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French fries sound the alarm. Not only has the cost of gas increased, but so have potato chips, trays, and cooking oil. You will feel it. Nobody will pay five euros for french fries.

For many cafeteria entrepreneurs, the energy bill threatens to become prohibitively expensive. Deep fryers are traditionally gas powered and their price has gone up even more since the war in Ukraine.

Expensive weekly potato meal

The Professional Fryers Association (ProFri), which represents 5,700 chip shops in our country, is knocking on the door of The Hague for support measures. Frans van Roij, Director of ProFri: Entrepreneurs are in a panic. Last week, the price of gas rose again, and the situation in Ukraine was the cause. The price is now ten times higher than it was a year ago. Unfortunately, this means that the weekly meal of French fries will become more expensive.”

Entrepreneurs with variable contracts are the hardest hit. With the changing decades, energy prices have already tripled. About forty percent have a variable contract. Entrepreneurs with a permanent contract about to expire also have a problem, because they have to make a new contract based on the current prices. The Corona crisis is not over yet, and now high energy prices are above all that.”

Prices increase by about 25 percent

Tommie de Bont, owner of Cafeteria Lammers in Middelburg, with t Zand and De Veersche Poort locations, had to partially raise prices. I have two businesses, one with a permanent contract and the other with a variable contract. I haven’t received the bill from the latter yet and it will be much higher than before.”


No one will pay five euros for french fries

Tommy de Pont, owner of Lammers Cafeteria

He asserts that the problem does not lie only in gas prices:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Of course, the cost should be high. I don’t know exactly how high it is yet. Also french fries, frying oil, carton straws and trays, everything is getting more expensive. In my opinion, the price of potatoes rose especially sharply. Logically, farmers also have to calculate the price of gasoline. In general, this is a price increase of 15-25 percent. I have to pass this on to the client, otherwise it’s no longer profitable. I am very worried about it, because no one will pay five euros for french fries.”

Cultural Heritage

De Bont hopes the well-known “French Fries Day” won’t suffer from price hikes. “We make french fries and we have many regular customers. After all, it’s part of the cultural heritage, having french fries with the family. I don’t think that’s going to go away any time soon, but I also don’t know what my customers will do when prices go up. I don’t expect That might happen anytime soon, but it depends on the situation in Ukraine.†


Customers don’t want to wait half an hour for french fries

Frans de Roig, Director of the Professional Fryers Association (ProFri).

to be lucky

Whiz Burger in Renesse has a permanent contract. Lucky, says owner Sander Commons. French fries are getting more expensive with him: I have a permanent contract until 2024, but my purchase prices are rising dramatically. Deep frying fat has also become fifty percent more expensive. Or, for example, a fork for snacks, which has become ten times more expensive to buy. In general, this puts a lot of pressure on you. In the summer, Renesse is filled with tourists, so we hope to make more profit.”

The end is not yet in sight and there is no way to save. At most, business people can operate the deep fryer later. De Roig: You don’t want people to wait half an hour for the fries, because the pan is still heating up. The whole chain raises prices, so they have to pass it on to the customer. Entrepreneurs can’t go anywhere.”

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