Yvonne Coldvier: Charlie Lossky also didn’t answer his wife before he put her somewhere else

Tanya Jess getting cheated on, that’s not cool, is it?

shout out. Although many viewers of the soap have wholeheartedly agreed with GST’s Bowien Galema’s false secret that her lover was cheating, this is now actually happening to the person who played the role from 1997-2000. And unlike her sometimes limp character of Bowien, Tanja Jess is a friendly sweetheart who stands strong in society as an actress and mother of two tough, two-legged kids. But even the strongest of personalities can break if they are damaged in the most precious thing they own, the loving family life. Tania’s husband Charlie Lusky exhibits problematic behavior in the relationship field. It still sounds romantic, but it honestly means that the 43-year-old singer wants to hook his mic to 20-year-old girls…

It was always a consistent duo, wasn’t it Tanya and Charlie?

To the outside world, yes. Tanya Jess is 55, a little older than Charlie, who was described as her playboy when the two got married in 2008. The Showbiz husband had two sons: Billy, who is 18, and Bobby, who is 14. However, they remain subject to temptation; Jess realizes that Lusk sometimes looks for adultery himself. This time it was a 20-year-old girl with whom she recently danced closely at a festival; He also invited her to a meeting at the hotel. The young woman abandoned the affair, but transferred the entire chat conversation, including voice messages, to Gossip Talk. Since then, Lt. Col. Dennis Scottin has said that he was threatened by Charlie Lusk and that he went into hiding…

What does Charlie Lusk think about herself?

“I have a totally turbulent side and am far from perfect.”

What do you think of Charlie Lusky?

Because of his mischievous pranks, we call him the new Charly Kuske.

“Charlie doesn’t cheat sometimes; it’s kind of his full time job”

What do other people think of Charlie Lusk

Tanga Jess

his wife

On Instagram: “ Charly exhibits problematic behaviour. Emphasis is urgently needed, which prevents him from resisting certain temptations, and sometimes even asking for them. This is a problem that he has struggled with for a long time. We’ve been together for over 21 years, so I’m familiar with Charlie’s very insecure childhood and know his demons and issues. We also had help for a long time to deal with this as individuals, in the relationship but also in relation to our family. This is a difficult and lengthy process in which you have to re-evaluate over and over where you are and how you are going to move forward. If you love someone, you don’t just drop them, even if they are damaged and/or sick. We have a date and two lovely kids together, so we keep in touch anyway, but I also have to protect my boundaries and take care of myself. In short, it is a task that we have not yet fully solved and which we would like to do within the privacy of our family.

Jack Dancona

theater critic

I thought I knew Charlie well. I’ve been following his career for many years because I review almost all theater shows Daily newspaper in the north† With Jack Herb, Erica Young and Jock Bruggs, I myself participated in the stage show with Charlie later now stood up. A fun show in which we sang songs from the past. I sat at the back of the podium as a reporter commenting and doing introductory texts. I think Charlie is a strong singer and a good translator for a leading role. But who is at play in this hateful, tasteless, and hateful affair? I got Charlie high, but that wouldn’t have happened. Simply, because it is not possible.

Yvonne Coldweger

Gossip bitch

On LifeOfYvonne: ‘He didn’t argue with his wife, did he, before sticking him with another?’ Dear Tanya, if you see your husband damaged/ill, you put him in the role of the victim. So he will see himself as a victim and will continue this behavior for years. You should always respect your man, and therefore let him fall hard. Let him experience the consequences of his choices. Now I must chat The result is bad, but now he can finally learn something. Watch out, you’ll be grateful to them soon as well.

Bart Etichovin

editor weekend

at Show news: “Tania has really taken it out on her own, hasn’t she? She never hid the fact that there are quite a few problems in this marriage. They got married in 2008 and she spoke in a big interview at Linda. I was told they also have a couples therapy. So it’s not entirely new. Do not know if it is broken. I think they might as well be able to take that bump together, because they’ve been struggling with this problem for so long. It’s also not something that comes as a bolt of lightning from the blue of a Tanga.

Dennis Schouten

Presenter chatter talk

“We don’t regret bringing the news about Charlie Lusky. It was a little upsetting because I know him a bit in private from the gym. But that was separate from our coverage of his fornication. The annoying thing about the threats to me is that he does this through others. He doesn’t straight to me. Because of the tone and the way they explained it to me, I looked back over my shoulder several times. I’ve heard of threats before since we started having a gossip conversation, but I never felt threatened. And that was the first time. We’d never meet in The gym again. We have the same coach and sometimes we train right after each other, where we meet each other, but there will be a different schedule for that. After the broadcast in question, we received all kinds of other examples from other women. We don’t see any need to deal with those now. The gist is clear. We don’t want to discuss Charlie Lusk’s fornication every week, otherwise it will become harassment. Furthermore: Who is Charlie Lusk? We received a lot of comments after the broadcast from people who have no idea who he is. This guy isn’t really interesting. Or I think They are getting divorced?Yes, they are separating. But they will try to do it in a way that no one will understand.

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