50 sets in the starting list for seniors in the Dutch National Jumping Championships

After a year without the Dutch vaulting championship, the event is back on the calendar this year. From next Thursday to Sunday 24 April, the Dutch Jumping Championships for adults, junior riders, juniors and children will take place in Deurne. There are at least 50 squads on the senior roster that want to put themselves in the spotlight with national coach Gus Lansink.

The last NK jumping tournament was held in 2020. Then the tournament moved once to Kronenburg and due to the Corona pandemic it was not held in April but in August. Now the event is back in East Brabant. But not in Mierlo, but in the grounds of the Green Valley Estate in Bruggenseweg in Deurne.

50 groups

Mark Hotsager is the biggest hero. He won the title in the summer of the last couple of years with Dante NOP Harrie Smolders and Jeroen Dubbeldam of Sterrehof and then finished second and third.

This week there are 50 groups on the preliminary list of the National Senior Jumping Championships. Houtzager entered with Holy Moley (by Verdi), with whom he recently finished second in the 1.45m Grand Prix at Kronenberg.

Harry Smulders, who finished second in the World Cup final in Leipzig last week, gives his best horse Monaco a rest and has entered the Une de L’Othain (by Conterno Grande) in the Netherlands. Jeroen Dobeldam is missing from this year’s starting list.


List of title contenders: Jack Ansems with Flierefluiter (by Zirocco Blue VDL), Willem Greve with Grandorado TN and Highway TN (both sons of Eldorado van de Zeshoek), Bart Bles with El Rocco (by Zirocco Blue VDL) and Gin D (by Clinton), Jur Vrieling with Long John Silver 2 (by Lasino), Michael Greeve with Fyolieta (by Carambole) and Leopold van Asten, 2019 champion, with two horses.

Also on the starting list is Bass Morings, the reigning Young Riders champion, who this year turned senior with stallion Ipsthar (against Denzel vh Meulenhof).

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The Tegsen family

Leon Thiessen entered the Seniors Championship with two horses and his three children Sunny, Mel, and Man. Sanne Thijssen with one horse, Leon and Mill and Man with two horses each.

27 young riders and 42 juniors

Mill and Mance Thijsen, who are part of the KNHS talent squad, will also start in the Young Riders in which they finished fourth and seventh in 2020. In this age group up to 21, Thursday afternoon’s starting roster will consist of 27 groups.

Like Mann and Mel Thijsen, Skye Morsenkov is a member of the KNHS talent squad, who won the junior title in 2020 and will start with the Young Riders next Thursday.

There are 42 combinations on the Junior Championship main menu. There are many jockeys and amazonians who ride two horses in the championship.

smallest class

In the younger category, the children’s category, 18 groups participate, as it is now known. The kids will start in the Dutch National Championship on Thursday, the second part will be played on Friday afternoon and the third and crucial part over two rounds will be on the program on Saturday afternoon. The Kids Champion will be honored this Saturday afternoon. There is also a competition for pony riders next weekend, but this is not a tournament.

competition formula

On Thursday in the first part of the Dutch championship, participants will lead the competition for speed and maneuverability. Winning time is converted to zero penalty points. The time difference between the winner and the other participants will be converted into penalty points.

In the second and third parts, any penalty points incurred are added to the penalty points of the first part. The groups with the fewest penalty points after the three parts are the Dutch champions.

The third part for the adults is a two-round race on Sunday afternoon from 1.30 pm, with a maximum height of obstacles of 1.60 metres.

NK Jumping 2022
Thursday April 21
11.00 part one. NK kids, quick light
12:30 secondary. Green Valley Colts Championship, just in time
13.45 first sub. NK Juniors, fast agile
15.45 first sub. NK Young Riders, Agility Speed
16.15 Part One. NK seniors, speed agility

Friday April 22
08:00 Part Two. NK Juniors, just in time
10.00 p.m. 2nd NK Young Riders, just in time
11.30 secondary. NK Children, just in time
13.00 p. NK seniors, just in time
15.30 NK Veterans, Classic / Jump

Saturday 23 April
08:00 third branch. Green Valley Real Estate Championship First Pony Just in Time
09.15 Section III. NK Children first heat, just in time
10.45 sub-third. Green Valley Estate Pony Round Two Championship, Just in Time
Green Valley Colts Championship
12.00 p. 3. NK Juniors first round, just in time
14.00 Section Three. Nagorno-Karabakh children second round, within time
Honoring children’s heroes
15.30 National Grand Prix 1.45, classic / arches

Sunday 24 April
08.30 third section. NK Young Riders First race, just in time
10.00 Section III. NK Juniors round two, just in time
12.00 p. 3. NK Young Riders Round Two
13:30 Section III. NK Seniors 1st Heat, on time
Honoring Little Heroes and Little Knights
15.10 Ponies show section: Bestronics Cup, just in time
16.30 third sub. The second round of NK Seniors, just in time

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Source: KNHS

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