police arrested him on the spot and witnesses claimed that Richer was at the crime scene. When he proves his innocence, a deep-rooted plot begins to unfold and requires Reacher’s sharp mind and ruthless fists. One thing is for sure: they picked the wrong person to take the blame. The series has now been renewed for a second season.

3. Outer Range (series, 1 season)

Outer Ring is about Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin), a farmer fighting for his country and his family. He discovers an unfathomable mystery at the edge of the Wyoming wilderness. A thrilling western family saga with a dash of dry humor and supernatural mystery, Outer Range explores how we grapple with the unknown. At the beginning of the series, Al Abbott deals with the disappearance of her son-in-law, Rebecca. They are pushed to the brink when the Tillersons (the bragging owners of a profit-hungry neighboring farm) try to take over their land. The sudden death of someone in the community sets off a chain of tense events, and the problems come to a head with the arrival of a mysterious black void in the Abbotts’ western pastures. The King fights to protect his family, and through his eyes we see how time reveals unsettling secrets and mysteries. Weekly with new episodes on Amazon Prime Video streaming service.

2. Star Trek: Picard (TV series, 2 seasons)

Conspiracy Star Trek: Picard Season 2 brings the former commander of USS Enterprise-D where he’s never been – our present. It will travel to 2024 to relive the 24th century that has turned into a “totalitarian nightmare”, taking Cris Rios, Agnes Jurati, Seven of Nine and the rest of the newly assembled La Sirena crew on the journey.

1. Million Dollar Island (TV series, 1 season)

uninhabited island. 100 strange. Survive for two months. And one million euros in prize money. These are the pillars of the all-new survival reality show Million Dollar Island† But surviving in the wild with minimal resources isn’t all there is to it. Each participant starts with a €10,000 wristband. Playing games allows islanders to win and lose bracelets. They can also have bands. If someone gave up and left because it became too heavy, they had to give up their wrist(s) to a fanatic. This is how you can make friendship a fortune. Which islanders will last until the end and how much money will they leave the island? Million Dollar Island isn’t just a next-level survival program. It’s also a great social experience revolving around close friendships, incredible persistence, and secret intrigue.

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