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From rebellion to assimilation

“Her talent is in her underwear.” So said Edna O’Brien’s husband and fellow writer. But who still reads the books of Ernest Gibbler, the Irish-Czech writer whom O’Brien divorced in 1964, and John Broderick, who wrote The Insult in the literary magazine? Hibernia wrote, yet? What is still known about Gébler is that he was very jealous of the success of O’Brien’s debut country girls (1960) claimed to have written the novel.

outdoor girls It is one of the books discussed in Youth in revolution, a collection of essays compiled by Basje Boer about twenty controversial appearances and three “great novels” with young protagonists who together form a “cross-reading list,” reads the publication’s subtitle. The authors of the articles, including Marja Bros, Lufty Al-Hamidi, and Zandra Schott, all describe green Amsterdam

“What does the writer’s rebellion actually look like?” In her essay, Boyer asks about O’Brien’s first novel, which is part of a trilogy known by the same name. “Do we recognize her rebellion as such?” The girls in O’Brien’s books seem to be quite adaptive: they are heterosexual and eventually marry a man. Being longing for sex and thinking about how disappointing and dangerous sex was for them wasn’t a foregone conclusion back in the ’60s. And he doesn’t write about it. The Irish censor admitted O’Brien’s rebellion and banned the sale country girls and the subsequent five novels by O’Brien. With her first drawing, she bought gifts for her children and a sewing machine for herself, to reassure her husband, who would later insult her greatly and lose the copyright. outdoor girls will claim.

Far more rebellious than the O’Brien girls is Molly Bolt, the lesbian hero in the upcoming American novel jungle rubyfruit (1973) by Rita Mae Brown, who is upset not by bad sex or unbalanced power in bed, but by people who would rather deny her existence and be expelled from college because she is in an affair with a fellow student. I terrorize the brave young Bolt Emma van Meyren, who looked like Bolt. Her courage, humor, and perseverance are sometimes too much for Van Meeren. She believes that the character is losing humanity in her battle against homophobia and other injustices. According to Van Meeren, Bolt’s bragging no longer corresponds to the current zeitgeist.

Youth in revolution It had an immediate effect on my reading. I’m re-reading jungle rubyfruit In the new translation by Gertie Lammers, which was recently published and read by the publisher Orlando go on the mountain by James Baldwin and crowd British young woman Natasha Brown for the first time.

The group’s strength lies in the great diversity of books and opinions. Oldest book is Leiden Young Werthers (1774) by Goethe, which is discussed in a new look by the young and German poet Iduna Ballmann. Werther could be less navel stare. Paalman errs a bit in grief, which makes the German protagonist drown an agency

come on boy do you think hang in thereIt’s great to fall in love like that, but do you also have a job or something, my mother used to say: Employment is also a profession.

Influential twentieth century classics such as EveningThe keeper in the ryePortnoy’s complaintOrange is not the only fruit And blue monday Correctly reviewed, but I find the articles on future classics most interesting: History of my sex life by Toby Lackmaker, I’m going to live from Lale Gul, confrontations Written by Simone Atangana Bikunu and not well known in the Netherlands crowd by Natasha Brown (translated as gathering), all released in 2020 or 2021.

In her excellent article “Stones in the Pond” about the makers of the lake History of my sex life and Jules I’m going to live Marja Pruis also unintentionally shows it jungle rubyfruit It is still very much in keeping with our times. Lakemaker and Jules, who both debuted in February 2021, use a ‘rebellious tone’. Their young heroes are restricted in their freedom because they are women. Even after fifty years jungle rubyfruit It’s a free, safe, and independent life as a girl, whether you’re straight, lesbian, non-binary, or transgender, it’s not a given. Edna O’Brien also shows this in her latest novel girl (2019) On Kidnapped Girls and Sexual Assault in Nigeria.

Contemporary writers such as Toby Lackmare, Simon Atangana Pecono, Lali Jules and Natasha Brown, and their imperiled characters such as James Baldwin, Edna O’Brien, Rita Mae Brown, and Janet Winterson. For Gol, who, according to Bruce, wrote a “hard-hitting resistance novel” about “a persecuted soul no longer wanting to be condemned to life underground”, perhaps more so. She is regularly threatened with death for criticizing orthodox Islam.

Salome outside confrontations By Simone Atangana Bekono and the unnamed hero of crowd Written by Natasha Brown, they both face mundane, understated and downright racism, which most of those around them deny. They react to it completely differently. When Salome explodes, then is forced to “re-ha-pee-lee-tee”, narrator Brown, who has been sexually harassed by her male boss and envied by his colleagues for believing she is favored due to “affirmative discrimination”, tries to accommodate her as much as possible, which It fails because its environment continues to see it as the other and above all the exception. ‘It was there now.’ There was the subject and she the object, where she is less because she is female and black. In her clever analysis of this 100-page novel, which is by no means a novel, Talia Ostendorf points out how far the main character is trying to get away from her boss, the city’s male corporate culture, and herself and her parents. . She doesn’t even want to save herself if it turns out she has cancer. It also keeps her away from medical treatments that can cure her. Saying no to therapy may be the only form of independence you have.

It makes all kinds of cross connections Youth in revolution insight. The separation of subject and object, for example, also occurs in Lakmacre’s works. Unbeknownst to them, Sufferd D., a former Sophie who makes bad jokes about women, and the groping boss of the main character in crowd Connected.

I thought a lot about humor and wondered why I existed to be you all the time. And perhaps there is nothing wrong with humor – the devil is simply that ourselves and you are disproportionately divided. I tried to tell him but he didn’t understand. That’s what you get with the people who I’ve been for so long: they’ll never become you again.

And perhaps in the end there will be men like Frits van Eggers, Alexander Portnoy, and Holden Caufield against whom the female writers’ characters revolt?

Marie Jose Claver

Pasji Boyer (Editor) – Young people in revolution. Cross-sectional reading list† Das Mag, Amsterdam. 192 pages.21.99€.


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