Sirens with cats meowing, donuts delivered to a drone, solar panels on the moon and a washed up submarine. These are the best April Fools’ Day jokes in Drenthe and Groningen

April 1! What were they trying to tell you in Drenthe and Groningen this year? An overview of the jokes that have appeared in the past few days.

‘Meow meow! Meow meow’. Anyone who hears this noise should move quickly, according to Dierenambulance Groningen. The animal rescuers will finally begin to feed audio and visual priority signals. “The sounds of animals have been recorded for months. Just like human ambulances, we also have emergencies, but we are not allowed to use regular sirens,” manager Andre Nagdam said with dry eyes in a YouTube video.

snow racing

On Tuesday, March 29th, TT Assen will post on Twitter that a snowmobile race will take place at the circuit on April 1. After the news of the snowfall on Wednesday, Twitter users are almost going to start taking the matter seriously.

Reduce water pressure

Lowering the water pressure when someone showers for a long time? Sikkom brings out this week That the municipality of Groningen, in cooperation with the Water Company Groningen, has been pressing showers for a long time. After 10 minutes of showering, the water pressure will automatically decrease. It will go into effect next Friday, April 1. According to the data, the measure will be carried out first in the southern districts of Groningen, where the rains last the longest. Soon, the rest of the city followed.

Delivery of Olipolin by Drone

Ordering oliebollen has never been so fun, if you have to believe Sappemeer’s Speelman Oliebollen. After many test flights, it’s finally time for Friday. Innovative as we are, we launch our new service. Order the oliebollen via Instagram or Facebook and have it delivered via drone,” a Speelman spokesperson said on Twitter.

Watch the fireworks through virtual reality glasses

Old fireworks on King’s Day evening are a thing of the past at Maple. Orange Commission Report: “Nesting stork pair and other park residents are very annoyed by the fireworks display.” “No bangs, no screeching kitchen maids, and no bright colors frightening storks, but a digital display might also appeal to storks,” says Vincent Van Leyth of the commission. According to the organization, a few 100 trophies will be provided for free. If you enter your name and address on the site, you’ll see a big wink with April 1 above it.

moonlight solar panels

Assen’s Remmelts Installatietechniek reports on Twitter: ‘Proud! Tomorrow we will present a system with moonlight panels. Daily newspaper in the north and the Courante captivating present during commissioning. But solar panels moonlight?

24/7 training in Groningen offers training 24/7. Not only are the trainers by your side for 21 days with every bite, they even provide condoms during sex. STIs and children are not good for your health. Diet costs: 25,000 euros.

Wireless Water Fire Laser

Water pressure converted into a wireless signal. The Meppel fire brigade will begin a new extinguishing method on June 1. “Using a small turbine in the linked connection, the water pressure is converted into a radio signal which the new nozzle converts into a so-called ‘extinguishing laser.’ According to the fire brigade, the extinguishing laser has “a very impressive cooling capacity of about 600 liters of water per minute.”

FC Emmen supporters want arch-rival Vendam back to professional football

FC Emmen supporters want Wendham to return to professional football. They want to join forces to bring back their archenemy. It will take a lot to realize this, but everyone is planning to roll up their sleeves in a variety of ways. It is necessary to do this together. The rivalry became subject to the loss of this great club. “We will do everything we can to raise as much money as possible,” a spokesperson for the supporters’ association said.

Your towel to dry your hands with

The principal of the primary school at Achter de Brinken in Gasselte sends a letter to all parents asking if the children would like to bring their own towel to dry their hands after going to the toilet. “Of course because of hygiene, but also for your choice of fabric and color,” the letter reads. The towel should be hung on the chair with a hook. Arches will be confirmed with students on Friday, April 1st. “We understand that this question comes up privately, but we hope everyone will bring a towel with them next Friday.”

By bike with bottles returned to Emlichheim

De Bascule Primary School in Emmen asks children to come to school with carts and bicycles to take bottles returned to Ukraine to the supermarket. The eighth group is asked to ride a bike to Emlichheim, Germany, to get the German bottles. The result: a schoolyard filled with bikes, buggies, buggies, and smiling teachers.

Washed submarine in Hollandsheveld

A Russian submarine drifted in the Schönhoven swimming pool in Hollandsheffield. Historian Albert Metzellar explains via Facebook that everything has been cordoned off at Schoonhoven because the Department of Defense is conducting research. It had been suspected for years, as there was talk of a “monster” in recreational lake Schönhofen and people did not allow themselves to be drawn into the reeds by a “story of a fat fish”. There must be an opening through which this artificial lake is connected to the sea and Loch Ness. The sub can be admired on Friday, according to Hoogevener.

New satellite images for Google Earth

Pupils at Het Element Elementary School in Hoogeveen received a special assignment from Google Earth. The question was whether they would be willing to participate in the new satellite imagery so people could see the school. A number of children were already worried about the bad weather. “It is not convenient to lie on the ground now, because from the air the satellite cannot see anything through the clouds.”

Where did the April 1 joke come from?

April 1 joke is for all times and all countries. The exact origin of the tradition remains shrouded in mystery. The joke occurs the same way in most of Europe and is well known in America, Russia, Australia and North Africa. April Fool’s Day is spoken in English, in French-speaking countries and Italy it is called Poissons d’avril (April catch). In Belgium, if you get stuck in it, it has shipped to April.

The April 1 joke was first mentioned in a French source in 1508. The first mention in a Dutch source dates back to 1561. Rederijker Eduard de Dene made a failed joke on April 1st the subject of a poem. This means that the assumption that the joke in Holland began on April 1, 1572 with the capture of Den Brill by water beggars: “On April 1, Alpha lost his glasses.”

Roman holidays

The exact source of the tradition has not been determined. Historians cite the Roman feasts of fools and the rites of laughter in Thessaly as possible sources. Explanations have also been sought in the changing weather in April, Germanic myths, or biblical history. Others believe that April 1st was created by the French decision to change to the Gregorian calendar in 1582. But this is not true, because the April 1st phenomenon was actually written in 1508.

The only thing you know for sure is that your best friend could kick you on the 1st of April. Also in some newspapers, on websites, on radio and on television, you need to be on the lookout for advertisements that want to deceive you. And that’s hard enough with all the misinformation today.

Joke April 1 dilute

But there may be one thing wrong: the traditional April Fools’ Day joke is fading away. At least, this is the impression of ethnologist and professor Peter Jean Margerie.

“The April Fools’ joke has been on the decline for a while,” says Margaery, a cultural researcher with the Mertens Institute and the UvA. This may be in part due to the fact that we as humans and as a society have become more sensitive. “We’re not sure what we can and can’t do. Everyone is becoming more conservative and cautious. Tradition is absolutely under pressure,” he says.

“Sensitivity to all kinds of uses is often associated with developments in society. And making fun of one person at the expense of another is more sensitive these days. You can’t make fun of someone anymore.”

Imitation expert Inki Strucken doesn’t think our April Fools’ joke will ever go away, but she also thinks we’re becoming more wary. On the other hand, it is easier to be offended on the Internet, but we are already more sensitive to what other people think. “We are more sensitive to what is out there than us,” she says.

According to Margerie, young people today are more cautious towards their peers than the elderly, who have grown up more with the tradition of April 1st. “They are sensitive and reserved because someone else can feel affected.”

Margaery notes that April Fools’ Day jokes, as a societal custom, have already become more of a media and corporate phenomenon. Then companies and organizations use it as an advertising medium to gain attention. But this also appears to be decreasing. “Because if you miss the mark as a company, you will have the opposite effect. You have to know who is sensitive to what, there is always someone who interprets it differently.”

find balance

Struken supports this. “We are a very diverse society and we set boundaries on all sides, there is a lot of discussion about everything. We are looking for our identity and what is possible and what is not. What hurts others, what we like and what not?” According to her, it is true that traditions always fluctuate . “We have to find our balance in our society again.”

Margry and Strouken also point out that perhaps fewer jokes have been made in the past two years due to the coronavirus pandemic. Then it felt inappropriate, according to Margaery. As a result, Dutch society has also become more inward oriented.

“You often make jokes together and you have to know very well what is going on in society and be very creative to be able to do something with it. You do it together, but we are starting to live very individually, these kinds of jokes are hard to find with ‘difference’, As Strucken says.

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